The Tiny Flame


Blood and Fire





He looked up to his surroundings. He didn’t quite understand. The dragon whelp looked up, quite confused by his environment. Peering over his bed, stood his sister with a frantic expression on her face.

“Aerdran! The seeds, they finally sprung! Come on, come on, come on, get up!”

Aerdran stared blankly at his sister, before the words hit him. Finally!

The adventurous whelp sprung up from his bed, almost tripping over his bedsheet. He was mixed with a sense of anxiety and excitement. Had the seeds maturely and been nurtured properly? Had he given them enough water?

Aerdran followed his sprinting sister Selinastrasza down the stairs of Gjalerbron. While his sister had following the stairs as the rule-following person she always had been, Aerdran slided down the railing, landing with a thud shortly before she had reached the end of the stairs. He had fallen on his behind, and while his sister may usually have noticed and helped him back on his feet, she too had been too caught up by the notion of the seeds finally maturing.


And there he was.


The sister and brother held each other in their whelp hands, as they witnessed the birthing of a colony of seeds rising up their necks and intertwining with one another in a speed that was unlike any they had seen before. The branches engrained and molded themselves together into a crown. Across each lining of the crown, bloomed roses and flowers in the spectrum of red colors.


Aerdran looked up in awe as the plant rose above their tiny height. In the midst of it all, he looked to his sister. Seeing the light inside her eyes made this moment so much more special.


Aerdran released his drake-sharp teeth from the withered’s neck, painting the ground in blood in a sliding transition. “This should be the last of them. The Hideout’s position should be clear for now. But we need to tell the others to be more careful with their magic. I would not wish for having to throw a dagger at Elysi’s face again. ”


Aerdran walked over to his sister Selina finalizing the rites of burial for a deceased brother of Heartwing. Selina had planted the acorn of the Red Dragonflight within the combined hands of Iraestrasz. His eyes had been closed.


She leant close to the corpse of Iraestrasz and channeled the vermillion fire of the Red Dragonflight, mere smoke only expunged from her lips. It ignited the acorn within the palms of Iraestrasz, before the seed had sprung to life, enveloping the drake whole, thereafter he had been submerged into the earth. “From dirt, you came, to dirt, you shall become.”


A ruby acorn had been a sign of sending the deceased into an afterlife without misery, without agony. None would be able to raise their corpse nor touch the veil of their soul.


Mother! Father!

The two whelps jumped up on their chairs.


Aeren smiled warmly at his two children. “I assume something great has happened recently?” the silver haired leader of Heartwing intertwined his fingers, looking at awe at the whelp’s excitement almost as kin as to the whelps’.

“It was amazing! They sprouted up like–!” Aerdran motioned with his arms, stretching them of draw the size of the branches. “And then–” Aerdran made a slight roar that could only be described cute coming from a whelp’s mouth.

Selina added. “Yeh! And flowers! DON’T FORGET THE FLOWERS, AERDRY!”

Aryiastrasza couldn’t help but smile over her shoulder, seeing the whelps’ recall their day. She had been preparing the evening’s meal.


“Rations from allies will arrive in three moons from now. Best to alert the others, we will need to keep a low profile up to its arrival. Etres has been hounding and getting closer to our location every day. We cannot afford for more mistakes or else other members of Heartwing will meet the unfortunate end of Iraestrasz.”


Selina nodded her head.


“How much more, Aerdry? How many days will we have to spend like this? When can we feel the air of Mithres Alymna? When is father getting back? Mother?”

Aerdran comforted sister, as he held her head in close to his chest. “Not long, sister…”


Aerdran looked towards the felstorm churning in the distance.



“Everything you’ve taken from us. We will take back and you will regret what you’ve done to us..”

“.. Helius


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