The dragon who knew infinity – #1



*The sun peeks above the sandy shores of Tanaris. The caverns of time busy with life as usual, dragons flying above and whelps training below. A young whelp can be seen training with a matured bronze dragon off to the side, below a tree.*

“Are you ready? Be sure to remember what I taught you, this will not be easy.” <The older dragon says to the whelp, they seem related, a father and son.>

“Yes father, I’m ready.”

“Then off we go!” <Both disappear as they step into a temporal portal to another time.>

<They step out and appear in a wide jungle, trees stretch high into the skies, blocking half of the warm sun rays. The matured bronze dragon transforms into a jungle troll dressed with ancient Amani warrior clothing. His son after a few failed attempts manages to transform into a small jungle troll child. The father begins to channel a spell, and after a few moments sharply shifts his gaze at a specific direction.>

“This way, follow me and keep close.”

<Twenty minutes of walking pass with out exchanging words. The father’s face is locked in a focused frowning state, while the child curiously looks around in awe. A village can be seen in the distance, almost camouflaged with the environment. The pair duck behind a rock and wait, the child looks at his father for further instructions.>

“Observe and learn Shendormu. Should things go south, you know what to do. Do NOT interact with locals unless necessary.”

“Alright father, I’m ready.”

<The pair walk into the village. Some perk an eyebrow with curiosity, some frown, and some don’t seem to care. Shendormu could feel that the thing they were searching for is nearby, an anomaly. It had an odd feeling, a feeling Shendormu tried to explain to himself within his mind, but no words could describe it. A sharp whistle pierces the sounds of the surrounding forest, three amani guards with spears block the path of the pair. Behind them is their ‘leader’, a tall Amani troll, adorned with necklaces of bones and ears. He begins to speak in Zandali, his voice is deep and pugnacious: >

“State your business here, now.”

<Shendormu’s father replies in the same language:> “We are here to trade and rest, we mean no harm.”

“You do something bad, and your kid will be forced to watch you being sacrificed.”

<Shendormu father’s nods and the pair continue, after a short walk of a few minutes they reach a large tent. Crates and barrels are piled inside, the air feels weird to the pair, especially to Shen’s father.> “It’s here.” <He says and begins to look through the crates, Shendormu soon follows.>

<A few minutes pass and Shen fishes out a dwarven gun from one of the crates and presents it to to his father.>

“Well done Shendormu. Let’s go before anyone notices.”

“Father.” <Shendormu says> “What is this?”

<Shen’s father folds his arms and replies> “A weapon from another time I presume. Simply put, it doesn’t belong it. Now enough talk, let’s get out of here.”

<The two leave the tent with the gun at hand, only to be greeted by the same guards and their leader, their spears directed at the pair. The leader of the guards speaks:> “Trade huh? You come here and steal from our us?! Your blood will be spilled this day!” <Far behind the leader, barely visible behind the trees Shendormu spots a dark figure, it looks awfully familiar. Shen’s father stands ready, as if about to cast a spell.>

<The leader of the guards lets out a sharp whistle and the guards advance forward with their spears, ready to decorate them with blood. One of the guards launches his spear at Shen’s father. As it soars through the air a spell suddenly takes effect, time slows down, it was the spell work of Shen’s father. He grabs Shen and the gun and attempts to flee from the scene only to be stopped by the dark figure after crossing 3 meters. The cloaked figure is similar in appearance to Shen’s father, in fact, he’s identical in body shape and disguise.>

“Oh Moshdormu, it’s a pleasure seeing you again.” <The figure says and pulls his hood backwards revealing it’s face. It’s…Shen’s father, Moshdormu, at least another version of him…A corrupted version. The uncorrupted version of Moshdormu turns pale and takes a step backward, fear clings onto him and roots him in place.> “You….” <He says with a familiar tone, the two have clearly met before.>

“Indeed! Me! How nice it is to see you again dear me. my, am I devilishly handsome.” <The corrupted Moshdormu takes a step forward and runs his palm through his doppelganger’s hair. His tone is eerily calm and slithery, his hair is dark and his eyes are black. There are streaks of glowing white marks all over his face, they emit some kind of energy. His eyes sing songs of madness and his dark presence creeps into the depth of your soul. Moshdormu pushes Shen behind him and takes a few steps back, seems like he is preparing to flee.>

“Why are you going dear me? We’ve only just met, we haven’t met in years! Or months, or…well I won’t dabble on that. Now, let us finish what we started all that time ago hm?” <A madman’s smile is formed on his face, a thirst for blood beams from his eyes. With one swift motion he draws out a sword, touched by the infinite dragonflight. He swings it at Moshdormu but before it reaches his throat Moshdormu ducks, grabs Shen and runs for his life. Laughing, Moshdormu’s infinite self runs after him.>

“Don’t try to run! You know, a wise man once said-..Well, not so much of a man but rather a-….Doesn’t matter. Welcome death, do not fight it!”

“Damn you! Your schemes and plots shall not come to pass as long as I live and breath!”

“Of course, of course. Then I shall take care of the last part.” <Infinite Moshdormu begins to catch up. The uncorrupted Moshdormu transforms into his true form and begins to channel a spell. He holds Shendormu in his front-right claw. Shendormu is scared to the bone, but a part of him knows that fate has other plans in mind, a feeling.>

<The two Moshdormu fly high and low, one seeks to take the other’s life. After a few minutes the spell is prepared, uncorrupted Moshdormu looks at Shen and says> “Find your grandfather. Time be with you my son.” <he opens a time portal momentarily and flings Shendormu through, it closes right afterwards. As the portal shuts the slow time spell ends and the trolls are left staring at the tent, scratching their heads in confusion.>

-To be continued…

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