Of sorrow and guilt


“So she lives still? Dissapointing.” “Useless” “Waste of space” “It seems just like your aspect, you’re all meant to die.” The voices continued, Speaking to Nyth’esera in ways one could only go mad. But she held strong..bared her teeth and growled, however her tenacity was easyly outmached by the restless nights she spent revisiting the death of Ysera, watching the event happen in a loop..It was pure torture. 

The dragoness hadn’t slept for a few days, minding the hours she spent inside the moonwell, recovering from her injuries, this had  greatly affected her ability to think normaly, if not even disabled it. She looked at the moon, dazed “Is it true?” She finaly said, slowly but surely starting to cave in to the voices of dissaproval

Once again she looked towards the moon, then the stars, eventualy her lonely gaze fell onto the ever moving water “What would you have done in this situation” she pondered, obviously not expecting an answer. An answer that she indeed, did not recive. “Thought so.”  she thought to herself, emptily smiling at the water.

She listened to the voices more, suddenly becoming ignorant of their words, just listened to the sound…the sound they were spoken in was familiar, it sounded like the voices of her friends..but that couldn’t be true…right? They had never said so…but, do they think so? Nyth’s mind became clouded.

GUILT, thats what she felt, she felt responsible for unnesecary injuries, she felt guilty, for having wasted people’s time on saving her from Glaciagos’ grip…she felt..absolutely guilty.

REMORSE, she felt remorse at having survived..If she would have died..if she would have been gone…

SORROW, she felt absolutely horrible about having caused unnesecary worry, she wasted time..she spent …A waste of space, Useless and skilless coward who couldn’t even prevent the death of her own aspect..what a pitifull person. 

The voices spoke to her, and she spoke back..









(to be continued)


3 thoughts on “Of sorrow and guilt

  1. Not sure if I hate you or if it was funny

  2. Anyone who read this needs to give Nyth a present. This was really good! It sends chills down my spine. Great job, Nyth! <3

  3. Vasenajj Duskivy

    This almost made Mave and myself cry! It was so good! *Sobs* No..I’m crying..it’s happening!

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