Three years ago…

“I could never imagine it.” Aeren sat back in his chair, both of his elbows resting on the table, his fingers covering his mouth in contemplation. In front of him sat his father, the one person Aeren had admired throughout his entire life. But Aeren also saw his flaws, his father was always smiling to each and every one of his family, he talked with. But Aeren could see something held within those eyes, something which both horrified him, but also made the Father of Dragons even more awe-inspiring.


An influx of being split between the limbo of being both happy of sorrowful at the same time. Aeren didn’t expect anything else, most of the people that Asherystrasz had called his acquaintances, friends, brothers, sisters but also of all, innocents had perished under the black sky of smog.

A tea cup was placed down in front of the Father of Dragons, Aryiastrasza had prepared the herbs for the guest of the house. She sat down next to Aeren. Below the table, Aeren and Aryia’s fingers intertwined. Aeren’s father does not come lightly on visits, not in this time, not in any time they had known of.

“I can no longer be the leader of Heartwing, my son.”

Aeren placed down his teacup on the table, as he closed his eyes for a moment, sighing heavily. Before his chest filled up again. He had been appointed to the position of heir after his twin-brother Hydra perished in the line of duty, protecting the ones Hydra held dear to him. Aeren knew one day this day would come, but what about it he felt was heavy, was it that it was too early.

“Father, you know this is too soon for me. I cannot possibly fathom to be the one competent. I’ve only been with Heartwing for a year. I am not like my brother, I’ve not the same admiration they possess of that war-hero.”

“Lead, and respect will follow, my son.”

“You’re someone ancient and powerful to lead them. Those shoes are too large to fit, father.”

Asherystrasz had put down his teacup, before nodding to Aryia, remarking his appreciation.

“Son. This world is not dictated by who is older than who. Not by who possess more raw power than another. This world comes down to who stands together. No one changes the world alone, people change the world. I’ve seen myself and have been reflecting about my position as leader of Heartwing, and it disheartens me to feel Heartwing’s own leader is never around to see its growth and supervise as it should. Heartwing deserves that. Without that, we will perish like the others. “

“Why did you choose me as your heir?”

“For many reasons; namely what you stand for. If I were to choose the most ancient and powerful one of my children, Azrael would be the one. But Azrael is not quite the compassionate person, nor does he care much for others outside of our family. Each of my children are their own. Each of their strengths a weakness, and each weakness a strength. You’re not Hydra, you’re not supposed to be. You’re supposed to be the person that will care for this family that is Heartwing. You will do what I could not. Because of you, this war will end with the Destroyer’s Fall, because Heartwing stood together. I’ve no lingering doubts about that.”

Asherystrasz pauses before looking over to Aeren’s consort. He smiles brightly at her, before looking back at Aeren. “And I have also no doubt, you’ve all the support you will ever need.”

The father looked back at his son before continuing with a firm expression on his face, it was something that Asherystrasz didn’t seem to think lightly of.

“I have acted many times under my vision only, my son. I had thought such should be the case when I formed Heartwing for it was my vision of unity. But there can never be unity, if one only beckons to themselves. You have many times been the person to unite our family, and now I ask you dearly of my heart to unite another family. Many may not understand, but I know this to be right, my son.”

Aeren waved with his hand his goodbyes to his father.


He turned to his consort, Aryia. “I will be back in short time, I need to take a moment to think.”

He shifted from his elven formal appearance to that of his draconic form, before soaring in the skies above Azeroth. It has been done and said. Aeren would from tomorrow morning lead Heartwing and is supposed to be the one to guide Azeroth to defeat the Destroyer. Aeren’s fear of dissapointing everyone was the most evident feeling in his heart.

Why did my father do this? What could possibly be the reason for his sudden resignation? Aeren couldn’t comprehend at first, but he now tried to consider his father’s point of view in all of this. Asherystrasz had two sons, one a warrior with a brave heart that ended up meeting his demise to one of his other sons and the other who was safeguarded from the world because of his father’s fear of losing him, this fear from his father started at an early age, when Aeren almost died as a child. In truth, Aeren only did what he felt right at the moment, he came to the rescue of his brothers and sisters when they were in peril.

Aeren now thought.. perhaps this was the very reason that his father wanted him to be leader. Someone compassionate, who will not think of his subordinates as expendables but rather see his own life as much worth as any others. Aeren reflected back at the moment, Paragon Kaeladormi and he always had lengthy and heated discussions over Aeren choosing to put himself in harm’s way for a brother or sister of Heartwing.

He soared through the outer part of a cloud, before flying upwards, the cloud creating lines from Aeren’s wings.

“These values are not just my own, they were my father’s as well. These are Heartwing’s. Brothers and sisters united in a cause to defend our world. No one is better than the other, no life is more worth any others.”

With this, Aerenstrasz saw the purpose of his father’s words.


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