Hestiastrasza is one of the active members of Heartwing and currently holds a position on the Council of Heartwing. A wyrm of roughly 11,500 years, she has survived through numerous catastrophic events both in and outside the organization and is the eldest living dragon in Heartwing. Although Hestia does not actually have the longest membership, having only joined slightly prior to the final battle against Deathwing and his forces, her history with Asherystrasz and his family predates the War of the Ancients. Hestia is the former mate of Azraelstrasz and they have only one offspring together.


Hestia is an unusually small wyrm, standing about the height of a young adult dragon and no larger (which is probably about 5m). Despite her relative smallness, though, her body is dense and muscular from years of arduous combat and training. Her scales are a deep vermilion, with her underbelly and the plates trailing down her back having a tan hue. Her wing membranes are a bright, fiery orange and are slightly torn or singed in around the edges, but no worse for wear when it comes to flying.

Hestia’s head is broad and blunt, with upraised bony, hornlike plates that predominately appear around her brows and the edges of her skull. Hestia has four black horns that arc back from her skull and one on her snout, with spines starting from her forehead and trailing down to the end of her neck. Occasionally she will wear jewelry around her horns and tail.


Hestiastrasza carries few of the typical personality traits found commonly throughout the Red Dragonflight, likely because of the trials and tribulations she suffered throughout her lifetime. Although at her core she is kind and empathetic, Hestia feigns apathy quite often and outwardly might appear cold and harsh, even to those most close or familiar towards her. Hestia very rarely attaches herself to others and carries with her deep (emotional) wounds from previous relationships or experiences that seem fresh to her, even many years later. She is known for being quite unforgiving, and at worst, maliciously so. Few find themselves managing to breach her shell or worm her way into her personal life, though she does rarely express moments of tenderness and what one might call care (albeit begrudgingly to certain individuals).

Even though Hestia is ancient, she does not have a wise demeanor and tends to be the more impatient and short-tempered. These traits, coupled with her stubbornness, quick-wittedness, bravery, and headstrong nature make her a valuable asset in the midst of combat. While she does believe that actions speak far louder than words, she does not discredit the value of communication, and is far more socially apt than her former partner, Azrael, despite her aggressive tendencies. Hestia does not mind the presence of others and finds herself often enjoying good conversation and pleasantries, even if moody on the best of days.


Before the War of the Ancients

Hestia was born the thirteenth offspring of her parents, Pyraestrasza and Torristrasz, nearly eleven-and-half-thousand years ago. She emerged from her egg, the final to hatch of all her siblings, tiny and ill, and thought to be unfit to live in the world. No healer could ease her of her pain or absolve her weakness. She was not expected to live long. However, by some miracle, Hestia survived, though one might not call her childhood anything close to thriving. Her siblings rejected her. Hestia, for the longest time, could barely run, hunt, or play with them, and what earned her her estrangement from them was that she one of the worst healers they had ever seen. Most of her time was spent alone among the flowers; the only thing she could influence with her meager powers.

Stuck in a deep depression for a few hundred years, her parents grew concerned for Hestia’s wellbeing and ability to find a place in the world. It was during this time that they befriended Asherystrasz, who struggled with a similar concern for his son, Azraelstrasz. Being somewhat influential themselves, although with no connection to Alexstrasza’s brood, they agreed to an arranged marriage between the young Hestia and Azrael. Their first meeting was not warm in the slightest, and Hestia felt as if her family had abandoned her once again, this time to live with a total stranger. Azrael likely felt similar feelings of disinterest or disgust, regarding his betrothal to Hestia as a disgrace since she was small and weak. He opted to ignore her and hoped that his cold shoulder would eventually chase her off.

However, it was perhaps his silent act that endeared Hestia to him, rather than the intended effect. In his silence, she found a place for herself among the other residents of Mithres Alymna, and without the biting remarks of her siblings or the pressure of her parents, it became home to her. Azrael asked nothing of her; he wanted nothing of her. Although he seemed distant and disinterested, on the days where she found herself unable to move or hunt, he would provide for her. She felt a fondness for his company, something no one else really seemed to share. Though their relationship started out cold, eventually they warmed up to each other and there was a mutual attraction to be found. Azrael and Hestia seemed practically inseparable. In time, they planned to have a child, but it seemed as if it weren’t meant to be.

The War of the Ancients

During the War of the Ancients, Azrael’s family was torn apart by a great rift caused by the betrayal of his brother, Heliustrasz. His horrific actions and allegiance to the Legion came as a great shock to those of Mithres Alymna. It was at this time that Azrael forced himself to banish Hestia; citing his reasons in that she was weak, useless, and barren. Devastated and broken by the words of her former lover, Hestia returned to her family. However, his statement was untrue. Shortly after the war, Hestia did lay a single egg; the only child she would ever have.

After the War

With her heart hardened by her banishment from the place she had found home and the rejection of her lover and peers, Hestia spent many years trying to overcome her weaknesses. She grew determined that she would never allow anyone to rightfully call her weak or useless again, and in this, embraced the power of fire and destruction that came far more easily to her. Despite being small, through her tribulations Hestia’s body and mind became tough, becoming a force to be reckoned with. Her siblings and family grew to respect her, but the new Hestia would not allow them to be close. During this time, she became familiar with her father’s work – enchantments. Though never being exceptionally skilled in all the nuances that he was, Hestia assisted the Red Dragonflight in maintaining the duties of the Blues during their absence.

All was not well with the family, however, as the death of her mother during the War of the Ancients had deeply affected her father. For hundreds of years, he grew considerably less stable and more reclusive, drawn in by his work. Finally, he snapped, and in his maddened state, he attempted to cannibalize his own family. Hestia and her siblings banded together to put Torristrasz out of his misery, an act that finally ended the estrangement of Hestia. Though saddened by the loss of their mother and father, the family continued on throughout the years closer than ever.

After the Opening of the Dark Portal

Hestia, after thousands of years spent honing her skills and acting as the guardian of her family’s broods, felt herself becoming dissatisfied with the routine life she was used to. Despite her bond with her family, she still did not feel as if she had truly a place or purpose with them, especially with the egg she had laid so long ago still remaining unhatched. Hestia set out to find her own way in the world, and during this, acted as an agent of the Red flight. Though never directly becoming involved in mortal life, she watched from afar and studied them, finding their lives intriguing. She felt an odd kinship with the shorter-lived races, much like she had many years before when in Mithres Alymna, but was content to watch and not participate.

That ended, however, with the Second War. Hestia, like many other Red Dragons, heard the call of Alexstrasza and came to her defense, and also like them, was rounded up and captured by the orcs to be used as a war mount. Although traumatic, Hestia felt satisfied once she had shattered the bones of her rider and boiled him alive in his own armor. Even to this day, she harbors a dislike for orcs, but tries not to let that get in the way of performing her duties.

During the Nexus Wars, Hestia was called to Wyrmrest and helped assist the rest of her flight in combating the Blues loyal to Malygos. She remained there until Deathwing and his flight laid siege to Wyrmrest, which was when she reunited with her family’s friend Asherystrasz. After a few conversations, he requested that she assisted his organization – Heartwing. After the final battle with the Twilight Elderwyrm and the fall of Deathwing, Hestia chose to remain with Heartwing, finally having found her purpose and place among its ranks.

Hestia has risen through the ranks of the organization throughout the years, and has eventually become one of the most trusted advisers of the leaders of both the organization and the family.


Azraelstrasz – Hestia has deeply conflicting feeling about her former mate. She quite clearly cares about his well-being, but if it is only because she wishes to prove his words wrong or actually harbors some romantic feeling towards him is unknown, perhaps even to her. She still holds a deep-seated grudge against him for banishing her. Because of this, she often lashes out at him vocally and the two will very frequently squabble when in close proximity. When Azrael is mentioned to her, she becomes hostile and defensive, and even more so if her feelings regarding him are challenged. After Eostrasza’s hatching, she has become far more gentle to Azrael and is more willing to tolerate his presence.

Eostrasza – Her only daughter, but also the daughter of Azrael. She reminds her of him; Eos is just as demanding and obnoxious at times, and easily just as arrogant. Despite this, she cares quite a lot for her daughter and treats her kindly, though she doesn’t try into involve herself too deeply in deciding things for her, allowing Eos to explore her talents on her own, as she did. (Except, hopefully this time without being estranged by her peers!) Though she suspects Eos harbors some resentment towards her, Hestia does her best to keep her daughter out of danger and healthy. However, Hestia often worries about Eos delving too deeply into her own powers and senses that not all might be well with her.

Aerdranstrasz – Hestia considers Aerdran to be almost like a son to her. She loves him as a mother would a child. In the absence of his parents, she takes up their duty of watching over and protecting him. Hestia would lay down her life to protect Aerdran and his family. Though, she becomes quite irritated by his childish attempts to annoy her, especially about her relationship with his uncle. Hestia will often grumble about him begrudgingly, but would never dream of actually hurting him, as much as she appears to want to throttle him near death at times. She respects and admires his journey and growth as a leader of the organization.

Elysigosa – Elysigosa is much like akin to a daughter or niece to her. She allows her to call her ‘mother’, and was the only one that Hestia would confide some of her deepest secrets to – including that of Eos’s existence. Though sharing quite a close bond, Hestia becomes easily frustrated by Elysi’s constant impulsive actions and whiny behavior, at times. Hestia isn’t afraid to punish Elysi for things she feels she should know better than doing, but often feels extreme guilt about having to do such things. Hestia is probably far harsher on Elysi than any other member, but is probably closer to her than anyone else in the organization.

Iskarastrasza – Hestia views Iska as a worthy ally and equal. She trusts her as a competent partner in battle and works exceptionally well with her, as the two seem to have a mutual understanding. Though Hestia finds Iskaran somewhat unusual, she thinks no less of her for her peculiarities and sees her as a good friend, a great fighter, and an even better smith.

Janessa Olsen – Though wary of the former Black Dragonsworn and assassin, Hestia respects her usefulness and resourcefulness, however she is deeply cautious of the powers the former dragonslayer uses. She views Janessa’s bond with her daughter as a beneficial friendship and understands it on some level, but worries that the two may eventually stray too far into dangerous territory with their abilities.

Dalmion Beckwith – The mortal (turned Drakonid) that Hestia is most familiar with in the organization. She views him as a close friend and tends to playfully pick on him when given the chance. Dalmion is one of the only mortals Hestia fully trusts. Despite her friendship with him, she has low tolerance for any of his more “obnoxious” behaviors and will brush him off if he tries to overstep his boundaries.

Heartwing – Though originally unsure if she wanted to be a part of the organization, Hestia has grown quite fond of it and her time spent while in it. She considers the members all to be her extended family and feels personally insulted when they are harmed, attacked, or threatened, even by a force within. Hestia might be slightly possessive in the way that she is not afraid to use her authority to try and remove those she perceives as a threat within the organization itself. Though some might find Hestia hard to read or be close to, Hestia acts as a watchdog and guardian to those in the organization.

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