Mithres Alymna

Location: It is situated north of the Broken Isles.

  • North-East of Highmountain
  • North of Stormheim.
  • South-West of the Howling Fjord

The isles themselves aren’t really home to anything at the moment. They’ve been practically abandoned for ten thousand years and most sailors tend to avoid it because of the danger of their ships being dashed upon the rocks. Much like the Broken Isles, they’re of low interest to most Azerothians.

The rocky landscape was named by dragons; Mithres Alymna. As they used this place as their perch of rest during ancient times.

Mithres Alymna derives the meaning; “Life’s Bulwark”, or “Creation’s Shield”. The phrase was used however by the Kaldorei to mean “Home of Dragons”.

The monolithic peaks were home to ancient dragons that lived in a time before the demons were known to Azeroth. Dragons came and left Mithres Alymna as they were beckoned elsewhere in the world. Many dragons left and eventually it was abandoned by the dragons.

One red dragon returned however and he did so for two thousand years. Eventually it became the home to his brood. To all of his family. It would become an ancestral home to his brood. He visited the mainland of Kalimdor where he attracted attention from the local night elven population. Some followed him back to his home and sought to live with the dragon family he had fostered. First skeptic of the night elven followers, he eventually found the joy of teaching them the knowledge he had. More followers arrived, some even now flown there by the back of the drakes. A close bond was forged by the Red Dragonflight of Mithres Alymna and the elves of Kalimdor.

As the dragons changed the culture of the elves of Alymna, so did the elves change the dragons’. Mithres Alymna was built in unison of dragons and elves alike into what would be known as the Tyranistres Spire. The Dragons of the Tyranistres family soon began to adapt mortal forms from the elves. The elves, varying of many different paths became known as the Court of Tyranistres.

It all changed when Queen Azshara invited the Burning Legion to the homeworld of Azeroth. It shattered the communal bonds between the court and the brood, as some of the elves in the court had been found to be working under Queen Azshara.

Most of the bloodline of Tyranistres aided in the War of the Ancients, where their greatfather Asherystrasz came into deep conflict with his eldest son; Heliustrasz and suffered grievous wounds.

Protected by the rather sound structure of the cliffs and landmass of the newly created Broken Isles, Mithres Alymna survived the Great Sundering mostly intact.

Enraged, It was Azraelstrasz, the second-born son of Asherystrasz that finally made the decision that all mortals were to be exiled from Mithres Alymna.

Although now the already wounded lone brood did not live in peace. The Black Dragonflight of Highmountain constantly sought to bring havoc to Mithres Alymna and its inhabitants. The final battle between the Black Dragonflight and the Tyranistres Bloodline became known as the Battle for Alymna. And even as the Bloodline was holding the Black Dragonflight back, they suddenly became attacked on another battlefront by none other than the once eldest son of the bloodline; Heliustrasz. He and his atrocities of felbrood dragons assaulted the bloodline from their backs.

Asherystrasz by the point had realized they could not win a battle from two battlefronts, he overused and shattered several artifacts as he unleashed a mass-teleportation spell that would work only on his brood, as they were transported to Hyjal.

The magnitude of and overcharged use of the artifact created an magical shield around Mithres Alymna, that held anyone from entering the shield. Helius and the Demons slaughtered the Black Dragonflight that came to it, and then later left.

The spell fed off the energies of Mithres Alymna and the subterranean leyline, which held the spell up for over ten thousand years.

After the Second War, it was Asherystrasz’s intention to return to Mithres Alymna and repair the damage he had done, however as he failed his assignment to deal with the corrupted Titanic Watcher Vyun shortly before the Cataclysm, those plans were inevitable delayed. The vision Asherystrasz had in his sleep caused by the watcher, Vyun. He dreamed of a coalition of all the flights, the purpose Mithres Alymna had been before he even arrived to Mithres Alymna. Although upon his awakening, he woke up and formed his vision, but did not have the power to avert the spell on Mithres Alymna.

Time went on. Asherystrasz reformed the once watcher caverns into what would be known as Heartwing Lair.

The Black Rebellion occured and Asherystrasz went missing shortly after it, the Lair was overrun by Felbrood searching for Helius’ prison, taking the lives of the Black Rebellion as well.

Heartwing was shattered, and it was by the deed of one of his daughters; Selenistrasza, that another order was formed from its remains. The Draconic Campaign.

However as Selenistrasza soon after went missing, a general-son of Asherystrasz by the name of Hydrastrasz took up the command and reformed the Draconic Campaign into what would be known as Heartwing once again.

Asherystrasz returned by the achievement of Heartwing as they found the Scarred Past and gave Asherystrasz a passage home to Azeroth.

It was then Asherystrasz’ intention to return to Mithres Alymna, however the Council of Wyrms intended that Heartwing should remain in Northrend, where they would protect a key-central defense point that is Bloodmoon Isle (after became known as Heartwing Isle) against the Black & Twilight Dragonflight, as that would be the last bastion of defense before they reach Wyrmrest Temple. Heartwing would act as sentries against doom.

Deathwing shattered those plans as he devastated Bloodmoon Isle and most of Heartwing’s forces.

Aerenstrasz the now leader of Heartwing decided to regroup at his father’s secondary defense point which was Gjalerbron in the Howling Fjord.

Asherystrasz fell in the battle against Katherina, the Elderwyrm of Twilight. But preparations had already been made for Heartwing to one day make their home in Mithres Alymna.

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