Defilement of a Dragonflight (Legion Event Ch. 15)

Defilement of a Dragonflight (Legion Event Ch. 15)


Mission Briefing: 02/July/2018

From: Arithdormu


Nyth’esera, Vylianormi, Durustrasz, Akyregosa, Elisera, Selinastrasza, Enarm Luxford, Kuranorius, Asclepiostrasza, Smoldertongue, Tesrostrasz, Saphiragosa, Aerenstrasz, Iskarastrasza, Shendormu, Arithdormu




On the account of Arithdormu.

Mithres Alymna


We were gathered up at Asherystrasz’ Monument when Lord Aerenstrasz himself suddenly came by. While we were in a heated situation due to the two blues, Saphiragosa and Akyregosa, this quickly died down with the information that the World Tree Nordrassil was under the Legion’s Assault.


The Burning Legion wanted to turn the tree into a second Tomb of Sargeras to channel in Legion forces. We quickly moved out.



Teleporting to the Caverns of Times quickly, Heartwing made it’s way across Kalimdor up to Nordrassil.


We didn’t expect the Tree to be assaulted so heavily already. The druid’s were barely holding them back, so we took over. Split into two groups, one stayed at the foothold of Nordrassil and defended it from Legion forces, while the second group flew up to the Legion Ship, bringing severe damage to it.


Unfortunately, the ship’s Admiral, a Nathrezim, called himself back and the ship was head-first crashing into the foothold, setting amany roots aflame.


With the help of cleansing waters from the Well of Eternity, we cleansed it and regenerated some of the region and roots of the World Tree.

Vault of the Wardens


A Warden came by and informed us that Nordrassil’s Invasion was a ruse. Helius instead was going for something in the Vault of the Wardens, and we were quick to arrive, only to deal with some nasty Brute. Splitting in two groups again, we kited him and slowly chipped away at his armour, before he fell aswell.


Investigating further, we found out that Helius was instead liberating Siraelagosa, a very powerful Summoner, imprisoned back in the War of the Ancients. Still a whelp physically, her magical prowess was overwhelming.


The Leader of the Felbrood kept us busy with telling us his plan when instead of Nordrassil, he went for the Nexus in Coldarra, using its closeness to the Twisting Nether and a Fel Artifact as a Conduit to channel its powers through it, and create a second Tomb of Sargeras.


Of course, we quickly made our way there, the two Blues being pretty pissed about a lot of insults coming from the Traitor.



Arriving at the Nexus, we quickly found that the usual Arcane energies were turned into an absurd stream of Fel powers.


Helius had arrived and with him a ton of Demons and his Felbrood. The Conduit, our target, was hidden behind the wards of the Blues, so Akyregosa, Saphiragosa and Enarm went to deal with that.


Meanwhile the rest of us attacked and fought fearlessly with the Felbrood and its nefarious Felwyrms. Azrael had a showdown with Helius at the same time, both taking hits here and there, Helius dominating the fight though.


It was a heavy and enduring battle, both sides getting more and more injured until the Wards were bypassed and the Conduit destroyed.


Although it was almost too late – Durustrasz found his death due to a rain of Infernals, and everyone else was near the brink of death aswell, even Azrael being pushed back.


A Felwyrm called Sindranormu flew down from the stream of Fel Energies and took Nyth’esera by her neck. The Branchmother was able to melt his face, though through severe blood loss she fell as well.


The Fel Conduit finally destroyed, the stream of fel powers collapsed and exploded, a horrid sight I’ve heard as I’ve been lying in the mud, unconscious. The demons, even Helius, were pulled back into the Twisting Nether and for once.. Heartwing was victorious.


Fallen in Battle: Nyth’esera, Durustrasz

Mission Success: Yes






It was a gruesome battle. One that I hope we’ll never have to face again. I know I’m lying to myself, but even Dragons may dream.

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