Status: Active

– Name: Kuranorius / Kuranor Shadefall
– Race: Green Dragon
– Age: 3 (As of Azerothian Year 32)
– Gender: Male
– Combat Specilization: Melee Combat, Archery
– Occupation: Heartwing Member
– Affiliations: Dreamgrove, Heartwing
– Relationship: Single
– Language(s): Draconic(Fluent), Shalassian(Fluent), Darnassian(Medium), Common(Medium)



♦ Backstory ♦

Kuranorius was hatched under the care of Dresaron and elder brother Delanorius within Darkheart Thicket before the corruption of the Nightmare claimed his care-takers and unhatched siblings. His elder brother sacrificed himself in order for Kuranorius escape Shaladrassil.
Kuranorius eventually got lost into Suramar while trying to escape the Nightmare corruption of Val’sharah. He was attacked by a group of Withered then a Nightfallen mage by the name of Erisara saved his life by fending off the Withered.

Kuranorius tried to return the favor to Erisara by helping to grow the Arcan’dor within the Shal’aran, but to no avail due to him lacking mastery of nature magic. He grew close to his savior during that time, seeing her as a big sister, Kuranorius did the best he could to repay this life debt and he would follow and help Erisara for the rest of his life if he had to. Sadly, Erisara was killed in combat during a scouting mission on one of the Leyline feeds far from Shal’Aran. Now, with nowhere else he can feel at home in, he sought out Heartwing.

The individual’s fate has not been recorded post joining Heartwing


♦ Appearance ♦

His mortal form is a young scrawny night elf with silver eyes and long, messy, unkempt, dark hair. He wears green padded cloth armor, there are pads of hardened brown leather on his chest, thighs, calf and forearms.
He wields a metal dagger and a wooden longbow, the base of the dagger’s blade is inscribed with an unpowered arcane rune. The bow looks more like a branch of a tree than a traditional longbow, with leaves and vines adorning it’s limbs.

His dragon form is a young green drake. Kuranorius’ head is slender, his snout is pointy and small, his two amber eyes are located in front of his skull instead of on the sides, his two horns are short, they seem to zig-zag and point backwards. Along his spine are sharp and jagged scales, their color is darker than the scales on the rest of his body. Instead of having a club-like tail like many other dragons, his tail resembles a spiky pointed whip.


♦ Other Information ♦

Known Family Member:
– Sibling: Delanorius(Elder Brother)

– Mithres Alymna

– Protect Azeroth, along with Heartwing
– Discover his heritage and finding his parents

– Dead silence
– Ettins

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