Of gathering sands and flight.


She roamed Alymna again, exhaling, filled with both relief, grief and anguish. She spoke to some others today, she was awake. One person stood out, a new nightborne, she looked upset for some reason..She will pay it no mind, the others have it handled.
Her gaze caught the sky, full of the ever present stars, It made her feel less lonely than she normaly was.
Today was fun.

The whelp’s eyes flew open as she realised where she lay, ontop the hourglass in the middle of the sanctum, she strictly remembered sleeping in the cav- Right..another vision. This time, she did not have the ability to take on the guise of a mortal,she was stuck in her original form allowing her to be fast, free, unchained by doubt. This was a good vision. It seemed so refreshing over everything she’s seen lately, the tone of the area was a light bronze with an azure sky, the crashing of waves upon heavy bodies of rocks could be heard and the air would be filled with the scent of the ocean. It was,..just like home.
“Are you broken yet?” The voice would ask, this time tired. And this time Liivak could asnwer “Nope.”
A sigh.
“Why do you refuse to break?” It inquired, the Young whelp once again answering “Because visions or not, I’ll die when I do. I’ve made a decision to return home, until I am ready to aid my allies in battle.” she spoke, making the person who spoke turn around, walking towards the hourglass, touching it “I see…”
Liivak smiled, her figure laying back onto the hourglass’ frame as she stared at the sky “The me outside the vision was looking at this sky too, you know. It’s weird..here its always day, but that sky..was laced with lights. Shiny stars that made me feel like I’m not alone.” Rustling of cloth could be heard as the figure looked up, hood sliding off it’s head. “I see..how odd. Just a few days ago you were franticaly asking questions you know wouldn’t be answered.”
The whelpling sighed “We make mistakes and we learn from them. I should’ve understood from the beginning. I am not ready to be of aid, A whelp in such a massive war is but a valid sacrifice.”

The voice groaned in disaproval but said nothing.
“They’ll need us eventualy, and we Will answer their call.” 
It appeared behind her, sitting corssleged onto the top of the hourglass “What do you mean by we?”
“Well It is your fault this all began right? If you’re going to appear in every vision I have atleast have the manners and talk to me.”
It scoffed “Rude girl.”  Liivakel retorted “Rude voice.”
She closed her eyes, a smile playing on her lips she no longer doubted what she needed to do, and once she was capable of aiding Heartwing in more than just information, she would return.
Liivak pushed herself off the ground, wings grasping the air as she lifted herself up, flying past the hourglass and smiling, she had alot to tell but for now, she thought to herself, she’ll keep it secret.
She went to find the previous leader, Aerdran to inform him of her.. long but temporary absence.


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  1. After reading the whole thing saga again about 5 times, i still have any idea what happened


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