Hjolmar Stormbreath

Status: Unknown (Presumed Deceased)

– Name: Hjolmar Stormbreath
– Race: Dwarf
– Age: 51 (As of Azerothian Year 32)
– Gender: Male
– Combat Specialization: Melee Combat
– Occupation: Heartwing Soldier
– Affiliations: Heartwing, Ironforge
– Relationship: Single
– Language(s): Dwarvish(Fluent), Common(Fluent), Gnomish(Medium), Draconic(Low)



♦ Backstory ♦

Hjolmar was aspired as a lad to become a great warrior whom bards would sing tales of his heroism for ages, and so he trained to one day become a thane to lead his clan as a mountain king from a young age in the town of Falconreach, located south-west of the larger town: Kharanos. His childhood was mainly comprised of sparring with his father and grandfather, playing and doing stupid things with the local children. As Hjolmar grows up, his arms were always covered in scars and bandages from the spars so everyone was always too scared to approach him, leaving him usually alone with only a few close friends.

When Hjolmar was finally of age, he enlisted into the army of Ironforge. Throughout the entire First, Second and Third War, he was kept as a guard in Dun Morogh, barely ever seeing any combat, aside from the occasional frost troll and trogg raids. Hjolmar was frustrated by his work but he can do nothing about the situation, so he was usually involved in a few tavern brawls and usually is the cause of them. When the Third War came to a close and the Horde and Alliance were at a truce, Hjolmar felt like he had lost his chance to become a great hero. He gave up on his dreams and continued with his life, now without a purpose.

Years passed and when the Lich King declared war on both the Alliance and Horde, all soldiers were called upon to report to the frozen peaks of Northrend to combat the Scourge. Something was reignited within Hjolmar, he quickly rushed to the Deeprun Tram, rode to Stormwind, volunteered to be stationed in Northrend and hopped on the first available boat heading to the Borean Tundra. Upon arriving, Hjolmar was greeted by a town under siege by undead spider creatures, he reported to the commander and entered the fray. Later, Hjolmar was sent to closer to where the Nexus is, there he met the Kirin Tor and the red dragonflight for the first time, he found out about their war with Malygos and his blue dragonflight. Not wanting to be on guard duty again, Hjolmar was eager to at the front lines to combat Malygos’s forces. He soon earned a nickname for himself from some of the red dragons, the Ruby Falcon, because of his dedication to helping the red flight and how he once leap from drakes to drakes during combat as if were flying. When the Lich King was defeated, even though Hjolmar wasn’t at Icecrown, he was still content because he felt like he already made some sort of mark on history by helping out the red dragonflight take down Malygos. And so, the Ruby Falcon returned home, head held high, proud of his accomplishments and once more happy with his life.

For months, Thane Hjolmar “Ruby Falcon” Stormbreath joyfully boasted about his heroism in Northrend in local taverns. But this moment of peace wouldn’t last, as Deathwing has brought the Cataclysm upon Azeroth. Now, once again, Hjolmar took up arms and get ready to fight those who would threaten his homeland. He and many others ventured to the Searing Gorge/Burning Steppes and into Blackwing Descent to take down Nefarian and to put an end to his horrific experiments permanently. When sweeping through Nefarian’s labs to kill any remaining minions of the black dragon that managed to survive, Hjolmar found a dying red whelpling named Saristraza, who had been experimented on, he then tried his best to patch her up and bring her to Vermilion Redoubt to get healed. The dragons there luckily managed to heal Saristraza and they were very grateful to Hjolmar for saving one of their kin and helping the red dragonflight once again. Saristraza was especially grateful for saving her life, she offered to follow and help Hjolmar for the rest of their lives, granting him her draconic powers. Hjolmar graciously accepted the whelp’s gratitude, and so both of them depart back to Falconreach.

The individual’s fate has not been recorded post joining Heartwing



♦ Appearance ♦

His combat gear consists of full elementium plate armor, amateurishly painted red by himself. It’s surface is littered with countless scratches, from both previous battles and careless handling. Hjolmar is never seen wearing formal clothes, he only ever wear his plate armor or his brown cloth tunic and trousers, they may not be originally brown.
From his forehead to the top of his head is cleanly shaved and tattooed with streaks of blue lines. The rest of his hair is dark red and gathered behind his head where it is tied into a tail.
He wield battlefield-level weapons in the form of a large warhammer and a bearded axe. Both, inscribed with the Heartwing’s insignia


♦ Other Information ♦

Known Family Members:
– Parents: Laimar(Father), Frila(Mother)

– Siblings: Aidelina(Younger Sister), Sulfagas(Brother-in-Law)

– Falconreach Village – Dun Morogh
– Mithres Alymna

– Become the one of the greatest Mountain Kings of all times

– Protect Saristrasza and learn more about the Red Dragonflight as a whole

– Loss of family or friends
– Disappointing those who have faith in him
– Large Insects

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