Through questionable methods and a cold and harsh look on the world around himself, Azrael perseveres through the death of his father and an unreliable world


Birth Name: Azraelstrasz

Age: 12962

Race: Red Elderwyrm

Birthplace: Border mountains near Hyjal in Ancient Kalimdor

Height: 45m / 147 ft. [Dragonform] – 1,96m [Elven Form]

Overall Length: 60m / 200 ft.

Neck Length: 10m / 33 ft.

Tail Length: 28m / 9 ft.

Body length: 45m / 147 ft.

Max. Wingspan: 80m / 262 ft.

Weight: 20000 lb / 20 tons [Dragonform] – 160 lb / 72 kg [Elven Form]

Marital Status: Single, Widower. It is to be noted that Azrael sees no purpose in having a relationship after the Fall of Deathwing

Aligment: Neutral Evil

Languages: Draconic (fluent), Titan (a language he reads moreso than spoken), Common (fluent), Darnassian (fluent), Thalassian (fluent). Orcish (fluent).



Born into this world in a batch of eggs in Asherystrasz’ first clutch. Azrael was the second son to hatch after his other brother Helius. Born into a free-spirited mindset of a family, where every child acted on their own accords, Azrael still studied under his own father alongside his other brothers and sisters, and these lessons would be the moment where all of the family was assembled in one place.

Estranged to the others, Azrael was always overshadowed by the first born brother of Helius to the point he stopped speaking. When he raised his hand to answer his father’s question, Helius would always object to Azrael’s answer and show him the flaws of his statement. Eventually it became so bad that Azrael stopped raising his hand during the lessons, and more and more began to stray away from the family. He became silent, moreso thinking than he ever spoke.

Growing up on a remote island named Mithres Alymna, Azrael was told at a young age that he had a talent for the destructive powers of the Red Dragonflight charge. He could destroy that which others could not, but not heal that which others could.

Azrael pondered for many years about the meaning of what life truly is. What would Life mean, if Death didn’t come? And what would Death mean, if life hadn’t been there first. Azrael pondered for many years to come. He grew less and less emotional, and eventually his emotions did not have a place in his heart. He favored practical logical reasoning over what felt right.

One of Azrael’s greatest flaws was that because of his brother, he did not know how to speak to other people. Structurally impolite, he could not have or hold a conversation with a person. The words in his thoughts would not form to the words he wanted to speak.

An event that would forever alter Azrael was at his father’s graduation ceremony. When he had challenged his older brother Helius in front of his family. Helius had agreed to it. The two soared around each other in the skies, every move was met by a countermove. Until finally, Azrael was struck down through the skies. Unable to properly move, Azrael had broken several ribs. As Helius descended down to him, officially ending the duel between them. He uttered to Azrael that the reasoning why he keeps losing is because he kept holding back.

Azrael would recover, but he would never recover from his father’s eyes at both of them at his defeat.

Lonelier than most, Azrael began to fully close himself within his own cave on Mithres Alymna, only appearing rarely to hunt. He had a talent, he just didn’t use it. And that ticked Azrael to find out more about himself. But it was first several centuries later that he would discover that he had a connection to the Shadowlands. He could hear the whispers of the dead, as he could hear the whispers of life.

At the realization that he could hear both. Azrael found out the true meaning of life. Life in Death, and Death in Life. When he understood death in the context of life, he understood the true tranquility. But Azrael also knew that life brought a warmness and certainty, while death brought a biting cold and an uncertainty in the form of doubt. But he would need to embrace them both nonetheless, he would be what others wouldn’t dare to become.

That is when we achieve order and balance.

Eventually Azrael had not been seen in centuries by the rest of his family, and it did not bother him. The family had never been in his hands, it had been in his father and his elder brother Helius’ hands. But Azrael would not live on like this forever, eventually his father came to his cave and introduced him to a young dragon around the same age as himself. A female, and Azrael knew what his father had done.

An arranged marriage. Azrael was utterly insulted, an arranged marriage is given to those of the family that either doesn’t have the interests of the family in mind or inability to find a spouse. Azrael knew this. Not enough with this mockery of him, but his now future consort was but a cripple and weakling, she could not do much and would only be a liability to Azrael in combat. It would not even surprise Azrael if she could not even hunt. Her name was Hestiastrasza.

Azrael continued his research into the occult and dark areas of his charge, his father had forced him to have Hestia living with him on Mithres Alymna. Azrael had decided to try his best to ignore her, hoping that eventually his father would see it was not working out and call off the consortship. To Azrael’s very core, it infuriated him that his father thought so lowly of him to arrange a marriage for him. He hadn’t been with any female in the span of two thousand years, but his father must’ve concluded this as a fact about him, he concluded himself.

Azrael may never have said a word to Hestia, but whenever she couldn’t do something by herself, he somehow was always there to make sure she wouldn’t fail. Whether this was genuine care or Azrael making sure his father doesn’t think him as incompetent as a mate was never certain, not even to Azrael.

Eventually Azrael had been able to utter a word to Hestia for the first time, and from there the two began to actually converse. Azrael’s heart of solitude had began to warm up. And it was around the very same time, that elves from Suramar and the surrounding towns had followed his father back to their remote isle and engaged in teachings around their family. The practice of mortal allies became common on Mithres Alymna. Azrael began to come out of his cave and socialize despite his flaws with the rest of his family, first wary of the mortals but rather starting to enjoy seeing a world from their perspective.

Hestia and Azrael grew ever closer, to the point of the two being inseparable. Hestia journeyed with Azrael to whatever official business he had in the Dragonflights and Suramar alike. They two began a symbiotic relationship in which they supported each other, in the areas Azrael heavily lacked in, Hestia made up for, and the raw power that Hestia lacked, Azrael vice-versa made up in.

Azrael felt genuinely happy for the first time in his life.

It was all shattered, when Azrael found out Hestia in addition to being the runt of her family, was unable to carry children completely. The endless nights of talking about children, to Azrael finally becoming his own person it was all shattered by that fact. Azrael’s cold heart returned and took grip and cemented more than ever before. In both his despair and disappointed heart, he called off the consortship and exiled Hestia from their home.

Now more than ever he was determined to focus on the straight path. What feelings that had once controlled his mind was replaced by logical and imperative mindset that once dominated his mind.

But he did not have much time to reflect about the situation before all of the dragonflights were called to war in Ancient Kalimdor.

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