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Name: Glaciagos


Status: Active


Affiliation: Helius, The Felsworn, Formerly the Blue Dragonflight, Elysigosa, Zurigosa. It is very much strongly indicated that Glaciagos is as well the father of the now member of Heartwing: Elysigosa.


Rank within the Burning Legion: High. As part of Helius’ Felsworn, he serves as a high rank as one of the five advisors Helius employs. Glaciagos was promoted to the rank of Inquisitor by Helius, however recent failures has forced Glaciagos to prove himself to Helius again.


Threat Level: High


Age: Unknown at this time. But believed to be around the age of former member; Zurigosa.


Known cautions to be taken: Glaciagos far exceeds the magical potency and knowledge than members of Heartwing possesses. He has in the past engineered spells that has completely flipped over the mentality of otherwise intelligent species into becoming nothing but beasts acting on instincts. Glaciagos is a master both in spellweaving that traps his opponents as well as being able to counter effectively any arcane spell so far being thrown at him. We recommend the Blue Dragonflight of Heartwing to take extreme caution to this individual, he had the means to take your spells, amplify them and turn them against you.

Known devastations: Glaciagos was the jailor of the previously captured leader of Heartwing; Aerenstrasz. As Inquisitor of Helius’ Felsworn, he has been part of manipulating entire civilizations into spiralling into their own unmaking. He has forcefully extracted information from the minds of captors without they as much as having a chance to resist his spellweaving. He is highly effective at his work and this should not be underestimated. When a flaw is found within Glaciagos’ means of approach, there will never be found a repeat of it. On the homeworld of Nathreza, Glaciagos almost took the life of a now member of Heartwing: Nyth’esera.




Conclusion: High theat level class enemy with a manipulative mindset only near comparable to that of Helius, we recommend that the Blue Dragonflight try and indirectly harm him with spells rather than directly. This individual has the means of stopping your spellweaving.




History: More research here is needed. . .

From previous records reported to the archive:


Glaciagos was a former consort to the late-deceased member Zurigosa. This zealous individual followed Malygos to the brink of his insanity, previously concluded that he had deceased in the Nexus War, this individual only recently appeared in Karazhan as part of Helius’ Felsworn. Helius had promised him nothing but power and he had seen just that in Helius’ Crusade: He had witnessed and participated in the destruction of worlds. This was exactly the power that Glaciagos sought.


After the tragedy at the Broken Shore, Aerenstrasz; the Leader of Heartwing was captured by Helius, sent to an otherworldly destination, he and Helius together tortured the leader with the purpose of making him defect and join the Felblood Dragonflight.


It had failed and Helius’ backup plan was enacted. Helius stripped Aerenstrasz of all that he was; passion, love and what made him a person. It was a spell that Glaciagos had helped engineer, it turned Aerenstrasz into a beast that only thought about survival. Under Glaciagos’ spell, Aerenstrasz had burnt down villages, cities and destroyed the livelihoods of the people that supported Azeroth’s greatest war against the Burning Legion.


Not only that, but Glaciagos was to be the jailor of Aerenstrasz’ piece of soul that held who he was as a person. He safeguarded the fragment on the destroyed homeworld of the Nathrezim; Nathreza.

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