Of generous souls and a desolated land

Nyth'esera, Aerdranstrasz, Dalmion, Liivak

The winds blew harshly, rustling the tree leaves, ridding the trees of the only thing that made westfall look alive. However this desolate land was not alone today, Three pairs of feet could be heard walking aswell as a small conversation of ever so carefull whispers. and in the distance, a figure, cloacked in colbat blue, leaning onto one of the dying trees. 
The group, which turned out to be Nyth’esera, Aerdran and Liivakel walked up to the figure, which was revealed to be Dalmion, already having arrived sooner due to his knowledge of the barren land.

It was two days after the feast of Winter’s veil, Nyth recived a letter from her previous apprentice, speaking of wishes…one wish stood out the most, “Bring Winter’s veil to the people of Westfall.” it said, this intrigued the green, due to the fact the land has been desolated for years…But..she supposed a little good wouldnt harm her, she informed some others if they wanted to help and thats how the got  to where they are now.

Aerdran looked more relieved now than ever, guess the burden of leadership took its toll on the Young drake, Liivakel seemed..out of touch with reality, she was somewhat…different to say the least. Dalmion looked more impatient, guess he still hadnt learnt that lession.

The trio of dragons and the dragonsworn walked over to their first target on the checklist, Dalmion carrying some food he brought from Mithres, seeing how he lived there before he knew the hunger the people of westfall felt. They entered the barn, seeing more homeless than they would want to, all scrambling for a good spot, a warm spot.. a corner was hardly spotted that wasnt filled with homeless civilians, this made Nyth think..maybe her apprentice wasnt so stupid after all..No matter, alot of time passed, maybe she just got someone responsible to help her. Yes that must’ve been it.


They entered the barn best they could, giving each person food..they all struggled to get as much as possible..it was pitifull to watch. Dalmion had obviously experienced the food struggle differently than his draconic friends, the painfull memories mustve been present in his mind as he watched.

They made a choice there and then, Nyth’esera and Aerdran went outside, using their expertese in cleansing to purify the Waters of the land, making them drinkable. Nyth’esera added her own blessing to the earth, hoping that it will last long enough for the food to regrow. Dalmion conjured snow, while Liivakelormi took the food he brought with him and shared it with the homeless, however that was just the begining. With the help of Aerdran’s portal to mithres, Nyth dragged a custom made Winter veil  tree, for festivity’s sake while the others decorated it. They put gifts under the tree which consisted of mostly gold coins and/or food. 


Maybe they havent been able to do much in hindsight but with daily efford maybe the land could one day be restored to its long passed greatness.

Who knows how many have been helped in the end, but it was a valid effort to bring some cheer to the people of Westfall.


Dalmion looked somewhat better, cheery, however it still looked the amount of work towards the land wasn’t enough to rid him of the painfull look as he waved a goodbye to the cheered up folk of Westfall. Nyth supposed memories of a painfull childhood couldn’t be beaten in the span of a day’s effort.


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  1. Surprised the children didn’t asked why they looked so weird
    A shame you didn’t went into more details about the interactions between you and the peasants, would’ve made pretty interesting conversations

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