The Plight


Vyraestrasza. The cold-blooded lieutenant of Helius who’ve joined the ranks of the dead in the pursuit of unmaking reality. However her story begins as a tale of tragedy and betrayal. 



Vyraestrasza was once the consort of Hydrastrasz, one of the leaders of Heartwing, before she was betrayed in love by Hydrastrasz to Adiastrasza. Vyraestrasza had always after that felt betrayed, as both she and Hydra had been childhood friends as long as she could remember, and he was always the person that protected him, took care of her, and showed her how to be strong and how to deal with her issues, being of noble blood as she was. After Hydra had left her, she was in a state of total despair. Lashing out at anything or anyone, giving into the anger and loneliness that had befell her now. One point she came back to visit the Isle, thinking that Hydra helped to make her strong, so would try her best to keep being a member of Heartwing and stay strong and fight in this war but she ended up seeing Hydrastrasz and Adiastrasza together.


She rushed off immediatly, Vyraestrasza and Hydrastrasz had already had their eggs but they were under the protection of Asherystrasz’ dominion, on which she chose to assault to get her eggs and leave with them, but Asherystrasz was in the way. Not allowing her in the mental state she currently was in to take her own children and leave, especially since it was not only her children. She attacked Asherystrasz on the sheer and uncomfortable feeling that she was denied on seeing or taking her own children, crying out as well and in a frustrated and almost pathetic way. She was bested easily by Asherystrasz, but rose up everytime to keep trying to give another shot at getting by him.. Again.. and again.. Again.. Bruised and beaten, she left Asherystrasz. Left her children there. And wandered across Northrend, dying the snow of Northrend red wherever she went. Until she finally fell to her knees in the cold heart of Icecrown. Her last thoughts were of anger, frustration, how she was too weak to be a proper mother, and how she hated Hydra.. Adia.. Heartwing… She fell asleep in the snow.. And never woke up again.


Her face was planted into the inviting snow and as her eyes dimmed, she was reminded of… a simpler time.

A mild zephyr stirred the red almost autumn-like plains. A sweet little and innocent girl ran frantically, trying to collect one leaf that had escaped her grasp but also with the restraint to not lose the leaves she had already collected. The girl worn one of the finest of elven quality white silk dresses, tailored perfectly to her puny size. Her hair was of vermillion properties, with light red bordering over to the darker on the end of her hairlocks, the gradient of her hair was matched perfect in harmony. She made herself a small crown of lily flowers on top of her head. The red leaf was just above herself now, and she fixated her head upwards to it.


That is when she collided with a wall.


She fell back on her rear, all of her leaves spread around her. The wall began to move, and now it looked to her. The wall was not an object, but rather an gargantuan red dragon. The Great Dragon looked down on her. As he realized the small child, a smile formed across the Dragon’s face, and magic began to emanate from his body. As the leaf she was chasing and all those she lost when she fell began to gather into a group just above the child. “Rise child, and combine your hands for me.”


The young girl did as so. As the group of leaves slowly sank into the young girl’s hands. The girl saw all of the leaves, even counted them all to be there. As her cheery mood came back, her eyes filling up with happiness and her tender smile could light a thousand beacons.


“Thank you, Great Elder! Thank you!”


“No, thank you, young one. You’ve done more than you know.”


The young child bowed in respect and ran back to her own clutch mother. Her mother was one from the most royal and most pristine bloodlines of the Red Dragonflight, one that had a great power in the military potency of the dragonflights. She had five horns that formed into a cohesive crown that had been the trademark of her family. Her features were rather slick, not very war-built, but very built for a clutch mother. She has been a broodmother for millenias and millenniums to come. She had always been very highly regarded in the society of the Red Dragonflight.


The clutch mother looked down to her own child. “So you found your leaf, dear?”

– The little child was all cheery, her eyes closed as she smiled widely up to her mother.


“Yes! Yes! Look, it has five veins that form into a crown. Just like your horns, mother! This leaf is you! This elder helped me when I lost all my leaves, he was very nice to me.”


“An Elder you say? Here in Ruby Sanctum?” The Mother heaved her claw towards the great dragon that was in a conversation with Xerestrasza the Sanctum Guardian of the Ruby Sanctum. “Was it that dragon, my dear?”


The young innocent child tilted her head backwards, and her torso bent over as well, she looked at the Great Dragon with her sight upside down. “Yes, that is the kind elder..”


“That is not just an elder, my dear. That is the Elder Wyrm, Asherystrasz. He got no power in the dragonflights, and now only lives off his own clutch. He’s but a person with too many ideals too good for himself. You shouldn’t approach him, my dear. After he had deserted from the Wyrmrest Accord, he has been seen all but a traitor by the higher-class Red Dragonflight.

– “But mother, he helped me…”


The Mother pondered over Asherystrasz more, not paying much attention to the young child’s comment.


She scratched her chin.  “.. Only reason he hasn’t been exiled is perhaps that he is by blood, a prince of the Red Dragonflight, being a direct son of the Queen.. Does that matter with how many offspring the Queen have created in her time? “


“Mother?” the young child gazed up at her, with her eyes being sad.


“Sorry, my dear. I got carried away. Your leaves, will you tell me about them?”


The little child turned happy and excited again. As she picked a flower: “This one is daddy. It has only three veins, but each one majestic and strong. Just like father! When does father come back to us, mother?”


The mother’s face expression turned grim, as she lowered her head. “My dear.. Father is not coming back…”




“My dear.. Father is not coming back…”


A zephyr wavered the young child’s hair, and the leaves escaped her palm.. Lost in the wind.


The child stood there with both of her palms combined looking at her mother with a stoic expression at first. Her lips began to tremble up against each other, her eyes shaking mildly. Water in her eyes began to surface.. “What.. what do you mean, mother?”


“.. Father has passed away, my child.”


The water in her eyes ran down the soft skin of her chins, before she tried to close her eyes to hold the tears back. Uncontrollably the tears became waterfalls, and in her own denial of the ability to hold them back, she ran away from her mother. Far far away.


The mother moved towards to run after her, but a claw held her shoulder back. “No, Melaniastrasz. Don’t go after her, she will need time.” the brother of Melaniastrasz and uncle of the young child proclaimed while shaking his head.

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