Azeliastres, Grand Spire of the Tyranistres



Azeliastres. Legacy of Azelia. Soul of Azeliastrasza. Staff of Asherystrasz. Its story stretches back through the millennia of history. It stood as a monument, as a tribute of continued influence beyond the veil of death. A symbol of truce, a symbol of respect, loss and power-of-destruction and ultimately rebirth. Those who have wielded Azeliastres have been born under the Tyranistres Bloodline name. It started with the one who birthed the original seven children of Asherystrasz. Shattered in the Cataclysm and reborn under a phoenix feather.

Older sister to the dragonblade twins, Quel’Thera and Quel’Azelios. Azeliastres stands as the lesser version of the two, it was the first attempt at creating dragon-infused arnament on Mithres Alymna.

Azeliastres, Part One

Though it is known for certain, rumors that have passed down through generations of the Tyranistres Bloodline suggest that the origination of Azeliastres came under a different name at birth; Its name was Alyra’mir. Meaning fire of dragons. Furthermore rumor spread that such an idea for an arnament came following the Dragonflights’ empowering the Dragon Soul. They decided, following that idea that their influence had to be spread into vessels for the mortal elves to be able to stand against the Burning Legion.

At the behest of the War of the Ancients. The communion between the mortal night elves of Mithres Alymna and the dragons needed a bridge. The dragons could scorch, they could make a valiant stand in the war but the elves could not. This arnament Alyra’mir was to be that very missing link. Infused with the essence of dragons, Alyra’mir would herald the first of many dragon-soul infused weaponry.

Asherystrasz, the leader of the dragons at Mithres Alymna decided it had to be so. Seeing the deaths of all his pupils in the war infuriated the great wyrm, and he decided such a weapon must be created.



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