Shattered time


She walks. lost. Where is she? She wonders.. Hills of sand everywhere yet not a soul in sight, this wasnt Mithres…this wasnt Tanaris, where was this? Suddenly the lands shifted..from a warm bronze to a cold, cobalt blue as her eyes drifted around in panic, examining the surroundings. No sound, No touch, No scent…no sight? She drifted off into darkness..something..unexplained Where was she? 
She finaly realised, it was a dream..a vision of nothingness..Vision of her possible death, she persumed. 

She continued to wonder around, a question struck her as words escaped her mouth before she could hold herself back “Who am I?” she spoke surprised at her own words…but ofcourse she was Li..who was she again? She despaired..

Now the scenery changed to broken glass..walking on it barefoot her feet got cut, bronze blood dripping on the fragile glass, However no scars remained…Dreams.

She walked across what seemed to be a thorny bridge, before reaching the begining of her walk..the sand populated area..beneath her feet was a shattered hourglass..she covered in fear and sobbed. She wanted to wake up. She looked behind herself, eyes laced with exhaustion..Brown and blue facing a pair of neon green…that horrible horrible shade of green…

She woke up..her body once again looking..younger than it did older..she took on her mortal form and snuck out of the cave..walking up to the hourglass in the middle of the bronze sanctum. “You wont shatter me right?”

She asked.


“Oh but eventualy…time shatters all….Liivak” Answered a voice.

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