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Aerenstrasz of the Tyranistres

Aer, Aerenas, Aerenthrius

Leader of Heartwing, the Dragon-Phoenix.

491 years old


Asherystrasz’ Sanctum, hidden lair.

Red Dragon

Sorcerer, Pyromancer.

Lawful Good


Heartwing, Dragons of Azeroth, the Kirin Tor

The Father of Dragons, Asherystrasz. Heartwing, the Red Dragonflight, Azeroth, Aryiastrasza, His Children; Aerdranstrasz and Selinastrasza.

Alive. (Captured by Helius)

Sexual orientation

Consort of Aryiastrasza

Draconic, Common, Thalassian, Darnassian

Aeren has grown a lot through the initial joining into Heartwing to where he is now. He started from a point in which contact with other people made him anxious, he was introverted and he never spoke out to other than family for a long time. As his father following his twin-brother’s death at hands of Helius, Aeren was forced to face a reality in which he had to become better. He had to overcome his fear of other people. He had to become a leader, not only for himself, but for others as well. This led on the path as well with the help of Aryiastrasza for him to achieve a purpose in which he was able to be more extroverted. Aeren blossomed and became who he wanted to be. A leader, someone people can depend and rely on. To share moments of happiness following high struggle.

Physical appearance

Elven Form
He has an elegant face with soft features that the attracted gender would see as quite handsome. He has blue eyes as a high elf would have, but yet sometimes, his eye color may change to red or golden, depending on the situation.
Human Form
As his twin-brother’s human form, they are identical in appearance. He has a wrinkled face with green eyes.

Draconic Appearance
His dragon form is identical to his twin-brother as well. He has a rough facade, a big-width jaw and teeth that could pierce steel. He has golden eyes, as a direct descendant of Asherystrasz.

Eye color
Blue (Elven Form).
Green (Human Form).
Red (when using his best abilities).
Golden (Dragonform)


Elven Form
He has long silver hair, always seen elegantly brushed. The hair goes down to his torso and on the back down to his shoulderplates.
Human Form
He has red hair with clasps of metals bracers around them. His hair is also well brushed compared to the identical form of his twin-brother Hydra’s.

He has a small ring on his pinkie that was given to him.

He has minor purple scars across his abdomen, which are the aftermath of an encounter he and Aryiastrasza had with a dragon-hunter mercenary of the Twilight’s Hammer.

He wears a red robe designed in Dalaran. The clothing piece is tailored from a few different pieces of fabric, created to resemble his draconic form. The robe has short sleeves, dropped slightly over the top of his shoulders, the dark red, almost brown fabric layering over the red one, ending in a silver trim. The chest part of the robe hugs around his body, from the base of his neck and to the waist, where one can see a fabric which resembles crimson scales. The back of the torso is adorned with several inscribed runes, which continue to the front of the chest, decorated with a silver and crimson gem. The continuity of the robe’s fabric is interrupted by the belt placed around his middle and then continues down with a dark red row of scales, on the front and the back. The kilt part of the robe is made out of several layers of fabric, each layer trimmed with silver.
His staff is named Dragon’s Gaze. And it channels his inner draconic powers when he is in his mortal forms. It has a red crystal decorating the spire of the staff.The spire of the staff is made out of iron. The hilt ends the complexity of the staff with a smaller red crystal.



Selnastrasza ✞

Hydrastrasz ✞

Known brothers

Archaeion ✞

Known sisters
Selenistrasza ✞
Valnastrasza ✞


Home/Dwelling place
Mithres Alymna. Currently whereabouts are unknown.

Aeren is most proficient in the arts of healing. His magical manifestation of the Red Dragonflight’s healing flames often come about in the form of a flying bird, which earned him the nickname of Dragon-Phoenix.

Aeren’s most absolute fear is that Azeroth will be taken by the Burning Legion. His fears are mostly concerned about his forsaken brother, Helius which has taken a stance to unmaking Azeroth and remake it in his unglorious image.


“Look to yourself. What can you see?”

“Always and forever”

“Don’t be without fear. Be with fear, but overcome it. There is a term for that, it is called courage”

“Don’t despair, child. Words only hurt if you allowed yourself to let them.”

Summary of backstory

Initial Backstory: 

Not many were aware of Aerenstrasz’ existence before his twin brother, Hydrastrasz, heir of Heartwing, perished in the line of duty.

Aerenstrasz was born as twin younger brother to Hydrastrasz, hatching just a short while after him, from the same egg. Despite their physical identity, their lives could not have been any more different. While Hydrastrasz was groomed to one day follow in his father’s footsteps, introduced to the mortal world since his young years, Aerenstrasz was kept away from everything, secluded for four centuries.

While Asherystrasz’ attention seemed to be more focused on Hydrastrasz, he was anything but indifferent to his other son, whom he trained and educated as well and while he was not always around, his consort was. Selnastrasza’s only purpose at that time was to look over the one who would one day follow in his father’s footsteps as well and thus, year after year, she raised the young dragon in the best way she could. Despite her care towards Aerenstrasz, the two never had a true mother-son relationship, she was more his supervisor than his mother and thus, upon her death during the Black Rebellion inside Heartwing, Aeren remained unaffected.

The potential seen within him by his father was also seen by his twin brother. Despite being hidden away, Aerenstrasz was often visited by his twin brother, who always insisted that he could see true potential in Aerenstrasz. Hydrastrasz often spent time with Aerenstrasz, and they often spared against each other in playful and often, serious fights. Hydrastrasz knew by then that Aeren’s strength and knowledge already surpassed his. Although Aeren was inexperienced, he held potential that outweighed everything that he lacked. But the two had conflicts every time they met, due to Hydrastrasz’ wish to make Aeren better and stronger, sometimes pushing him to the point where the tension was so great it caused a teeth baring argument.

Despite this, the two brothers loved each other and their father loved them equally. However, while Hydrastrasz was out there, fighting for one cause or another, Aerenstraz grew up in a secluded area. He spent his days training and studying anything he could. He learned about the mortal world, about the past and history of his kind. He studied philosophy, learned about the Makers and he sometimes found himself reading about worlds that never were and have never been, about adventures and heroes, love and more.

Following joining Heartwing: 

Aeren joined Heartwing at the beckoning of his father, Asherystrasz following Hydrastrasz’ death.

Many had initial concerns about him. He was introverted but yet powerful. Through countless battles and wars, he earned the favor of Heartwing which led on the path to becoming their leader.

Aeren spearheaded the efforts of Heartwing against Deathwing and the twisted twilight elderwyrm, Katherina in the Cataclysm War, in which Heartwing succeeded and Azeroth stood another day.

It did not come without a price however. Deathwing had destroyed the home of Heartwing, Bloodmoon Isle into cinders and charred rocks.

Opinions of other people

<Romantic Love> Aryiastrasza
His consort, Aryia and he has stuck through everything since the moment they met. Understanding each other on an wavelength none other would understand, these two have been through everything been together. Fought back by back, as they fell the enemies of Azeroth. Aeren has a deep respect for his consort and her advice has been vital in diplomatic matters, where Aeren’s abilities lacked. She has been his voice of reason and the suppressor of his reckless emotional impulses.

<Very Liked> Selenistrasza 
His older sister. She was there for him when he felt despair following the Black Rebellion. Though Selenistrasza grew an envy against Aeren for how their father treated him, which eventually made Seleni distance herself from Aeren. To this day, Aeren would grieve for his sister’s fall at the Broken Shore.

<Extremely Liked> Aerdranstrasz
Aeren’s only son, Aerdran is a child, that he and his mother loves so very deeply. The two often went hunting together, which is one of Aeren’s favorite activities to do with his son. Not for the kill, but merely the father-son bonding that comes with it. Aerdran is as stubborn as Aeren is, which often escalated into heated debates between them which was only cooled down by either his daughter, Selinastrasza or his consort, Aryia. They are both set in their own way, they wish to achieve the same thing, they have different methods of achieving it. Aerdran believes that sacrifice is key to victory, while Aeren believes there always must be another way.

<Extremely Liked> Selinastrasza
Aeren’s only daughter. Selinastrasza encompasses the very definition of compassion. She inheriting the aptitude for healing not only from Aeren but also from her mother Aryia which healing is so far viewed by Aeren to be unmatched. Selina’s very smile brings a warmness to Aeren’s heart every time. His only worry for his daughter is that her compassion might end up being what is going to hurt her.

<Very Liked> Hestiastrasza
Hestia is one, Aeren quickly started to see the talents of. Initially first learning about her history with his family later, Aeren grew an utmost respect for Hestia and her compassion for people around her. Even as Aeren realized Hestia’s ardous behaviour, he realized quickly she had a big heart for other people. More than she lets on.

<Liked> Elysigosa
The daughter of Zurigosa. Aeren feels a sort of void in his heart and also feels guilt for how Elysigosa’s life turned out as it did, he feels it was his fault that Zurigosa fell by the hands of Helius’ lackey, Veristrasza. For that, he had tried his best to make up and look after Zurigosa’s only known daughter. He views her as confident child, in which her curiousity might be the most imminent danger to her safety.

<Liked> Siyagosa
Someone who many times is juvenile but also when it comes to it, can be scaringly mature. Aeren views Siya as a respectable dragon, in which he knew her mother. He feels empathy for Siyagosa’s loss of her only family, Garigos at hands of one of Helius’ schemes, to this very day, he still blames himself for not doing enough to stop it.

<Liked> Mayastrasza
Another that Aeren sees himself responsible for. He cared for her abandoned egg and made sure it had the proper it needed. As she hatched, Aeren admired deeply her compassion for people around her. While she often hides it with a sarcastic remark, Aeren clearly sees beyond that veil and see how much she cares for other people, and in return her fear for losing people. Maya and his own blood-related son Aerdran has often made him laugh warm-heartedly at their juvenile disputes.

<Liked> Arithdormu
Aeren has viewed Arithdormu as a soldier that he can rely on. He admires his tenacity and hopes to reflect just a sliver of that in himself. The two have been on many missions together, namely in the campaign of Pandaria, in which they located together with the rest of Heartwing, Quel’Azelios and he has seen him as a stalwart defender of peace and an honorable dragon pledged to his charge. He only hopes that Helius will not take him away from Heartwing before his time.

<Extremely Hated> Heliustrasz
Eventually believing he should pity Helius for what he has become, Aeren changed that view. He absolutely revolts Helius for what he stands for. The genocide of children, the genocide of dragons, torture and schemes that only happens because it had been in Helius’ best interest. He does not view Helius as a madman, but rather a strategist with a tooth for blood. Helius’ cunning scheming has been the bane of many of Aeren’s plans, and to this day, Aeren has never defeated any of Helius’ schemes. Helius delights in the pleasure of feeling in control, when he has the whim of choosing life and death. Helius and Aeren could never be more opposites than anyone else.

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