Of lullabies and lost time


“Have you?” …
Those words…they echoed in her mind for the day..Ever since she woke up she’s been thinking of it, her curiosity coming up with every sort of question, “Who was that?”, “Who  is the voice”, “Who speaks to her so misteriously”, “What did he mean with ‘Have you”..So many questions so little time. She strolled around Mithres, it was quiet, noone around.

She blinked..confused, her own distraction causing her to crash into Nyth, she fell on her back as Nyth turned around “Are you okay?  You look somewhat out of it.” she said, a voice behind her adding ” ‘somewhat’ is an understatement” added the green behind Nyth..Mavira, Liivak thought to herself. 

She was awake

She cried, tears of relief, of joy.  This wasnt long lasted as she excused herself, flying towards the cave in the bronze sanctum, she closed her eyes in hopes for a restfull sleep, not one filled with nightmarish visions.

Sleep that she needed so desperately she would be willing to kill for it.

She wanted to be free so bad she would rather die if that meant freedom,.

She shook her head, negative thoughts wouldnt help her sleep, she thought of the fact she finaly woke up, embracing the knowledge that she’s safe she snuggled into the sand, curling into a ball as she drifted out of consciousness…

She woke up in a strange place, no longer was this sand she lay in, no longer was this the cave she rested in…No longer was this a plane of existence she knew of..She woke up on a corpse, unable to shed her mortal disguise..unable to turn into her original form, once again she was scared.

Caged. She was in a cage, on closer inspection this looked like the handywork of the legion..

She gulped thinking ‘Is this another vision of my death?’ She looked around, demons covering any slight corner of escape, a jailor approaching her. She trembled..could they see her? Was this not a vision? 

She wanted to be saved…so bad.

The jailer poked the corpse instead, sighing with a horrendus raspy voice as he turned around to the present inquisitor “You killed him idiot” he complained, Liivak observed as the Inquisitor wrote something down in a tome of fel as it turned towards the Jailer  “I’ve acquired the information I needed out of this useless fleshling. Your wish of killing them slowly does not interest me in the slightest.” It said, moving along with its fel tome towards the massive tower, belonging to the burning legion. Clearly an obvious fact as it glew neon green like almost everything else on this cursed world. 

Speaking of which, now she was left alone in the prision zone with the Jailer…luckly though she guessed visions made her unreal there. The only thing confusing her was the fact that phsyical objects still held their sturdy ability, as she had to squeeze through the cage to go out, only to fall down on the ground. Curse this vision, an injury already.

She ran alongside the path, instinctively avoiding the demons like the plague, Focused on exploring the vision until she heard a blood curdling scream, a yell of pure pain. It sounded so…feral, yet she could pick up the familiar sound of a dragon’s roar. This wasnt any ordinary type of legion torture, they had  a dragon in captivity…

Questions arose.

“Is it a felblood?” “What if it sees me?” “What if-” she shook her head, no longer would she question the posibilities. instead she ran towards where the roar came from, hoping she wasnt too late.

She ran and ran, as fast as her feet could take her, until she saw a ….familiar form, It looked so much like the previous leader of heartwing..that the others have retrived not a few weeks ago..Was he bound to go through this again? Was she bound to be captured? Was this the future?…no…This must’ve been the past..


This was most certanly Aeren..that she knew, he looked way to similar tto the Aeren she saw retrived, she couldn’t be mistaken. But if this was the past..how did she unlock it..what happened, WHY is she here?

So many new questions arose…so..

Another scream which worked like a miracle as it freed her from endless doubt..questions. So many..scars…so many wounds..

She waited until the captor went away before tip-toeing her way to the red, which was struggling to keep his sanity, its life.

She did the only thing she could do. She sat down next to the suffering dragon…although she knew her voice would not reach him she sang. A lullaby she was sung to by the hourglass..a lullaby of time. Her resonating voice hit every corner of her vision as she focused on just being there..Just hoping that he would realise he Will be safe..to keep fighting a bit longer.

When she opened her eyes she was no longer in a different world… She was no longer captive, She sat down next to the hourglass and leant her forehead onto its golden frame.

“Why do you do this to me” She asked, looking around to search for the voice.

This time it took a while for it to answer, it answered with a question.

“Tell me Liivakel, When Will you break?”

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  1. Calling it now, it’s the ghost of Tirathreus.
    (Also, spellcheck)

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