5.4 Event – The Dread of War

Dread of War

Participants: Aerdranstrasz, Mayastrasza, Vyrnastrasza, Saphiragosa, Hestiastrasza, Havenra, Ultheron, Amyl, Dalmion, Janessa Olsen & Lunaeries Dracopetra.

With viewpoints provided by Aerdranstrasz, Dalmion, Amyl, Mayastrasza and Janessa Olsen



Chapter 1 – Sky of Twilight & Thunder:

It was a somewhat peaceful day for Heartwing on Mithres Alymna. People were split into their own little groups of conversation.

An unnerving presence could be felt around Mithres Alymna however, and it only turned worse.

Thunder clashed in the skies above and covered Mithres Alymna in almost twilight. Vyrna and Lunaeries Dracopetra were in the middle of a conversation and Vyrna departed from the golden wyrm, before something that could only be described as a Horror covered his mouth and pinned him down and began to feast on his life force. The Horror was short-lived and vanished shortly after, the wyrm informed the others that somehow the Sha of Pandaria had found their way to Mithres Alymna.

The shadows of the Sha assaulted the dragonblade of Mithres Alymna. Lashing their tendrils of Shadow against Quel’Azelios, as the dragonblade defended itself as long as it could, buying Heartwing enough time to stop this madness.

Saphira was however also attacked by the Sha, where they blinded her and act away at her magical reserves like small leeches, causing great agony for the blue dragoness.

Mayastrasza and Hestiastrasza scouted around for any source of where the Sha could’ve been pouring in from, but first they saw none. Saphiragosa tried to scry for the source as well, but her divination led her to the bottom of the ocean of Mithres Alymna and stopped there. She intensified her scrying and it allowed her to look into a cavern, and she saw green everywhere before her scrying was abruptly interupted.

Maya then saw something like a starmap around Aerdran’s own tower.


“I knew that I wasn’t as big as the others at the time, yet with the training that Eridros and I had been working on, I might have a better shot at observing rather than fighting. So, I flew up and began looking around for anything that might’ve looked off. It wasn’t too long before I saw something moving in the Red Sanctum, and it looked similar to constellations in the sky. I figured it was probably a signal for help, and that maybe Aerdran was trapped inside. So, I called for help and made my way to the tower and a few moments later Hestia joined me at the door of his tower.” 



The group then traveled to his tower. The lock has recently been replaced by the Leader of Heartwing, Aerenstrasz for his son to have a tighter security. The amount of time it would take to crack the lock was time Heartwing did not have.

The only other person than Aerdran to possess a key to the tower was Vyrnastrasza, Maya beckoned Vyrna to open the lock, as they did open the door. They saw a large arcane portal.

Wary of the portal at first, they all eventually entered the portal and found their way to a cavern beneath the sea of Mithres Alymna. Covered in residue fel from a war that happened ten thousand years ago. They all advanced and saw Aerdranstrasz in the middle of the cavern, communing with some sort of spell, a star map and powerful energies surrounded the drake. Energies Aerdran would never possess on his own.

They beckoned Aerdran to explain himself. As the source of all the Sha was because of his spell, because of his doing.


“I explained myself quite simple. My spell was a locator spell although on a grander scale. I borrowed a book or two from Saphira’s grandfather Mathragos  With some help from Quel’Azelios the dragonblade. I was looking for something we in Heartwing call the Cursed Children. To give some context, during the Cataclysmic War against Deathwing. Heartwing battled a nefarious elderwyrm by the name of Katherina the Witch-Queen.

In her crimes against Azeroth, she abducted several dragon eggs from all over the world. She perverted their dragon eggs with twilight energies to the point they were more twilight energy than they were a whelp. She had a clear purpose with these dragonwhelps. They would seek refuge within her enemies, as her enemies were the merciful kind. They would take the dragonwhelps in, when the whelp had found themselves home. They would implode and cause nothing short of a massacre last seen in Theramore. They’re a ticking bomb waiting to blow off. There is no cure for them, no way to save them. They are not actually dragonwhelps anymore. There is only one way that I’ve found to avert the disaster that would befell Azeroth. A ruby acorn from the Ruby Dragonshrine. Once tempered with the flame of the Red Dragonflight, it will be able to put the cursed child at peace and Azeroth safe once again.”



Aerdran explained himself that he had used a locating spell to find the third cursed child named Cethrisormu. Although the dragonwhelp was in the Dread Wastes, and in the process of him trying to locate something there, the spell had backfired and also opened a bridge between the two places, in which the Sha was pouring in from. Mithres Alymna however was not prone to the Sha, so they were exceptionally short-lived.

With Saphira in the room, some of her opened wounds from the Sha allowed magic to seep from her body and converge into Aerdran’s spell. Which completed the last reagent that Aerdran needed to complete it. An elemental of Mathragos materialized and gave a direction to the Dread Wastes but also warned them that there were green-skinned around the young whelp.

After a few moments of feud between Saphira and Aerdran. The group traveled to the Dread Wastes





Chapter 2 – The Dread Wastes

The group arrived in the Jade Forest in Pandaria, where they afterward traveled by wings to the Dread Wastes.

Once there, they see a gargantuan Horde gunship in the sky above the Dread Wastes.

Gathered around a hill, they planned their approach of how to go about it. They knew this was the Horde, but most likely the Horde under Garrosh Hellscream, the so called “True Horde”

Aerdran turned into a crow and scouted the gunship, counting the crew and returned with the intel. Mayastrasza disguised herself as a goblin, Vyrna as an orc. Hestia shapeshifted into a wyvern. Ultheron shapeshifted into a mouse and hid in Maya’s pocket, being the secret weapon that would deal with the orcs.

Dalmion, Amyl, Janessa and Havenra stayed behind on the hill, being the backup. Having too many would be suspicious at best. Aerdran would signal them if anything went majorly wrong. Aerdran gave Amyl a stone that would translocate the group to him, should the need arrive.

On the back of Hestia as a wyvern, Maya, Vyrna and Ultheron traveled to the gunship. Oddly enough, there weren’t many crew on the ship, which left the group wondering. Ultheron released his dream fog on the crew they saw, but one of the orcs were unaffected. Maya shot an arrow point blank between the eyes of the orc, falling instantly over.


“It made me a little proud, to be honest. I was at a different height level, being disguised as a goblin, and was still able to take out one of the guards with a single arrow. It’s still a shame that we had to kill them, though.. It’s less destructive if we just knock them out.”



Back on the ground, the three mortals and Havenra were ambushed by awakening Sha. As one of the Sha took control of Dalmion Beckwith, his pride being not only his enemy but the rest of the group as well. Amyl took on the Sha-possessed Dalmion Beckwith with stout force.


“I can not believe what I have done at this moment … as I have tried to protect my friends and was bitten by the Sha … my very soul got filled with pride, so intense arrogance at the point I even doubted about my allies strength. I will not be able to forgive me to have tried to kill Amyl and Janessa and to have not succeed controlled myself…To describe what I’ve felt at my possesion: Only pride, my other feeling was…gone, not hapiness, not sadness, fear or other emotions…I was a empty shell…and only darkness surrounded me…I wasn’t the master of my body but I was only able to see what he tried to do…thankfully, Amyl saved me and I’ve felt exhausted.” 

Dalmion Beckwith


“We were simply waiting for any sign of needed help coming from Aerdran, but instead we were ambushed by a suddenly appearing Sha. As we used our lives to guard the green whelpling Havenra, one of the Sha attacked Dalmion, feeding it with it’s pride. We didn’t know why it has materialised, as none of us had a strong sense of pride to begin with, but we figured the Orc’s gunship must’ve taunted the Sha like a beacon of light in the dark. As Dalmion was more fed-up with pride, the Sha grew and took control of him. I instantly shifted, taking in Dalmion’s old position to guard Havenra from the much stronger Dalmion. I didn’t want to put my weapon against him, yet my shield got corrupted and I had to leave it behind.” 



Back on the gunship, Ultheron and the group ventured the gunship, Ultheron put the captain of the ship along with his lieutenants under the same similar dream spell.

Puzzled by the missing crew members, Maya and Aerdran wander to the very spikes decorated on the ship and out to the point of the spike. Ultheron found a document next to the captain’s body that detailed an order likely given by the Warchief Garrosh Hellscream, to find something called the Second Gift and use it to create more super soldiers for his army. An army that could both oppose the Alliance and Rebellion.

Back on the hills. Dalmion materializes a blade made out of pure Sha, as it clashes against Amyl’s shield. Havenra is reinforcing Amyl’s failing resistance with an ironbark which allowed Amyl to gain the upperhand against Dalmion. Janessa Olsen takes care of the other Sha with merciless and blunt killing.


“I knew Amyl was better suited to hold off the Sha corrupted Dalmion better than I could. So, I focused my efforts on taking down the rest of the Sha that surrounded us. To be honest, the creatures seemed to put up very little of a fight. I really can’t say if it’s just because they were small and weak manifestations, or if my experience with the Old Gods and their servants has built up a sort of immunity to their corrupting ways. Regardless, just about as I was done with the other Sha, Amyl was able to free Dalmion from the Sha and dispose of the corruption.”

Janessa Olsen


“With the upperhand of Havenra’s Ironbark, my body got immune to the Sha’s corruption and so I was able to push forward and clashed my blade with Dalmion’s Sha ones. The united force forced the Sha out of our poor friend and we were quickly able to deal with it. With courage in us, it was far less dangerous than we would’ve thought at the beginning and after the bigger Sha was dealt with, it was calming to see that Janessa had already handled the smaller Sha’s aswell. We then used the stone given by Aerdran to push on to the crashed gunship, thinking they’d need our help now.”

– Amyl


Maya and Aerdran on the ship discovers the missing crew members, realizing what the Horde was using the corrupted dragonwhelp Cethris for. Informing Ultheron and Hestia, they soon leave the gunship. Aerdran looking for something inside the gunship when suddenly..


It was then realized what the True Horde was doing. They were using the deep and dark twilight energies inside Cethrisormu to create Old God-empowered super soldiers of the Horde. The Warchief desired more power, more than the Heart of Y’Shaarj. The Dark Shamans pulled the threads of darkness out of Cethris’ tormented body.

An orc entered from a portal that had been there since they arrived. The orc blew a horn of war, as the many orc forces hurried towards the portal. Left with little forces left, Heartwing made their move on the True Horde. Killing and subduing the orcs they could. The Dark Shamans called on too much power from Cethris, as they triggered the expiration date, the moment of when they perish and bring untold destruction.

Aerdran swooped down and landed with the group, as he lent his aid.

With little time to react, Janessa fought her way through the Dark Shamans. The Dark Shamans and their leader Kydris together weaved a spell that just as Heartwing was about to win, pulled Cethrisormu into the portal.




Chapter 3: The Siege of Orgrimmar

Aerdran recklessly charged into the portal after Cethrisormu, shortly followed by the rest of Heartwing. They found themselves now in Orgrimmar, having instantly traveled to a whole new continent.

Before entering the room of the adventurer defeated Paragons of the Klaxxi in the the Siege of Orgrimmar.

The dragons of Heartwing dealt with the void-infused reinforcements of Garrosh Hellscream, before they traveled there to bring a reckoning to Garrosh Hellscream who intentionally or unintentionally have used the vulnerable children of the dragonflights for his own dark machinations.

However as they defeated the reinforcements and entered the last nexus, the last stand of Garrosh Hellscream, the warchief of the Horde had already been dealt with.


Heartwing upon seeing the mortals deal with their own problems by themselves, decided to leave Orgrimmar. Not all agreed with that desicion and it would continue to be a heated argument between many of what should be done then.

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