A Daughter’s Lament



Did you hate me?
Did I not live up to your expectations?
Did my bones not ache after every lesson? 

Perhaps it was jealousy that you were experiencing, maybe that was why I had earned your ire. Every lesson made my body writhe in agony, and at my age, I truly believed it was for the greater good that I suffered those beatings. Mother had no idea what you were teaching me, but I do. They say the marriage between you and mother was a sign of good fortune for the Blue Dragonflight. Two great houses coming together and strengthening our flight. You didn’t really love her, did you? Your father, Malygos, did not show you acknowledgment like he had your brothers.

Lylegosa… The gorgeous gem of the Mithrasgos legacy. My mother deserved better than what she had settled for. Yet she had settled for the likes of you and you rewarded her with not love or happiness but with scars and heartache. When my brothers and sisters and I were born, you told her to kill us all. You wanted to rip away her right as a mother because all you could see were dragons better than yourself. You wanted nothing but power. That is why you chose her, right? If being the son of the Lord of Magic wasn’t enough to gain you respect throughout the flight, then maybe you’d be able to steal it from my mother’s branch. It didn’t work out as you planned, did it? She chose to keep us anyway and that angered you. Just another person you couldn’t control.

I pity you. As my father, I will always love you, even though you are a disgusting, depraved soul. You wanted nothing more than to be praised by others and revered as a God. I kept telling myself that you would get better but the more my power grew so did your spite for me. I will never understand why you hated me, nor will I understand your reasoning for making me the center of your anger. As pathetic as it sounds, everything I had done was to make you proud. I, naive in my youth, believed that you were simply being tough on me because you wanted me to be better, but we both know that isn’t true. You hated the fact that we stole what you craved.

My only regret was that I didn’t get to kill you myself. Your life was ripped away by another during the Nexus War. I wonder to this day what your last thoughts were. Did you regret anything? Did you come to an understanding at long last? It doesn’t matter at this point. I am now as bitter as you, and I’ve lost nearly everything including a chance at redemption. I am just as hated and alone as you were. I’m your spitting image. Tell me, father, are you proud of your little girl now?

Your name was Zircogos, son of Malygos, and you have no legacy. How does it feel to not be remembered as a loved, respected individual but one who caused misery and spread malice?

Any trace of your existence will die with me.

You were the one who planted the seed of hatred into my heart and the first to earn it…


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