Thostus Azureflame

Status: Active

– Name: Thostus Azureflame
– Race: Blood Elf (Sin’dorei)
– Age: 171 (As of Azerothian Year 32)
– Gender: Male
– Combat Specilization: Melee, Mid-Range Spellcasting
– Occupation: Kirin Tor Soldier
– Affiliations: Kirin Tor, Silvermoon City, Heartwing
– Relationship: Married
– Language(s): Thalassian(Fluent), Common(Fluent), Orcish(Medium), Draconic(Low)



♦ Backstory ♦

Thostus was born into the Azureflame family. The Azureflame are a prestigious house of magi specialized in illusionary magic.
Many from his bloodline has been known to abuse their mastery over illusions to commit theft and other crimes for their own benefits, so Thostus’ parents kept a particularly strict watch and harsh discipline on him. His childhood was comprised mainly of studying to be a worthy mage to bring back honor to the entire Azureflame family.

Thostus later depart for Dalaran in search of higher learning. There, he met with an elven sorceress whom he fell in love with. Soon after, they married and had a child, which they named Tyrisong.
The three lived a happy life until Arthas lead the Scourge to Quel’Thalas and corrupted the Sunwell. Worried about their relatives still in Silvermoon, Thostus and his daughter set out for Silvermoon City.
During their time there, Thostus studied the fel magic their people had to turn to after the corruption of the Sunwell. Soon enough, he and his daughter became tainted by fel. Noticing this, Thostus sent his daughter back to Dalaran while he stayed behind to continue his research.
Thostus and a handful of spellbreakers, later joined a group of Blood Mages as bodyguards to help them with their experiments in summoning demons from within the Twisting Nether in order to test the limits of the demons’ powers and discover more effective ways to defeat them. The Blood Mages managed to summon a pitlord, much too powerful for them to keep under control. The group of bodyguards leapt into action, the demon called itself Gonorath, it killed several mages and spellbreakers before the group managed to bind it’s limbs and torso within a massive block of ice. Thostus managed to strike the final blow, killing the gargantuan pitlord.
After the incident, his desire to discover and record knowledge only grows. Learning from the past and present to preserve the future.

Time passed, Thostus took part in many wars, such as the battle on Quel’Danas isle, the siege of Ulduar and more. His main purpose is still to learn more from the world and record all the knowledge he gained.
Following the end of the Cataclysm, Thostus decided to offer his help to Heartwing. Protecting the remaining dragons and their knowledge.

The individual’s fate has not been recorded post joining Heartwing


♦ Appearance ♦

His combat gear is the standard red Kirin Tor Battle-Gear, with many rune-scrolls hanging on the armor, which he use for utilities in battles. While in his normal clothes, he wears black suit similar to a nobleman’s. It may look like he wears the same suit everyday but he just have many suits that look exactly the same as each other.
Thostus have long naturally black hair. Signature physical trait of the Azureflame family.
Above his head floats three crimson gems, each one store a small amount of mana. He can use them to cast delayed spells or grant himself and others a small boost in the potency of their spells.
His main weapon is a translucent blade that glows with an orange light. In his off-hand is a large red staff, also adorned with many rune-scrolls.


♦ Other Information ♦

Known Family Members:
– Parents: Malathir(Father), Saraedori(Mother)
– Siblings: Ramorian(Younger Brother), Kalam’Athir(Elder Brother)
– Mate: Eraydora
– Child(ren): Tyrisong(Daughter)

– Azureflame Estate – Quel’Thalas
– Dalaran City

– Preserve and share as much knowledge about the Arcane as possible
– Protect those who are dear to him

– Being forgotten

– Void/Shadow Magic

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