The Time Reaper

[This entry is public knowledge and can be accessed through the library of Mithres Alymna in the Bronze Sanctum to be used IC’ly]


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Name: Unknown


Status: Unknown


Affiliation: The Bronze Dragonflight, possibly the Infinite Dragonflight


Threat Level: Very High


Age: Unknown


Known devastations: “We split up in case the spell would attract the attention of something worse inside, and so walked two by two along each side of the piston. To gain the advantage of surprise Maveridormi performed the spell, as to be the sole attention for the mysterious figure she saw in her vision of the past. Once the spell was done however, the void creatures turned on us, and we were forced to fight them, consequently killing them by a shared effort.

Once we neared the entrance, we were all hit by an unbeatable headache. The bronzes, Yoderin and Maveridormi, explained how the area was almost… Shifting between two moments in time, both in the same place at the same time… Unfortunately however, neither were unable to lift the spell.

Inside lay the draenei we were searching for. They had been gathered in a pile, dead, and shrivelled up, mere husks of their former selves. We concluded this must have been the means with which the summoner had created the anomaly, although to what ends we didn’t know.

Carrying the corpses back to Blood Watch, where they could bury their dead and loved ones in peace.

We returned to Heartwing through yet another of Antonius’ portals, with minimal injuries through the whole mission. ”

Report by Titustrasz




Conclusion: Very high class entity with more research needed.



History: Unknown

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