Nyth’esera of the Dream



Name : Nyth’esera

Dragonflight : Green dragonflight

Age : 67

                             PERSONALITY ♣ 

Nyth’esera used to be a naive, rather cheery drake. Although some aspects of her clumsyness are still present even that has changed. She has recently been acting more open, treating those in authority as if they are of the same rank as her, loosing any sort of hesitance. Such a thing was a result of her witnessing the death of the Green aspect, Ysera. (Although one can say left and right are never her allies.)
When all alone she will sing in ancient elvish, sometimes escaping to the secluded lands of Val’sharah to find time for herself.

She is extremely blunt at times


This will be listed as towards certain individuals, due to Nyth having not met some of the newcommers yet.

Let it be noted here that she has more than 10 nicknames for everyone she’s met and has an opinion on.

Dalmion: Simply put, she considers him a friend, one she can bully nonstop that is. However at times she really does question her sanity. The events that occured with Elysigosa have shifted her thinking into a rather confused one, she can’t really tell if she can trust someone so easyly aggravated..

Elysigosa: She holds respect for this drake, especially her knowledge and is well fond of her. This fact has only been shown once when she willingly helped by creating a cooling salve for her scars. 

Iloragosa & Zerygos : She hasn’t really interacted much with the two to form an oppinion.

Mayastrasza: Encountered her too rarely to form an opinion.

Selinastrasza: Though there were some brief moments when they spoke, they were not that much, atleast not enough for an opinion of her.

Eos and Hestiastrasza : Eos to Nyth is a cute whelp…although she can be overly invested in some things…like testing a simulator…with a cursed book. Her view on the latter is that of respect, since the dragoness herself looks quite the wise one Nyth does approach carefully. Although other than that there has not been enough interaction to form proper opinion.

Tesrostrasz: She considers him the absolute best friend and fellow grass friend. Ofcourse most of the time this is just a way for her to express friendship. However it is true that she barely remembers meeting him, and only remembers the recent adventures. The thing most burnt into her memory is the grass Dalmion set on fire. The same grass Tesros later helped restore. (This begun her view of him as a great friend and ally of nature)

Aerdran: She respects him, but respect wont stop her from treating the drake like their ranks were the same. She honestly considers him a good leader and hopes to not be disapointed in the future. So far she is extremely tempted to fill the emerald sanctuary with more nature but doubts he’ll let her go wild. She considers him quite the trustworty person. 

Azraelstrasz : Jerk.

Arithdormu,  Vylianormi,Shendormu : She considers them all friends, and mostly respects Vylia, due to her battle experience aswell as her age and what she must’ve been through. The same goes for the other two aswell. She is willing to use her healing expertise for the three should they need it. 

The previous statement can be confirmed with Nyth agreeing to restore Vylia’s tail.

Liivakellormi and llunaormi : The two are quite the duo. Although she did not interact with the latter she does consider her an ally. Not sure if trustworthy though. Livakell on the other hand is like a longtime friend, often sharing opinions on strategies and whatnot. She considers Liivak to be wise aswell as ambitious, sometimes even too much.

Davarus: The short interaction she had with him left her unable to form a certain opinion about him.

Sarthirius: Stubborn and overly calm, she considers the fellow green a friend however he still has not fully regained her trust..This has been result to his disapproval to the ways she uses her magic. Although other than that they have not interacted much at all, as their personalities clash way too much for them to get remotely along.

Mavira and Elisera : Although she met the latter very rarely she did save her life from Etres, this to her counted as an achivement due to previous …bad luck. Nyth finds Mavira to be a great friend and a source of  cookies. And friendship she guesses. She does trust the younger drake, however the incidents occuring recently left her deeply scarred thus she refuses to let anyone in on her emotional trainwreck, not even the trustiest of the greens.


Janessa: The mortal quite intrigues her, too bad she’s sworn to the blacks.



 Nyth‘esera was born in Moonglade without any other green dragons or whelplings around to keep her company. For the most part until she was five years of age she was kept in the waking world, yet shortly after she departed for the emerald dream where she learnt of her duties as a green drake, learnt how to weave the dream and use the nature as an ally. 
Passing the events of the Cataclysm, she lost most of her abilities as a dreamweaver so she decided to become a traveler rather than tend to her duties. She’s met several new mortals on her journey, which she befriended but has not seen again to this day.(Most of them have passed away on the travels they accompanied her on,Nyth still blames herself to this day but will not let anyone know, she isn’t one to spread melodrama over her conflicted feelings. All she has to be focused on is moving onwards. ) On her travels she discovered several dream portals that she had been rather ignorant of. She had aided in the recoveries of forests and small tasks expected of a druid.
She did well to keep herself disguised as an apprentice and at times a druid of the kaldorei society, and so far her lies have not been uncovered. 

Witnessing the demise of the green dragonflight’s aspect Ysera,has deeply wounded the young drake, Although the recovery has been quite sucessfull for now. 

The recent events also including the nightmare’s corruption spreading over the emerald dream and the loss of the dream portal hurt her at the very being seeing how those were one of the four things that kept her in check. (calm more likely.) Her time amongst the mortals has been short (she had only traveled for two years with monthly intervals of returning to the dream) And her time in the waking world even shorter as she always exploited ways of getting into the emerald dream, even after the cataclysm.

The mission to save the leader of heartwing had been sucessful, however the dragons did suffer some damage, Nyth’esera was one of the more dangerously hurt, hanging onto life just barely. She was stabilized However this might further shift her opinions.


Heartwing:here she feels at home. She regrets absolutely nothing.

Now to get to her equipment.

Dragon form: Her armour would be a silver hue with blue crystals in each piece (armour like ic model), vines wrap around her hind legs, aswell as around the claws infront. There is an elegant cresent shaped moon like object resting on her forehead,although at closer inspection you can indeed note that it is floating. If you look closely you can notice a rather large rune across her front left claw, this rune contains the weapon she uses in her mortal form (rune stays there even in mortal disguise / is there to store the said weapon.)

Humanoid disguise : Her prefered form to take is that of a Kaldorei, their elegance truly shinging bright. In her mortal disguise you either have a chance to see her in full armour or casusaly dressed.
The latter clothing consists of mostly cloth, featuring a simple tabard (kind of like you see in the picture above) Sporting a small branch with sprouting leaves. Sometimes blossoms even.

Her battle armour normaly consists of many druidic armour pieces mashed together, aswell as all brimming with enchantments against damage and detection, although they only slightly decrease the chances of fatal wounds and/or being discovered they are still quite usefull. And now to her weapon..


Although the meaning of the name is up to speculation, it could’ve been night elven language and it could be not, it is not set in stone. Nyth’esera could be heard refering to it as Rhok’delar instead of Ronae, who knows why. This bow is quite special in its own way aswell as the way Nyth uses this mystical weapon.

This was crafted specificaly from using the materials and plantlife from the emerald dream, this granting it the enchantment to ocasionally stun its enemies, although now that the emerald dream is corrupted with the nightmare it instead corrupts the targets. 

The bow in itself looks normal with beautifull golden platings and wrapping vines. The arrows themselves look customly crafted and they are, as they were a request to Iskastrasza from Nyth herself. 

Nyth’esera keeps her bow either sheathed at her side, next to the quiver or she lets it take form as a rune on her hand/claw.

This bow can also change shape, only switching between staff,scythe and bow, originaly meant for multipurposed servitude, however the current forms are still locked due to Nyth’s emotional instability. 

Staff : Locked

Scythe : Halfway-locked 

Mental state and condition

All things considered she has been geting better at both accepting the death of the aspect aswell as keeping calm in any situation. 




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