Of the hourglass and scattered sands


Cold winds were blowing through Mithres Alymna…Cold..and empty, hollow. Liivak walked around, wandering around the island..noone in sight. Music filled the area, calm, harp music that drew her to the Bronze sanctum, back to the sanctum, not back. Anything but back. 

But she couldn’t control herself. As if her feet were not her own she walked towards the Bronze quarter of the island, every bone in her body felt like breaking, every vein, in her body felt like exploding, her own blood.. was boiling. It was horrible, It was maddening…What was she doing..

She couldn’t answer.

Suddenly..the ground was replaced with snow, the winds replaced with blood, the inviting music replaced by blood curdling screams…but, ah. This was not a dream. This was reality.

This was not Mithres. This was not…

Where she thought was the Bronze sanctuary laid corpses, corpses of dragons of all ages..Like a burden placed down her Young soul..To relive a past that was not hers, she realised..she was looking through someone elses eyes.. This was not the place she thought it was, this was somewhere else, somewhere she hadn’t been before. And she wanted it to stop.

She walked on forwards, carefull not to step onto the fallen brethren’s corpses as she reached the middle of the sanctuary..where the hourglass stood, in its ever majestic form. She touched it again this time..she asked something else..


“Have you shattered me?”


The mysterious voice answered back.


“Have you?”




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