<The Caverns of Time>



“It can’t be.. How.. just how is this possible?!”


A young Bronze’s voice echoes through the busy Caverns of Time. Whelplings, drakes, dragons and wyrms alike are soaring around inside the giant cave, everyone somewhat confused, helpless or enraged. The reason why it is busy is quickly clear: the death of the Destroyer just occurred. Neltharion, also known as Deathwing, met his end through the hands of brave Heroes and the Dragon Aspects.


The Caverns are not purely busy because of this feat and iconic moment though. It was busy because the Bronze Dragonflight has lost an immense amount of their power with the Destroyer’s End.


“It just… can’t be!”


The voice roars again. Now more clearly, you could make out Arithdormu next to the Hourglass of Time, trying to channel his powers and utilize it to see and shape the Timelines. He struggles, and clearly fails. Just like many others around him, you see that there are many other of his kin failing to cope with this new situation.


The Bronzes lost their powers. But how could it be? Why haven’t they foreseen this moment? They’ve seen the past and future oh so clearly, but they couldn’t foretell the moment they lost their powers about time.


“Why, Why, Why? What will happen to the Timelines? How can we protect what is oh so dear to us if we can’t even change and shift it? The Infinite Dragonflight will be our end, if we can’t reverse this loss!”


Arith cried again.


“It is a tragic loss that has overcome us, young dragon, but we are not going to be helpless. Travelling through time is still possible and we have to rely on it now more than ever to defend the Timelines against the Infinite Dragonflight.”


A heavy voice answered Arithdormu. The voice originates from an elderly looking Wyrm, clearly of higher importance in the Bronze Dragonflight.


“Arithdormu, there are heroes out there that defended Azeroth against the greatest of evils, multiple times. They have proven that they are able to not only defeat the Scourge and its leader, but also our old, dear brother who fell to the Corruption inside the earth. Even my Father’s Shadow and leader of the Infinite Dragonflight has fallen by their hands. We need to ask them for our help now, to help us defend the one thing that is of utmost importance for our all safety.”


“The Mortals? How are they going to help us? They’ve got less power over the Timelines than we do. They’re never going to be able to aid us in our need. We need to save the Timelines, but we can’t if this loss is permanent. Our powers are -useless-!”


Arith roars out with seething anger.


He hated this. First, he thought it was just a state of his adulthood but with an hour passing and every other Dragon complaining about their loss, he knew then that it wasn’t just him. But to no avail, his eyes are failing him. Blind. That is what he has become. What every Bronze has become… They could feel; touch around in the past or in the future. They would be able to grasp for something. But what was it? At which time was it? They couldn’t see, they couldn’t tell.


It was the day, the Bronzes went blind.



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