Name: Varethius

Nickname: Grandpa, Vari

Aliases: Vanethrill Nightgazer

Dragonflight: Green

Age: 5,211

Gender: Male

Birthplace: The Emerald Dream

Bloodline: Ysera’s and Eranikus’s bloodline

Specialty: Healing

Occupation: Shan’do in the Cenarion Circle, Herbalist

Alignment: Lawful good

Affiliations: The Green dragonflight, The Cenarion Circle, The Kaldorei as a whole, Druids of Val’sharah, Heartwing, Cenarion Hold, Druids of Moonglade

Loyalties: Heartwing, The Green dragonflight, The Cenarion Circle

Status: Alive

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Consort of Ralisera

Languages: Darnassian(fluent), Taur-ahe(fluent), Titanic(fluent), Draconic(fluent), Common(fluent), Zandali(not completely fluent), Thalassian(not completely fluent)

Personality: Varethius is a quiet dragon who wouldn’t force himself onto others, nor into conversations and social situations. If it has nothing to do with him or his close ones, why bother? His years made him stubborn and old-fashioned. He likes when things are done his way, and dislikes when new technology intervenes or replaces the good old handwork. When interacting with him, he would mostly listen to what the other party has to say, but wouldn’t speak unless the situation demands. He often seems detached from the physical world, almost as if his mind is in another dimension entirely, for the better or worse. He can be described as slow when it comes to performing tasks or talking. He’s never in a hurry and looks like he has all the time in the world. When talking, he takes his sweet time to get to the point, which can be very annoying for impatient dragons. He is not slow when it comes to combat though, not at all.

He is not easily annoyed nor vexed, his patience allows him to tolerate those who others may find intolerable. Although one trait is able to annoy him relatively quickly, arrogance. He usually dislikes arrogant individuals who won’t stop yapping about their own prowess. Even though he doesn’t show his annoyance it could be felt when talking with him. He highly values modesty and it is instantly recognizable when this trait manifests. He’s very slow to trust others, but when he does his trust is unwavering, unfaltering, like a mountain. Same goes for loyalty.



Varethius was born inside the emerald dream 5,211 years ago, in the section that is parallel to Ashenvale. He was born to what can be considered a royal brood or heritage. His egg housed him and his twin brother. His mother’s side is descendant of Ysera and Eranikus. His early years were invested in studying and learning all that he can from his grandfather, Kathilius. Together with his other brothers and sisters, and his twin brother, Permethius. Since birth, the two constantly competed to win their father’s and grandfather’s favor, and the secret title of the favorite. They occasionally argued and and fought, but both of them knew that Varethius was the the favorite already. And for this reason, Permethius hated him and decided that whatever his twin does, he’ll do better. And so happened. Permethius trained harder and longer, and excelled in every field they were taught, surpassing Varethius greatly. Varethius wasn’t clean either though, he constantly teased and arrogantly exclaimed that he’s the favorite, and that Permethius could never be.

The hostility between them reached a boiling point when they were old drakes. Permethius challenged Varethius in front of the eyes of their grandfather during one of the training sessions. Varethius agreed and the two fought fiercely. But Permethius was far superior and managed to overpower Varethius after a couple of minutes. Blinded by his rage attempted to deal a the killing blow, but their grandfather interfered and stopped the duel. While Kathilius was lecturing about how important it is to remain united as a family the two death-stared one another, not even paying attention. Suddenly Varethius jumped at his twin and swiped his claw across his face, forever marking him with a large dominant scar. This caused their grandfather to resort to extreme measures.

He appointed their elder brother, who was a fully matured dragon already to watch over them at all time. Kathilius led them to one of the dream portals and instructed that until they become patient and tolerant with another, they are banished from the brood.
Even though their father didn’t approve of this at all, he had to nod and stay silent, out of respect for his father, Kathilius.

They exited through the portal in Feralas, and spent years roaming around Kalimdor, living by hunting and gathering fresh carcasses. Eventually the twins dropped their hostility and slowly but surely became friends, the experience of living by themselves without the need for competition made them bond and forget about the past. After a few years in the physical world, they returned to the emerald dream as friends. After their grandfather heard the approval of the elder brother who supervised them all along, he accepted them back into the brood with open arms and a smile.

They remained good friends all the way up to full maturity. In the order of their grandfather they ventured to Moonglade to help and guide the druids of the Cenarion circle. They occasionally traveled between the various night elven towns and strongholds, teaching druids that required their help and then returning to Moonglade once their task is complete. Varethius’s life went on like this for thousands of years, until the war of the shifting sands.

When the Qiraji swarmed out of Ahn’Qiraj and the war of the shifting sands broke out, Kathilius ordered the twins to travel to Silithus with their little sister. Knowing that Permethius is a better fighter, Kathilious charged Permethius with the duty of protecting their little sister. Their father supported this order, knowing very well that if it comes to it, Permethius could keep her safer than Varethius could. The three traveled to Silithus and aided the night elves and the other dragonflights to battle the swarms of Qiraji.

As fate would have it, Permethius was specifically targeted by the Qiraji for his displays of great strength and magic, which forced him to divide his attention between the ongoing battle and his sister. While he was disoriented by a powerful blow to the head, his sister would slain by the Qiraji forces. Both Varethius and Permethius were devastated by her death, but Permethius also feared his grandfather’s wrath.

As the Scarab wall of sealed and the Qiraji were locked back inside their fortress, Varethius and Permethius returned home to their grandfather. Their father was broken by this, since their sister resembled her mother so much, both in appearance and personality. Their mother died some years before, dying mysteriously in her sleep. The little sister was the only thing he had from her, and this caused him to sink into depression. Furious by the failure of Permethius, and further enraged by the sight of his depressed son, Kathilius banished Permethius from the brood in an act of rage. Permethius looked at Varethius with helpless eyes, silently urging him to stand up and defend him, to try to convince their grandfather not to banish him. But Varethius was frozen in the spot, unable to speak out against his grandfather, afraid he’ll be banished as well.

Permethius took this as an act of betrayal, and the good relationship they have built over the years shattered instantly. He was disgusted, hateful, and left without saying a word. Varethius hated himself for not standing up to protect his twin and swore from that day on to be loyal to his family and close ones until his last breath, never would he betray a close one like that, never.

Around that time Varethius found his mate, the love of his life, Ralisera, also of royal heritage. They brought 3 children into the world: Firakus(the eldest), Calsera and Thilsera. The three children would bring forth children of their own in the future, blessing Varethius with many grandchildren.

In the following years, Varethius returned to the night elves of Moonglade, contributing from his knowledge, experience, and skill to the students. This went on until the war against the nightmare, during the reign of Varian Wrynn, after the fall of the lich king.

When the war against the nightmare came, and a large portion of the dream was consumed by the nightmare, Varethius and the rest of the brood fled to Ashenvale and hid within its dense woods until they can figure out what is going on. After the investigation, Kathilius, the grandfather and the leader of the brood led the entire family into the dream, and launched an assault on the nightmare together with the dreamform army, though fighting in another part of the dream. They managed to buy enough time for Malfurion to defeat Xavius and end the war, but it came at a heavy price. Kathilius, and other family members of the brood were slain in this battle, diminishing the brood’s numbers by half.

With the demise of Kathilius, Varethius’s father, Yarokus, became the leader of the brood. Word of Kathilius’s demise spread quickly and eventually reached Permethius. He missed his family dearly and decided to approach his father and plea for him to return. His father quickly agreed, having missed his son as well. Varethius tried to speak to his twin and apologize, but Permethius would have non of it, he refused to listen nor accept the apology. While the two didn’t become enemies, they treated one another as complete strangers, and would only speak to one another if absolutely necessary.

Before the brood could recover from the heavy losses it endured, Deathwing awoke and began ravaging the world. With the command of their father, the twins went to hunt black dragons and disturb and hinder the operations of the black dragonflight. While Varethius and Permethius were hunting black dragons and targeting their supplies, the brood slowly recovered, and new eggs were made. All throughout their mission, the twins spoke only when necessary, and the topic that was hanging in the air was not brought up by any of them.
The hunts and missions they organized and went on gave Varethius a lot of experience with fighting other dragons, and how to deal devastating blows to the enemy by targeting their supplies and key figures.

Varethius also targeted the twilight’s hammer operations, terminating key figures that made the heroes job easier when dealing with the last standing sanctum of the Twilight hammer in the twilight hammer. He heard a few rumors about Heartwing during that time but didn’t bother to go into it, even though their actions impressed him. Heartwing remained in the back of his head ever since then.

With Deathwing’s fall and the loss of his power, Varethius felt betrayed, cheated, broken and weak. But he needed to gather himself quickly. For his father has sunken deep into depression and hopefulness, but despite his best efforts, he couldn’t lift his father from his poor state. With many relatives dead after the cataclysm, Yarokus, his father, decided to disband the brood and send everyone to their own way. Varethius was furious at this decision, he was certain that if they don’t lose hope, they would prevail one day. This was when his stubbornness fueled his actions, and he decided to take matters into his own hands.

While his father returned to the brood’s home in the dream, Varethius offered of all of his close family members(remaining brothers and sisters, his mate, his children, and grandchildren) a choice, they could continue the legacy of the brood with him in command or leave. All of his close family members agreed to be under his wings(excluding his brother, who went his own way), and together they made their way to Val’sharah, and made their new home in the dense forests near the world tree and the dreamgrove.

He made contact with the druids, and took under his wings several students, and in return, they would house his children and grandchildren if needed. And for now, all would be peaceful. He and his brood did not intervene in the events that unfolded on Pandaria or on alternate Draenor. But the return of the legion stirred them and forced them to act. He ordered them to stay in the grove with the druids, while he helped to deal with the nightmare outbreak. He knew that the defenders of Azeroth would aid in dealing with the nightmare, so he cleared some paths that lead into the world tree and key locations near it, one of them being Darkheart Thicket that was later cleansed of the nightmare abominations by some adventurers.

While doing so, he noticed a few dragons battling a nightmare dragon. He didn’t interfere, and after some investigation and eavesdropping discovered that those were members of Heartwing. He decided it is finally time to join the like-minded dragons, and help them in their cause. While his brood moved back to its home, he embarked on a journey to where Heartwing is rumored to be, an island named Mithres Alymna.


Mortal Appearance:

In his mortal form, Varethius is a tall, somewhat intimidating Kaldorei. His eyes glow with a soft blue color, a common trait of his brood. His soft green hair falls down from his head to his upper back, and his short trimmed beard covers the lower half of his face. He dons fine robes that emanate with the very essence of nature, giving comfort and peacefulness to those around him.

More often than not, one could spot a large staff holstered on his back. The staff itself is made out of living wood that radiates with a cyan/green hue. The staff itself has a name inscribed on it:”Kathilius”. The name glows with an identical hue to that of the staff.

Draconic Appearance:

In his true form, Varethius is a large green dragon. His neck and tail are thinner and more slender than the rest of the body. Leaves and branches can be found at several locations on his body, especially around the middle of his body, his lower body and around the horns.  If Varethius were to stand still in a forest, an unsuspecting wanderer could easily miss him, his body camouflages perfectly with forests and green environments. His eyes glow with a soft blue hue, an indicator of his lineage and his brood.


Known Relatives:

Grand-grandfather: Eranikus

Grand-grandmother: Ysera(deceased)

Uncle: Malakus

Father: Yarokus

Mother: Anisera(deceased)

Twin Brother: Permethius

Elder Brother: Zarikus

Sister: Lisera(deceased)

Consort: Ralisera

Children: Firakus,  Calsera, Thilsera

Grandchildren: Lisera, Kathilius, Garikus, Anisera, Terikus, Arisera

Niece: Rathikus, Borikus

Grandniece: Kalsera, Irasera, Malisera

Sister in Law: Malisera

-Protect his family and close ones.
-Make amends with his twin brother.
-Protect the dream and nature from all those who seek to harm it and maintain balance at all costs.
-Locate his father and lift him out of his depression.
-Keep the unity between the dragons.
-Aid Heartwing.
-Pass on his knowledge to the younger generations.

Varethius fears that his brood will be harmed or killed. He fears that he would on not be able to make amends with his twin-brother before his demise. He fears that the flights will never be restored to their former power and that his grand-children could not continue his the legacy of his brood. He fears of nature going out of balance. He fears to be disloyal. He fears that the mortal races will exploit and rape nature until it is destroyed and that he won’t be able to stop it. He fears that his father will never recover.

Home: Mithres Alymna, Val’sharah

Magic: All aspects of nature.

Voice Reference: Cenarius:


“If nature is out of balance, we are out of balance.”

“If you think yourself independent of nature, you’re a fool.”

“Nature has all the answers, all that is required of you is to listen.”

“The dance of life is all around us.”

Relationships and Opinions:

Aerenstrasz – Respected and Liked
Even though time has forced many grim and sorrowful events on Aerenstrasz, he endures. The mantle of leader weighs heavily upon his shoulders, yet he endures.
He has my respect and appreciation. He’s one of the select few individuals I trust on Mithres Alymna, for the better or worse.”

Kuranorius – Liked
He’s very much like Garikus, that one. So…Naive yet so aware at the same time. He has a natural talent for spellcasting, but the fundamental understanding of nature and all of its faces are absent. I hope that through my time with him, he will improve and grow. Hm, he accidentally called me Grandpa once, shyness overtook him and he fled…I cannot help but feel sorry for the lonely child.”

Selinastrasza – Liked
“She saw more death and war than some see in an entire lifetime. She hides and suppresses her sorrow behind that comforting smile of hers, but I know what demons lurk beneath her conscious mind. I’ve seen it on my father, I’ve seen it on my own daughter…And it pains my heart to see it on her as well, and at such a young age.”

Shendormu – Liked
“An elusive and mysterious gaze, this one has. Something hides behind his philosophical eyes, something dark and suppressed. What is he hiding? Overall, a likable dragon.”

Helius – Extremely Hated
“The result of arrogance, hunger for power and disconnection from nature and life. An enemy, a pawn, a target.”


Mazora – Liked
” I can’t quite decipher that one yet. I’ve had the pleasure of helping her understand the basis of our flight’s spellwork, she’s a friendly individual.


The rest of Heartwing
“I still haven’t had the pleasure of getting more acquainted with the other residences of Mithres Alymna. I’m sure as time will progress I will form more relationships with the other dragon-kin and dragonsworns.”


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