A Dirty Journal, discovered and translated by Thostus Azureflame.

I found this book inside the abandoned sewer systems under Mithres Alymna while i was tracking down an intruder to the island. I have never managed to catch the author. However, i did managed to somewhat translate the contents within. It is strange that it is written entirely in Zandali, and of course, i have no knowledge of the language, so it took me a while to find someone that do.
To summarize, the intruder doesn’t seem to be hostile or violent. Even so, do try to keep caution if you do meet them in person.
~ Best Wishes From Dalaran, Thostus Azureflame ~
Here is the journal in it’s entirety, our apologies if the grammar isn’t quiet right or some parts doesn’t make sense in Common:


Day 1:
That was the last time i try to save gold by sailing with pirates.
I was going to sail from Booty Bay to Northrend. Thought i should go back home and see if i can find any Drakkari that survived the Scourge. Looking back now, it was a foolish endeavor, but i just had to find out if anything remains.
Those damned pirates took every valuables i had then tossed me overboard, onto a rickety raft with only the clothes on my body and a handful of mostly useless supplies.
I arrived on an island, rocky cliffs everywhere. I still have some food and water left, i think i should build a campfire and settle down for the night. I will try to explore this island more in the morning.
I don’t know why i am writing this, maybe some traveler will one day find this book along with my dried up bones and pay their respects.


Day 2:
I woke to the sound of the ocean waves washing over the beach and crashing into the rock cliffs, i can also faintly hear the sound of seagulls in the distance. Perhaps this island isn’t completely barren.
I left my camp and wandered around the shores for a while, there seems to be a lot of ships that crashed here, yet i don’t see any people around. Maybe they all got rescued at some point or the wildlife got to them. Some of these ships are very old, practically rotting away and falling apart. While some are in very well condition, they will make much better shelter than the pathetic hut i built.
Found an entrance to a series of tunnels under some planks, a sewer system? An escape tunnel? It seems to be very old, dust and rust cover the walls. I need to go back to this place when i have something to mark my paths, otherwise i’d just get lost.
For now, i need to go catch dinner before the sun sets and bring it back to my new home-sweet-home.


Day 3:
I woke up early to collect seashells for the purpose of leaving a trail for when i enter the tunnels. Later at noon, i was right outside the tunnel entrance i found earlier with a big bag of shells on my back and ready to go in.
Then i saw it, a gigantic metal “thing” appeared up in the sky, right above the island. It seems to be shooting at something further inside the island, i cannot see what, but whatever it was, it was attacking back with all sorts of fire and ice. A battle was taking place, by the looks of it. The projectiles from the metal thing were unmistakable, they were Fel energies, that thing must’ve belonged to demons. I watched from the beach as the battle rages on. Eventually, the metal demon disappeared as quickly as it appeared and everything just settled down.
If the demons want this place so badly, i need to get the hell off the island, fast. Although, i might be able to get some help from inside the island if i manage to find whoever or whatever was fighting that big flying metal thing.
I entered the tunnel and found a little room, decorated with all sorts of strange knick knacks, they all look well-maintained, perhaps someone is living down here, i need to watch my steps. What’s even more troubling is that there is a Twilight’s Hammer banner inside the room, it would be extremely unfortunate for me if i stumbled upon a war zone between the Twilight’s Hammer and the demons.
There is nothing else of interest inside other than a magically-sealed gate, there’s no way i’d risk brute-forcing my way through it. There are so many more pathways left to explore. For now, i should take more caution to where i tread.


Day 4:
<This entire page contains nothing but ramblings about the uses of spider’s venom and raptor’s blood. Along with several paragraphs of Zandali poems that doesn’t make sense when translated into Common.>


Day 5:
DRAGONS! This island is filled to the brim with DRAGONS! The same creatures that lived south-east of Zul’drak, the ones that annihilated the Undead at Angrathar.
I was going through a tunnel one day, it supposed to lead to a quiet pond where i usually fish after i first found it. But this time, when I approached the pond, i saw a green dragon. It was a lot smaller than the dragons i saw at Angrathar, a juvenile? Nevertheless, a dangerous beast, i ran back and blocked the tunnel behind me, i think i saw it turn around, did it saw me entering the tunnel?
I should stop going to that pond from now on.


Day 6:
I think i marked every pathways that leads to a dead-end. I only have so much ink left before the journal comes to an abrupt end. I should save the rest of the ink for when i can draw a full map.


Day 9:
Alright, i found all exits that leads up to the island.
<This, and several pages after contains crudely drawn maps of the Mithres Alymna sewer system. There seems to be marks, indicating where the exits and dead-ends are. They are heavily personalized, making them extremely difficult to decipher.>
“Note: We tried to copy these map as closely to the original as possible. I have no idea what they mean, but maybe someone back on the island can figure it out.”


Day 11:
Something definitely saw me entering my tunnels this morning. It looked like a tiny version of the war golems back home, except without feet or a face. There is some bad mojo here, i think my end is near, if they come into the tunnels, i-
“Note: The writing trails off and stops at this point. I believe that the author dropped this while fleeing from the construct.”

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  1. First time trying to write something from a first person view, can i get feedback? Like, honest criticism, other than grammar corrections

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