[Drake] Eraagosa

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Drake] Eraagosa

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Dragonflight: Blue Dragonflight
Dragon Name: Eraagosa
Aliases: Eraa Leypage
Age: 86
Gender: Female
Adulthood: Drake
Loyalty(-ies): Blue Dragonflight Hierarchy
View of Heartwing: Being among the younger Dragons of her flight, she sees the faction as a necessary and logical purpose to uphold. She admires everything her fellow kin within Heartwing have accomplished and means to uphold those same values. (Assuming her introduction could be one of her already having existed within the faction.)
Affiliations: Blue Dragonflight

Attitude/Behaviour: Eraa is curious, adventurous, dedicated , but shy around others; particularly larger gatherings. She prefers to keep to herself and study the societies of Azeroth, old and new.

The drake can often come off childish, particularly when her opinions or view points are being dismissed by those older than her.
Key traits: Impatient, Loyal, Optimistic
Respect for authority: Eraa holds hierarchy in regard during nearly every encounter; so long as she believes in the values and goals of said authority, she would do everything in her power to fulfill her part.
That being said, immediate authority such as a teacher, father, etc. would most likely catch more of her childish side, often met with disobedience or procrastination for certain mundane tasks or like-wise.
Character Personality: Reclusive, often only leaving her research when requested by those above her or when deemed necessary. Eraa would however be quick to partake in adventure or missions were they with people she could trust in. The drake cherishes loyalty in friendship over all else and once she's found that in someone, it would never be abandoned.
IRL-Person Personality: D: Kind of cancer but really nice and patient at the same time.
Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Inscription, Magic
Occupation: Apprentice Mage
Future desired position: No idea :x teaching little whelps magic perhaps? Or an archive librarian.
Common spells: (Projectile) Frost/Arcane (Enchantment) Gear (Abjuration) Barriers, Wards (Conjuration) Food and Drink (Illusion) Mirror Image, Invisibility, Mortal Guise (Divination) (Transmutation) Polymorph, Teleportation and Portal Magic
Prestige spells: Arcane Breathe - Eraagosa breathes an explosive torrrent of arcane magic from her maw. Long distance, 3-foot radius, beam, with arcane splash.
Backstory Summary: Eraa was hatched in Coldarra and spent the majority of her life reading, learning, and studying all schools of magic. She would have bounced from teacher to teacher as her flight diminished quite rapidly at the hands of the enemy until the disbanding of the Accords.
Upon the unveiling of Pandaria, she took an interest in their land and culture; traveling and spending much time in it's calm and serene landscapes while continuing her research.
It would have been later that she heard rumor of Mithres and joined the newly formed faction of Heartwing to continue her studies and ensure the survival of her species and the world it inhabits. (If possible, if not then we could assume she'd just be traveling to this day).
First time at dragon roleplay? This is my first Dragon RP character
(IC) Reason to join: If possible I'd like to start off having already been part of the faction and pretty much serving as an apprentice under the Blue Dragonflight branch of said faction. Eraa's pretty young and tends to go unnoticed so I feel it'd work, (if not then I suppose her reasons would be that she's traveling with little to no purpose other than researching Azeroth and magical knowledge).
Heartwing would prove to offer her solace in knowing that there are others out there who wish to uphold and protect the fragility of a realm under siege.
(OOC) Reason to join: OuO Because RP is dead.

Also Heartwing seems cool and if you guys end up in Pepsi I'm game.
Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Yes
Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Yes
Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Yes

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Re: [Drake] Eraagosa

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We will get to this shortly. Thank you for your time.
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Re: [Drake] Eraagosa

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