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Name: Tirathreus


Status: Presumed deceased.


Affiliation: Helius, The Felsworn, The Emerald Nightmare, the Dragons of Nightmare, The Old Gods, The Burning Legion.


Rank within the Burning Legion: High. As part of Helius’ Felsworn, he serves as a high rank as one of the five advisors Helius employs.


Threat Level:  High


Age: 14587


Known cautions to be taken: Tirathreus is severely deadly to members of the Green Dragonflight, all that he has touched has either withered or turned to the nightmare. His silver-tongue of persuading people into believing existence itself is flawed has been a potent weapon and rightfully so. He has the ability of several long-range abilities and best fought in close quarters, however be aware that his elderwyrm size alone is also a danger in itself. He has been observed in Darkheart Thicket to almost snap the neck of a Heartwing member.

Known devastations: Tirathreus has corrupted several parts of the Emerald Dream along with corrupting a coven of druids called the Dreamsworn.




Conclusion: High theat level class enemy with several deadly long-range abilities. Has a sheer strength as well that is formidable.



History: Tirathreus was born and raised in Hyjal, his egg carried lineage from one of the very first generations of dragonkind. He raised himself, being an orphaned child. Though the sheer chill of loneliness forever followed him.

He served in Wyrmrest for thousands of years, he was efficient in his duty and through his strategic viewpoints and sheer nature to the very forests of Azeroth, he earned respects from his peers.

He believed there was an order to everything. Even in nature, and he took solace and peace knowing that he had sowed just that. But more than anything, Tirathreus enjoyed having peers around him, loneliness became a fear to him.

Through duty he found the love of his life, Nymendra. They served side by side for many missions, before they decided to have their first brood together.

The War of the Ancients occurred. Nymendra and Tirathreus were called to arms to serve against the Highborne and the Burning Legion.

Nymendra perished in the line of duty, as she was charred alive. The burning screams burrowed deep into Tirathreus, who could not arrive to her aid.

The Burning Legion’s portal in the Well of Eternity was closed by Malfurion Stormrage, but the gap within Tirathreus’ heart remained open.

The egg the two had together had survived however. And this was when Tirathreus decided to leave Wyrmrest and decide he would no longer beckon to the Dragon-Aspects’ call, he would not care if another Legion attacked if he had to go through what he had. It was over. He decided to end his charge right there and then to himself. No one would know.

He would not wish however for his child to be raised like he did, with nobody around but himself. He served along with a comrade in Wyrmrest, the dragon’s name was Asherystrasz. Through him, he found his solace and rest with him and the dragons of Mithres Alymna.

Tirathreus’ gap in his heart was filled when his daughter was born. She shared the eyes of her mother, and she became his sole solitude. She was everything to him, his one and everything, her name was Cyladara. Tirathreus became to doubt his decision about leaving his charge behind.

Tirathreus shared a close aptitude to nature, which quickly rose him to become the Sanctum-Guardian of the Sanctum of Dreams at Mithres Alymna.

As the elves had been taught the ways of the other sanctum’s magics. So did elves decide to pursue the way of druidism on Mithres Alymna, Tirathreus however remained persistent on that he would not be part of that process. He had seen how the Highborne had misused first-hand knowledge that wasn’t native to them. He had been stubborn in his conviction about this matter, and no councilor nor denizen of Mithres Alymna was able to convince him otherwise. They saw it as a shame and a loss that the very Sanctum-Guardian of the Sanctum of Dreams would not be the one to herald the next generation of druids.

His daughter Cyladara however began to convene and play with the elves who had been trying to teach themselves the ways of druidism through meditation. She did not understand her father’s hatred or bitterness against the mortals, she saw nothing evil stirring in the hearts of these people. Her father would not know, not at this time. In fear of a parental scolding.

When another pupil stepped and bent his knee to Tirathreus in a begging of Tirathreus allowing him under his tutelegé, telling him only through his powers, could he achieve to be the druid he strived to be. Tirathreus struck out at the aspirant druid, believing his pathethic demeanor had made him completely miss the purpose of nature. Nature was not something one could grant to another, it was a language to speak and bid this world.

Cyladara could not hide anymore. She stood up to his father, for the first time in her life. She helped the aspirant druid up on his feet and demanded to his father. If he would not teach him, she would do it in his place.

This struck a nerve in Tirathreus’ heart. If this would’ve been anyone else, he would have called out the arrogance in their words. But this was his daughter, and he realized if his very daughter, that was no more than a few months old would speak out against him, which she never had done before, he had to re-evaluate if he had been seeing this from a skewed perspective to begin with.

He was judging an entire generation, an entire people based on what the nobility of theirs did. It was if.. anyone judged the entire dragonkind based on the Dragon-Aspects.

This, Tirathreus could not accept. And this was the first step taken towards fully acknowledging the druids of Mithres Alymna, Tirathreus would now herald the teachings of this generation and generations to come. This reached news around the Sanctum, which many including the Tyranistres appreciated.

To immortalize this moment, Tirathreus had decided words would not cut it. He had to fully show the druids that he was willing to bring them into his world, into his realm, into his dragonkind’s. Together a group of the most attuned Green Dragonflight of Mithres Alymna convened a ritual that opened for the very first time, an gateway to the Emerald Dream. This gateway would allow the mortals who could not easily transport between the Emerald Dream and Azeroth, a secure passage for doing so. Tirathreus spearheaded this effort personally.

Cyladara was proud of his father and standing by his side and watching from the sidelines as he taught the new druids accompanied by her own book and teachings.

The elves, the druids were taught the ways of the Green Dragonflight. But a small part of them hungered for more. There had to be more, they felt Tirathreus and the other Green Dragons had been withholding information from them about the Emerald Dream. Why were not allowed to traverse freely, why were there forbidden sections? This group became known as the Travelers on Mithres Alymna.

When they realized there were boundaries to what Tirathreus had allowed mortal minds to traverse, the Travelers realized they could never convince Tirathreus to be granted passage to these places. His tolerance only went so far, but perhaps they could go back to the roots and ask the very person who brought the revolution of Druids on Mithres Alymna, Cyladara.

They beckoned Cyladara to allow them passage, if only to catch a glimpse of what lies beyond that barrier. Cyladara was unsure, but they kept trying to persuade her. She made a conclusion that giving the mortals a peek beyond that barrier couldn’t possibly harm anyone. They were very wrong.

Cyladara and the Travelers traveled through the Dreamway at Mithres Alymna. Traversing together, Cyladara had the native power to being able to pass beyond the barrier. They didn’t just go to any forbidden place, they arrived at the core of a dark evil. The Rift of Aln. Aberrations assaulted them, ripping limb by limb the travelers. Driving the others mad. Three travelers and Cyladara tried to push the evil back and escaping. But she could not travel beyond the barrier from this side as easy as she entered. The druids realized now something in the behaviour of the evil, it wasn’t reaching for them, it was reaching for Cyladara.

They made a choice then and here. The Travelers kicked forward Cyladara in her back, pushing her closer to the evil. The evil devoured Cyladara, a hand reaching in disbelief at the Travelers that had betrayed her.  One of the Travelers took her hand, but they didn’t draw her in. They didn’t try and make an effort to rescue her. A terrified shock had frozen at her facial expression.. She was a child no less. The gaping maw of the evil closed in and devoured Cyladara, leaving only the severed arm of the whelp.

The Travelers used the arm of Cyladara to pass the barrier and escape the Rift of Aln’s outer atmosphere. They came back Mithres Alymna, exhausted on their knees and panting for their breath. The first to meet them was perhaps the most unfortunate fate that could have awaited them. Tirathreus was waiting on the other side, he had been looking for Cyladara for a while. He looked in shock, as he laid his eyes on the severed arm. He would not mistake that for any other’s.

“Is that.. Cyladara?”

The Travelers tried to hide the arm as first instinct, this action spoke answers their mouths could not.

Absolute horror filled Tirathreus’ mind. Then came something to substitute it, rage. Tirathreus opened his maw, as the acid showered down on the three remaining Travelers. Melting their flesh slowly before their bones became but a black puddle.


He screamed and howled. Again, it had happened. He could not go through it again. Rage could only last so long and he could only lash out at so many, before depression set in and he started to blame himself.

Tirathreus was in a state of dreading everything. Dreading life, dreading the Dream, hating the Titans, hating everything and everyone.


Tirathreus left Mithres Alymna on his accord following it.


No one has heard of or seen Tirathreus since.

Until now.


Tirathreus was outsourced to Helius as one of his five most prominent advisors of the Felsworn. To which Helius and Tirathreus shared similar goals; The Unmaking of all Life and the Universe. Tirathreus was sent to Darkheart Thicket in which he fell by the members of Heartwing before he could complete his nefarious corruption of the druids and the Emerald Dream.


His death came at the sight of his mother; Ysera falling and ascending to the heavens above.



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