The Augmented



“Forgotten and lost to history, the augmented are the encroached dragonsworns. The connection between the dragonsworn and the dragon is powerful, unwavering…Dangerous. This is no child’s play, the risk is great, but the reward is greater.” – Aerenstrasz

The Story:

Little to nothing is known about how the augmented came to be, who is, or are the creators of the ritual and why it was buried deep inside the bronze sanctum…Until very recently.


Changed and augmented through magical means, an augmented dragonsworn is a force to be reckoned with and a powerful agent of his respected dragon. Augmented sworn possess abilities and knowledge that is exclusive to the flight they belong to. However this comes at a cost, the dragon is weakened due to the symbiotic relationship and is vulnerable to the death of his dragonsworn, if the sworn dies; the dragon dies. But not vice versa.


During the ritual, the dragonsworn will go through notable changes. Minor draconic features will be apparent immediately after the ritual. As the symbiotic connection between the soul of a dragon and his sworn grows and deepens so will the physical mutations that the sworn will go through grow and become more dominant. The longer the sworn has been channeling the power of his dragon the more draconic features the sworn will have.


In order to be empowered with their dragon’s power, the augmented dragonsworn has to channel his master’s power into himself, empowering himself and fueling his abilities and spells. The more power the dragonsworn channels the more he will be empowered, at the cost of his master’s power. In the late stages of mutation, when the dragonsworn has developed dominant and apparent draconic features, other traits of the dragon begin to bleed into the sworn, such as greatly extended lifespans, superior intellect, strength and even turning the sworn into somewhat of a carnivore, rendering his body unable to digest fruits and vegetables less efficiently, thus, making them less nutritious.

As time progresses and the connection between sworn and dragon deepens and extends the souls and emotions can overlap at times, allowing one side to access the memories or emotions of the other side. The sworn could sense what is the dragon is feeling and if he or she is in danger, and vice versa. The ritual requires the blood of an elderwyrm in order to form a stable symbiotic connection.

It’s important to note that the risk of death or severe deformities as a result of the ritual is high! Perform the ritual at your own risk!




Green Dragonflight:

“The augmented becomes intertwined with the essence of nature itself. A simple druid can never hope to achieve such a connection, knowledge, and mastery over nature and its aspects.” – Artherill’s journal, volume 1

It takes years, decades, and for some, centuries to truly become a harbinger of Nature. Traversing the lush, green planes of the emerald dream takes years of practice and proper guidance, for it is not natural for a mortal to do as such. A green Augmented, however, is different. Through the symbiotic connection with the green dragon, an augmented dragonsworn’s ability to traverse the dream is greatly enhanced. An augmented dragonsworn would be able to easily slip in and out of the dream and easily navigate through it.

The sheer force and magnitude of the augmented spells are also increased greatly. Hard, complicated nature spells become easier to cast and channel. And the effectiveness of healing spells is increased greatly.
Lastly, a green augmented will be able to spew acid out of the augmented’s palms. Much like how green dragons are able to spew acid out of their mouths.

Similarly to the red dragons and their augmented, a green augmented is able to understand the dance of life and its many forms. How life manifests in many different ways but ultimately, each manifestation is life incarnate. Green augmented, however, are able to understand the part that living beings have to play in nature, and how nature adapts to what is thrown at it. They are able to understand that everyone has a role to play in nature, and if you respect nature, it will respect you back. They understand how crucial it is to maintain the balance of nature at all costs, because of nature is out of balance, everyone is out of balance.

Bronze Dragonflight:

“Although the potential of the power of a bronze augmented has significantly decreased after the cataclysm, they retain unique features and hidden knowledge that are exclusive to the bronze dragonflight.” – Shendormu

Lightning, sand, and exclusive knowledge. Many are the boons that a bronze augmented can obtain over time. A bronze augmented has increased chronomancy and is able to execute more difficult spells properly. The current magnitude and power of the augmented current spells are also increased, allowing for more powerful and versatile spellcasting.

A short while after the ritual has been performed, and the dragonsworn has been turned into an augmented, the equivalent of a dragon’s breath attack becomes apparent. The augmented is able to manipulate sand around him and generate bolts of lightning. All of those, of course, at the cost of the dragon’s power. After all, the power of the augmented derives from the dragon.

A bronze augmented is able to better understand and perceive the various mysteries of time. A bronze augmented is able to comprehend how truly vast and endless are the possibilities in the infinite web that is time, how one event in the past echoes on into eternity, how timelines split and merge and how crucial it is to keep the timelines safe from those who seek to harm them.

Blue Dragonflight:

“Sharpened minds and honed spells. A blue Augmented is able to cause such devastation, it puts other mages to shame. With time and practice, even the powerful highborn of my time do not hold a candle to an experienced blue augmented.” – Artherill’s journal, volume 1.

They say knowledge is power, but in a blue augmented’s case, it’s just a tool. The true power of a blue augmented comes from their highly sharpened mind which allows them to cast powerful, complex and devastating spells. They are able to fathom, understand and use subjects that other mages find difficult to understand or even perceive. They are able to learn new spells quicker and master them at a relatively faster pace.

On top of their highly sharpened minds and magical prowess, a blue augmented is also able to sense the leylines that course under the earth, but they are unable to manipulate it directly. A blue augmented is able to shoot raw, arcane energy out of their hands. Similarly to how blue dragons possess an arcane breath attack.

An augmented blue understands the underlying fabric of reality, the order in what appears as the disorder. The structure, the rules…Represented in the arcane arts.

Red Dragonflight:

“Their fire both burns and heals, purge and cleanse. Truly, they are the harbingers of life and the heralds of the red dragonflight. They maintain the balance between life and death together with their dragons, and will hopefully continue to do so for all time. They understand the dance of life in all of its forms, and how sacred it truly is.” – Artherill’s journal, volume 1.

Life and death, growth and decay, a red augmented is able to comprehend the forces at play. On one hand, the growth and rejuvenation life provides, and the force that keeps death at bay. But on the other hand, the peacefulness and consumption of death, and how it keeps life in check. A red augmented’s pyromancy is greatly enhanced, and their capabilities to both destroy and heal are enhanced as well. They understand that fire represents both life and death, it consumes, but also creates.

Due to the inborn nature of the red dragonflight, a red augmented would prove extremely effective when facing against the undead, the flames they are able to cast and shoot of their hands are crucial in defeating the undead.


Other Information:


Passive abilities:

  • The ability to understand both titanic and draconic.
  • Enhanced intellect and thought processes.
  • Enhanced durability and resistances.
  • Extended lifespans.
  • Telepathic and emotional communion with the dragon.

The history of the augmented is shrouded in mystery. More is to be uncovered as time progresses. The current death-rate of the augmentation ritual stands at 50%, meaning that out of 2 attempts, only 1 will be successful. Resulting in 1 augmented, and one deceased dragonsworn. Through obtaining more knowledge about the ritual, and improving the ritual itself, the death-rate can be brought down.

If you want to have your dragonsworn go through the augmentation ritual, coordinate with the administration beforehand!

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