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Name: Etrestrasza


Status: Deceased


Affiliation: Helius, The Felsworn, The Burning Legion.


Rank within the Burning Legion: Lieutenant within Helius’ Felsworn in the Burning Legion


Threat Level: Medium


Age: 5791


Known devastations: Etrestrasza has long been the jailer of Heartwing’s freedom following the incident at the Broken Shore. She has taken a long list of Heartwing’s members’ lives.




Conclusion: Medium class threat level that is currently deceased.



History: Etres’ upbringing has not been documented.

What is known about Etrestrasza is her relationship with her sister Aylrastrasza. The two were born as twins to one another and through the years. Through sibling hatred and love, the two had been inseperable.

And in was in the moment of turning to the Burning Legion, that they collectively made the choice together. With their arms intertwined, the two drank the blood of Heliustrasz. Which itself is a risky action to take, not all people who drink Helius’ blood ends up surviving it. These two, however both did. It was on the Broken Shore, where Helius truly employed them to the test. Which they both failed.

Aylrastrasza was slain on the battlefield, and Etrestrasza decided to flee; saying this wasn’t her moment to die.

Helius showed up on the Broken Shore and amended for their failures, Heartwing fell against the Demonlord and later Helius found the cowarding fel-dragon Etres and gave her one last chance to redeem herself. Find the remaining members of Heartwing and hound them down. Destroy every last remnant of them in the name of the Burning Legion.

Etrestrasza obliged gladly in which she spent months looking and tracking down any leads that could point her towards where Aerdran and the other members of Heartwing had fled to.

It was when she thought she had found them, that she realized she had been lured into a trap. Heartwing had amassed the numbers of Withered to their side which drained her magical potency greatly. This allowed Heartwing to do what they had been planning for months; to retake their freedom and bring an end to Etrestrasza.

Etrestrasza’ head rolled on the ground at the behest of one of Heartwing’s members: Vylianormi.


It was however not the end for Etrestrasza. Helius could not accept her failure and wanted to replenish his numbers.


Helius promised the Felborne, a sect of Nightborne followers that worship the Burning Legion godhood in exchange for their servitude. They would find Aylrastrasza and Etrestrasza’s bodies, bring them to a secured location within one of the most prominent fel-corrupted places on Azeroth and infuse their bodies with dormant fel magic.

This was all in preparation for one of the other higher commanders: Vyraestrasza to arrive and finally fuse the two sisters into one unholy amalgation.


With Heartwing close to the brink of absolute exhaustion, they managed to completely seal the fate of Etrestrasza and Aylrastrasza by burning their remains and make sure their spirits could not be touched again.



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