Under my Wings



Varethius calmly rests in the home of his brood, his stillness and green scales make him appear as apart of the scenery, camouflaging him with the forest. The great wrym calmly inhales and exhales, smoke comes out of his nostrils and rises upwards only to fade away. A high pitched female voice pierces the shroud of silence.

Grandpa! Garikus is bullying me!” A small female whelp shouts in a cowardly manner. “No I’m not!” another voice says, this one is clearly male and is accompanied by a guilty chuckle.

“Now now.”  Varethius chuckles and shakes his head, removing the leaves the fell on his head during his slumber. He extends both of his wings upwards and makes space for his two grandchildren. “Come, child, seek refuge under my wing.” Varethius says and his two grandchildren frown at one another, Garikus sticks his tongue out and quickly seeks refuge beneath Varethius’s right wing. His sister Lisera growls and goes to cower under Varethius’s left wing.

The Seasons change

Varethius is resting inside a cave, a wounded dragon stumbles into the cave, bloodied and battered. Varethius opens his eyes to look at the wounded green, it’s his eldest son Firakus. The large wrym extends his right-wing upwards and makes space for his son. Firakus takes refuge under his father’s wing in silence.

“Come, Recover under my wings” Varethius says and green mist begins to fill the cave, it’s soft and reliving. Firakus grunts in relief as his wounds are slowly mended by Varethius.

The Seasons change

Varethius is resting on a small hill just above his cave, enjoying the shade that the tall trees of Val’sharah offer him. A weeping dragon approaches, she looks heart-broken and angry, sorrow and depression are apparent on every part of her body.

“Father…I-I…I-can not bare whelps…I-…” She stutters between the sniffles and tears. Varethius opens his eyes to look at his youngest daughter, Calsera. He extends his wings upwards, offering comfort and wisdom to treat her depression and sadness.

“Come, child, find comfort for your Pain under my wings”

Calsera slowly makes her way to her father and finds comfort under his right wing, her tears continue to roll down her maw for hours until she finally finds comfort in her father’s supporting presence.

The Seasons change

Varethius is basking in the warm sunrays of Val’sharah, feeling grateful for all that he has and for the peacefulness of the present moment. He savors it like water during a draught. A highly angered green wrym approaches him, rage radiating as heat from her very scales.

“He refuses to listen! Such arrogance, it’s infuriating!” She exclaims angrily and looks at Varethius, expecting a response.

Varethius opens his eyes and sees his consort, Ralisera. He smiles comfortingly and extends his wings, offering emotional medication for her anger.

“Come, my love, find forgiveness under my wings.”

Ralisera grunts and takes her place under his left wing, as time passes her once tense body visible relax and eventually a small smile makes an appearance on her maw. She rubs against Varethius, expressing love and gratefulness. The anger and rage disappear into the unknown and are replaced by calmness and comfort.

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