Birth name: Selinastrasza
Selina’s name was created by her mother and father in order to honour two very important
family members of her father, whom he respects greatly: His mother, Selnastrasza and his sister, Selenistrasza.
Legacy: Selinastrasza of the Tyranistres
Nicknames: Selina, Lina, Rose
Titles: Princess of Heartwing, Little Lady of Heartwing, Granddaughter of the Father
Age: 3
Race: Drake
Gender: Female
Dragonflight: Red
Place of Birth: She was born from the same egg as her twin brother, in a small Grove, on Heartwing Isle.
Affiliations: Heartwing
Loyalty: Legacy of Asherystrasz, Aerenstrasz, Aryiastrasza, Heartwing, Azeroth, The Red Dragonflight, The Dragonflights
Status: Alive
Spoken Languages: Common, Draconic, Thalassian, Darnassian, Ancient Darnassian

Most prized possessions:

• A special crystal given to her by Avraeistrasz, acting like a protective beacon, helping her always find her way home.

• On her right hand index finger, she carries a beautiful golden ring with a shimmering ruby in the middle of it. On the outside of the ring, <Selinastrasza> is written in Draconic while on the inside of the ring, the same word is written in Titan, along with two more words written in the same language: <from Khalid>.

• A tiny rose, encased in amber, found by her mother in the remains of the Heartwing Grove. It was protected from destruction as it was located on the very spot from which the young teleported to safety. She gave it to Selina, attached to a pendant and a golden necklace.




As a whelp, Selina was a sweet and kind little dragon, with more love and courage in her tiny heart than some had in their whole bodies. Just like her brother, she was born with a curiosity and thirst for knowledge, and also with the Tyranistres stubbornness in her blood.

First year

As time passed, some things changed, while others stayed just the same. Her kind heart and love for knowledge remained unchanged. She experienced loss and great fear from a very young age, having been born in a time of war. And although she almost never allowed it to show, it did leave some scars. No matter how much those around her tried to shield her from the bitter, war-torn reality, they could not do it forever and so from her very first months, she had to “grow up” and adapt to a world that was on the brink of extinction. This strengthened her heart, filling it with courage and at the same time, with hope.

However, her heart was both her weakness and her greatest strength, as her forgiving nature put her at risk. Unlike her brother, she refused to learn how to hunt in the ways of the Tyranistres Legacy, as she could never bring herself to end another life, even if it was the way the circle of life worked.

After the Cataclysm

After the demise of Deathwing, she was sent away to Dalaran, to live amongst mortals and be taught by mortals and dragons alike, the later having hid themselves for many years amongst mortals. Unlike her brother, who grew up more rugged and learned as things came, she was taught how to carry, express and behave herself no matter the situation. At the same time, she learned to never rush to judge someone, as one can never tell what truly lies within one’s heart. She believes all are equal and all deserve a chance to prove themselves and redeem themselves.


The loss of her parents and most of the Heartwing family following the events of the Broken Shore left her scarred forever, as the horrors she witnessed there and the terrible dark months that followed took their toll on her. Still, even though her heart was on the verge of giving up the flame still burning within, she remained strong, acting as the beacon of hope for Heartwing. She knew that Heartwing and especially her brother needed her.

For Heartwing, she ended up making the greatest sacrifice she could, and it destroyed her. No longer feeling the draconic power within, reduced to a mere mortal, she returned to Dalaran after waking up a week after the cleansing of Mithres Alymna. She isolated herself in a tower where depression and pain, sorrow and anguish took over her heart. The only one she accepted to talk to, for a few hours every few days, was her brother.

Those who met her before, however, knew her a a calm, elegant, almost ethereal presence, much like her mother.

Physical Appearance

Elven Form

In her mortal form, Selina appears as an elven maiden with long, silvery-blonde hair, which she sometimes braids in a single long braid that reaches her middle. Due to a very close encounter with an Infinite Dragon, a few strands of pure silver hair can be seen here and there, contrasting very little with the natural color of her hair. She is a bit shorter than the average elven female, yet her shapely body makes up for the height and for the otherwise thin appearance. Her skin is pale and it would be flawless if it weren’t for the areas of slightly pinker skin, located here and there, representing scars from when she was burned during the escape from Heartwing Isle. Her visage is similar to that of her mother, as she has the same full rosy lips, the same small nose and rounded cheeks, yet not the same strong cheekbones. Her eyes are large, framed by long eyelashes. Their color in her elven form, when she chooses to, is a striking blue, yet once the dragon within makes its way to the surface, they change into the original Tyranistres golden.

Drake Form

Once a small, fragile whelp, Selina did not seem like she would change much as she aged. Yet, the small body changed into an elongated, elegant one, covered in shimmering ruby scales and ending with a long tail with almost gem-like endings. Her once small, butterfly-like wings, changed into large, strong, yet still veil-like ruby wings. Her appearance is now a clear mix between her two parents, as she has the thick, elongated horns of her father, ivory in color, decorated with golden hoops which carry to her elven form. Smaller horns are visible on her head, yet none of them obstruct her eyes, the most striking feature she possesses, as in her dragon form, they shine golden.

Family & Relationships

Immediate Family

Parents: Aerenstrasz & Aryiastrasza

Besides her brother, Selina’s parents are the two most important people in her life. She sees them both as the best role models and she looks up to them, aiming to be just like them one day. Selina is spoiled by her mother, always in private, not minding the often displays of affection, which she quite enjoys, to say the least. She admires her father greatly and she is one of the few to enjoy his real affection. She understands that he is often very busy and she depicts him as one of the greatest dragons who has ever lived, often enjoying the tales and stories she hears about him. While she looks just like her mother, her golden, fiery eyes are identical to her father’s.

Siblings: Aerdranstrasz – Twin Brother

The twins’ relationship began even before they hatched. While inside the egg, they created a bond with each other known to be experienced only by few. They are never disconnected from one another and they share the same thoughts and feelings and Aerdranstrasz was shown to know when his sister was sad or hurt. She is the younger of the two and he is very protective over his little sister.

Love Interest: None


Other Relatives

Grandparents on father’s side: Asherystrasz✞ and Selnastrasza✞

Selina loved and admired her grandfather greatly, and she was shown to have suffered a lot after losing him in the final battle against the destroyer and his spawns. Even though she only met him a few times, she often felt and heard his words and guidance when she most needed them. She often visits his memorial whenever she needs to listen to the voice of reason. She never met her grandmother Selnastrasza, but she did hear great stories about her and she was once compared to her beauty and kindness by her grandfather.

Grandparents on mother’s side: Delanstras✞ and Khayastrasza✞

Aunts & Uncles:

Hestiastrasza: Aunt through her consorting with Azraelstrasz, Selina respects her for both her tumultuous past but also what she stands for. Hestiastrasza saved Selina’s life during the events of the Broken Shore by catching her after she was struck by the enemy.

Azraelstrasz: Uncle, brother of Aeren. Selina is the only one he shows true kindness towards, and the only one he never had a harsh word for. In her, he still sees the hope brought by pure innocence.

Heliustrasz: Selina feels hatred towards him, but she also feels pity. She is unaware of what he did to her father.

Selenistrasza: The first aunt she met, Selenistrasza was very protective over her namesake niece. Selenistrasza was proud and she hardly ever showed respect towards anyone. She only bent her knee once before someone who was not Asherystrasz and that was Aryiastrasza, when she revealed the name of her future daughter, inspired by Selenistrasza.She was the first to open Selina’s eyes about the possibility that she might one day have to take a life.

Hydrastrasz✞: Uncle, Aerenstrasz’s twin brother. Selina never met him, but she heard great tales about him.

Halionstrasz, Archaeion, Aatrastrasz✞, Vaeristrasz – Aerenstrasz’s brothers

Valnastrasza, Aradiastrasza – Aerenstrasz’s sisters

Adiastrasza✞: Aunt through her consorting with Hydrastrasz. Adiastrasza felt the strong presence of the unborn whelps when their mother returned to the Heartwing Isle. Besides Asherystrasz, Adiastrasza was the only one who could tell there was something more.


Tyronstrasz, Teraliustrasz and Titustrasz: Cousins through Adiastrasza and Hydrastrasz, location currently unknown. Selina and Aerdran grew up alongside them during their first year as whelps.


Present Relationships:


Past Relationships:

Tiriastrasza – Former Guardian, aunt, taught her while she was living in Dalaran

Ryllangos – Former Guardian, taught her while she was living in Dalaran

Marla Hale – Former Guardian, taught her while she was living in Dalaran

Darion Emberfall – Former Guardian, taught her while she was living in Dalaran, location currently unknown

Khalidormu – Former Guardian and best friend

Cerulegos – Applegos the Provider of Apples

Avraeistrasz – Curer of headaches, provider of berries and stories

Terefus – Turfus the Treeman



Her story began even before she was born. She and her twin brother are the product of the loving union between two dragons. She was born as the youngest of the Tyranistres legacy, kept alive through their grandfather, Asherystrasz. For most of her pregnancy, their mother was kept safe by their father, who wished to make sure that no harm will ever come to his beloved consort or his child. He would return to their hideout every night, only to leave the next morning. Yet, when he failed to return for many days, her worry pushed her to leave the safe heaven and return to Heartwing Isle, where she remained, protected and guarded by the Heartwing family.

Unlike the others of the Tyranistres legacy, she and her brother were born on Heartwing Isle, in a little grove, surrounded by friends and family. She was born a few minutes after her twin brother, crawling through the gap left in the egg’s shell. She was “the surprise”, seeing as everyone was expecting one whelp and not two to hatch from the egg. Yet, it appeared like the only one who was not surprised by the twins’ arrival was their grandfather, who had seen something like this happening before, with his very own twin sons.


Since she was born, she understood that she and her brother were a little different from the others. There was always someone watching over them, whether it was one of their parents or, more often, their very first guardian, the bronze drake Khalidormu, who never left their side, becoming especially attached to the young princess of Heartwing. Since her very first days, Selina took a liking to her guardian and became very fond of him, often seeking his company, more than her brother, who preferred the company of books instead of people.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months, she learned more and more about the world, about the evil in it and the good worth protecting. She learned that she was born in a time of war, a war for the survival of the world she loved so dearly with her young crimson heart. But, no matter how hard Heartwing tried, the war did arrive on the doorstep of their home.


All Deathwing needed was an opportunity to strike against the draconic organization, whose greatness was surpassing even that of the Accord. Heartwing travelled through the timelines, gathering allies, artifacts and knowledge that would help them defeat their enemy.

 Yet, on the day the mature dragons of Heartwing returned home after witnessing the very Sundering of the world, a large shadow darkened everything around them. That day, the children of Heartwing, whelps and the youngest of the drakes, were gathered in the meadow located at the summit of the Grove. Sitting together, they were just learning about the timeline the older members of Heartwing went to. And then, their world changed completely, never to be the same again.

The last image the young ones saw that day was that of the Aegis crystal shattering in a million pieces as the fiery breath of Deathwing engulfed the island. Aerdran and Selina, with the aid of their guardian, managed to use the Aegis crystal before it shattered, and they teleported the young ones away right as the fire was engulfing the island. This very image was forever engraved in the minds of the Heartwing members who were just returning home.

The island was destroyed and many Heartwing members, alive or unborn, perished. The survivors searched the ruins and the charred island for many hours but all they found were blackened bones that fell apart the moment they were touched. There was no sign of the young they left behind and as days turned into weeks, the hope of finding them somewhere else, alive and well, began to fade.

Yet one day, as the members of Heartwing sat in their new base in Gjalerbron, streams of magic shimmered across the sky, one after another. At first, it seemed like yet another enemy attack, or test of their defenses, yet the magic was too weak and too unstable to belong to the enemy. Many of the Heartwing survivors banded together and searched for the source of the magic, finding a tear in the fabric, near some ancient ruins. They fought enemies attracted to the magic and, working together, they managed to open a portal, preparing themselves for whatever was going to come through it. Yet, instead of twisted beings belonging to the enemy, they watched as one whelp after another, one young drake after the next, stepped through the portal. All the young faces were familiar, too familiar, and although they looked scared and underfed, with their scales carrying burn marks, they were alive. The survival of the ones that held the future of Heartwing brought new hope for all.

Drakehood – Second Year

After being reunited with her parents, Selina remained in the new base for only a couple more weeks, before she was sent to Dalaran. There, she met her future tutors, a Red dragoness with red hair and blue eyes who was her mother’s aged aunt, an old but sweet human conjourer who was at first sight just an old lady, but who hid immense power up her sleeves, a Blue dragon, survivor of many encounters with the enemies, old and new and finally, a mysterious Quel’Dorei male with raven hair and dark blue eyes, who opened her eyes about many truths of the world. They all acted as her guardians, appointed and chosen by her own parents to teach her, away from them and away from the battles still taking place in the world she was now learning about from books and tales.

Selina matured into a lovely young woman, as the child-dragon who arrived in Dalaran was no more. She developed her healing and conjouring abilities tenfold, she was taught how to talk, walk and act like a noblewoman, in order to raise no suspicion during her stay in Dalaran, even though the raven haired elf often hinted at the fact that he knew what she was. Yet, she never learned how he guessed, as mere days after she turned two years old, he vanished from Dalaran without a trace and that same night, the blood elves were purged from Dalaran. Hidden only by the night and a hooded cape, injured after a few close encounters with the purgers, she was forced to flee, led through the sewers, passed from one person to the next until she found herself at the very edge of the city. She took one long glance at the darkness behind her and she stepped off the floating city.

She fell and fell, forgetting for a moment that she had wings. With a deep breath, she found them, remembering how to fly, yet the cold winds and exhaustion took over her body and she crashed on the frozen ground, near a trickling stream. Alone and frightened, she made her way into the darkness of a cave, where she spent many days, hungry and cold, for there was nothing but the bitterness of the frozen wind and the frost-covered grass out there. On the fourth morning, as she opened her eyes, she found many fresh fruits at the entrance to the cave, as well as the fresh, large carcass of a dead animal she could no longer recognise, as the fur and head had been removed. Fearful at first, she began to eat and in less than an hour, she was full again and she could feel her strength returning. She looked outside the cave for many hours, yet she could never find a single sign of who was the one who aided her.

That very same evening, she gained enough force to activate her ring, which acted as a beacon, ready to lead her to wherever ‘home’ was. She took off, leaving the cold winds behind and she soared to the Fjords, towards more familiar scenery. For a moment, she thought she was being lead home, to the Island that once was, yet she found that the way lead somewhere else instead.

Drakehood – Return to Heartwing, Third Year

 Selina’s arrival in Mithres Alymna was happily received by all, especially her brother, who, just like her, found the months they spent apart hard to go through, without each other. She met old and new faces and it didn’t take long before the months faded away and it seemed like they had all been there since the dawn of time. She was pleasantly surprised to find Mithres Alymna, the ancestral home of Heartwing, bearing the marks of the centuries that passed. She found it charming, however, and with her powers as a Red, hear the ancient dwelling that became her own personal retreat, she created a small garden where soon, all the critters of Mithres Alymna gathered, undisturbed and living together in harmony. Not only that, but the still pond and gardens around the pavilion seemed to hum every time she moved past and it didn’t take long until she let her magic as a Red manifest itself and the garden bloomed with new life.

But Heartwing’s own harmony was short lived and darkness began to make itself known to the world once again. She began experiencing pain and suffering once again, just like not too long ago. Her healing powers became of utmost importance as she began to act as protector and healer for the others in Heartwing and the Tyranistres fire that burned in her heart grew stronger and stronger with each enemy encounter.

The very first time she experienced true pain, however, was when the Infinite Dragonflight invaded Mithres Alymna. Selina fought side by side with the others and not too long before Millenius fell, he struck Selina with his magic. Millenius saw nothing but glimpses but he instantly realized who she was as he saw the arrival of her and her brother long before her parents knew it would even be so. And so, his magic did not hit as strongly as it would, leaving behind only strands of gray in her elven hair and a few gray scales around her horns. The Infinite dragon found memories to hold on to as he delivered a warning to Heartwing, before he perished.

Selina and her brother were accompanied by Heartwing as they travelled into the depths of the world, following the last known traces of their grandfather. All they discovered, however, was the dying shattered shard that once belonged to Asherystrasz’ staff, Azeliastres. Selina used the last remaining shard of the Aegis Crystal that once protected Heartwing Isle and her and Aerdran managed to use their magic and their legacy’s blood to keep the dying crystal alive until they made it back.

While Aerdran set on a quest to reforge Azeliastrez, Selina joined her father and other members of Heartwing as they travelled to the planet Draenor’s past to retrieve a shard that belonged to a Bronze Dragonflight artifact. Father and daughter bonded over the mission, even though Aeren was at first reluctant to let his daughter join the front lines. Selina donned the armour her mother wore during the Deathwing war and her passion and determination, as well as the vow the others made to keep her safe convinced Aeren to finally let his daughter come along. It was during this mission that Aeren and Azrael were reunited and Selina met her uncle Azraelstrasz for the first time.

After Selina returned, her brother was chosen by the newly forged staff Azeliastres and then, it was her turn to bond with a weapon: Quel’Azelios, the dragon blade cursed by Azraelstrasz. Everyone in Heartwing knew that the sword stuck in the stone floor in the middle of the gazebo was moody, silent and would not let anyone get near it. Until Selina. At first, nobody believed her when she claimed she was able to hear and understand the hums the blade let out every now and then. She often sat down next to the blade and read out loud from a book, treating it just like a living being. She would also talk to it and the blade responded with soft hums even more so once Azeliastres was reforged. The first time Selina touched the blade’s handle, Quel’Azelios instantly came alive, flaring up with red flames as its runes burned brightly.

Still, before anything else could be done, Selina was hurt by one of Heartwing’s very own. While unfortunate, it was through this event that everyone learned of the existence of a link between the Tyranistres twins. And so, when Selina was harmed, Aerdran fell too, while not physically hurt, he still suffered as if he was injured as well. When they finally woke up, Azeliastres explained the twins about the bond they shared, identical to one shared by their father and his own twin; that bond, however, was broken when Hydra perished. The bond made it so they knew when one of them was harmed or distressed in any way. The only one who knew of this bond’s existence before it even came to light was the one who kept the legacy alive: Asherystrasz.

Drakehood – The Fel-Sworn and the Broken Shore

But dark marks stained Asherystrasz’ Legacy. Much to everyone’s shock, Aerenstrasz confirmed that his brother Heliustrasz escaped the prison that once held him. He explained that while Aeren and the others were on Draenor, a group of fel dragons, known as The Fel-Sworn, used a loophole in Mithres Alymna’s defenses and stole the Flame of  Tyranistres, which was the key to Helius’ prison and to the land’s defenses. New defense wards were set up, as Aeren and the others knew this all meant that Helius was going to attack again. To prepare themselves, the members of Heartwing began going through days of simulations of battles against the demons of fel, each fight stronger and harder than the last.

But no fight could prepare them for what came to pass. Helius’ brood did indeed invade Mithres Alymna and at the end of a terrible fight, Heartwing had to make a difficult choice: Save Azeroth or save Mithres Alymna. With pain in their hearts, Heartwing pursued the fel demons to the Broken Shore and left their home behind, catching one final glimpse of it as it was engulfed by the corrupting fel magic.

The battle of the Broken Shore was nothing like Heartwing had ever seen. Selina stood with her brother and her parents and all of Heartwing as they fought. It was here where she was forced to take her first life. Heartwing’s members watched in shock as the incorruptible Selinastrasza pierced the heart of the bronze dragonsworn Amyl, sparing her of an agonizing death. And it was the first death of many that would follow. One after another, Heartwing’s members fell to Helius’ legion. Among the dead were Orodormu, Terefus, Liyasera, young drakes who grew alongside Aerdran and Selina, their aunt Selenistrasza and many others. Selina watched in horror as they died agonizing, gruesome deaths. She fought despite the many injuries she suffered.

And then, Heliustrasz himself appeared. There was nothing any of them could do as he stripped Heartwing of their victory. And more. Helius got Aeren away from the others and nobody could reach him in time as he was surrounded by Felblood Dragons. Nobody, with the exception of Aryiastrasza. Selina and her brother watched in shock as their mother took out demon after demon, trying to get to her consort. Aeren was imprisoned him in a sphere of demonic energies, which stripped him of his consciousness. Injured beyond measure, Aryiastrasza took out all the Felblood dragons and pushed herself beyond her limits, managing to rip the sphere opened. However, the content of the sphere seeped out, engulfed her and plunged her into the same curse that had befallen her consort. The Tyranistres twins lost both of their parents that day.

The other drakes managed to find an opening for Selina just as her mother started to fall from the skies, now trapped in her mortal form. Even though she was slowly bleeding to death, Selina managed to fight through a swarm of felbrood bats and softened her mother’s fall by letting herself fall against the cliffs down below, sticking out through the water. Above, the fight came to an end, as the remaining members of Heartwing were forced to pull away from the fight.

Drakehood – A Broken Heartwing

Aryia was found alive in her moral form, but Selina remained undiscovered for many hours. Eventually, Arithdormu found her broken ruby body washed ashore, the young drake on the brink of her death. She was brought to a cave where the remnants of Heartwing were hiding. Elysigosa used blood magic as she managed to save Selina, Aerdran giving his own blood in the process, as he was ready to do anything to save his sister.

The survivors of Heartwing spent days moving from one place to another, until they came upon the abandoned catacombs near Suramar. Here, they managed to create a small safe haven, they were able to gather supplies and with each passing day, more survivors appeared. A list of names hanging off a wall in one of the chambers reminded them of those they lost, however. Selina realized then that all those smiling faces who were present during her and Aerdran’s birth were now gone. Hope abandoned Aerdran’s heart and despite Selina’s protests, he handed Azeliastres to her, as he no longer felt the bond with the staff, nor did he think himself as worthy of it.

Past came back to aid the broken Heartwing, as they learned of the presence of a tome from the War of the Ancients. Attempting to retrieve it threw the group in the middle of a battle against the Nightmare, however and despite their best efforts, the tome was discovered to have been ruined by the passage of time. A ray of hope made its way into Selina’s life, however, as, during the battle, she was reunited with her old guardian, Khalidormu.

The same kind of hope returned to Aerdran’s heart as well and the group managed to put together a plan that would end one of Helius’ toys: Etrestrasza. Etrestrasza had been tasked by Helius with finding and killing the survivors of the battle of Broken Shore, which she tried doing, for many months. When she thought she had found them, however, she realized too late that she had been lured into a trap. Heartwing had amassed the numbers of Withered to their side and used them to greatly drain her magical potency. This allowed Heartwing to do what they had been planning for months: to retake their freedom and bring an end to Etrestrasza. Selina wielded Azeliastres for the first time and through the staff, she channeled powerful flames that seared the demon dragon’s wings while Vylianormi the bronze cut her head clean off.

Drakehood – The Sacrifice

Soon after Etrestrasza was defeated, Heartwing learned that Mithres Alymna was left poorly defended by the invading demons, as an offensive had been launched on Suramar. They decided to retake their ancestral home and find a way to light up the Tyranistres flame and purge the fel corruption from the land. After the demons were banished from Mithres Alymna, a way to purge the fel corruption was indeed discovered, but there was a great price that had to be paid.    

For Heartwing, Selina ended up making the greatest sacrifice she could, and it destroyed her. She was the only one to hear Quel’Azelios’ and Azeliastres’ whispers and she never told her brother or anyone else of the price that had to be paid to restore their home. One of the Tyranistres twins had to endure the agony and she knew that Heartwing needed her brother still.

She let Azeliastres draw upon her blood as a Tyranistres and on her very essence as a Red, enhanced by her Legacy. For a single ritual, Selina thus united Azeliastres and Quel’Azelios, as the blade took the essence channeled from Selina by Azeliastres, expanded it thousand-fold and then let it wash over Mithres Alymna, purging the fel corruption and bathing the ancient land in a magic so strong it caused even the arid desert to bloom with life. When the ritual was complete, Quel’Azelios’ light died off completely and the blade turned to stone, its purpose served, at last. Azeliastres fell from Selinastrasza’s bleeding hands and she collapsed in her brother’s arms. He was the only one who saw the golden colour of their Legacy fade from her eyes before she slipped away.


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