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Name: Veristrasza


Status: Active


Affiliation: The Burning Legion, Helius, the Felsworn. Formerly the Red Dragonflight, Wyrmrest Accord and the defense of Azeroth


Rank within the Burning Legion: Among the highest echelon of the Felsworn


Threat Level: Extremely High


Age: 7218


Known cautions to be taken: Veristrasza is one of the most formidable warriors within Helius’ dread army. With a dragonblade corrupted to her very will, she is capable of devastating armies. The dragonblade Quel’Thera is able to channel on the powers of the Five Dragonflights to lengths that would even oppose elder wyrms’ strength. Do not get near this entity called Veristrasza, if she is within close distance of you, it will cause unrevokable injuries or worse; death. Keep yourself within distance and try not to engage in direct combat without great numbers to support you.

Known devastations: Veristrasza’s first act upon drinking Helius’ blood in a betrayal display to the rest of Heartwing was to corrupt wholy a dragonblade, a feat not ever known to be able in history before now. During the Cataclysm, she singled out various prime members of the dragonflights and slew them in one to one combat. Recently it was learnt that Veristrasza faced an entire army on another world in which she slaughtered every one of them before Helius’ army bathed the entire world in emerald flames and shattered the planet, so only its hollow core remained.

She killed one of the most prominent members of Heartwing; Zurigosa, the mother of Elysigosa.



History: Once a loyal soldier of the Red Dragonflight and subsequently an undercover agent within the Argent Dawn. Veristrasza joined Heartwing’s fronts during the Cataclysmic War against Deathwing. Renown for her willing and unquestionable sacrifices, she rose to become a known member throughout the ranks of Heartwing.

She was tasked by the Father of Heartwing, Asherystrasz to with a group of other members of Heartwing to investigate the rumor of a dragonblade falling into the hands of mortals. The Father of Heartwing deemed this dragonblade too dangerous to stay in mortals’ hands and ordered that the blade be brought to Heartwing and be used against Deathwing in the war.

She and the group from Heartwing recovered the dragonblade to the Father of Dragons, however Veristrasza never mentioned how she had to bathe her hands in blood to get it. Once Veristrasza tried to hand over the blade to Asherystrasz, she found that the dragonblade had bound itself to Veristrasza.

Asherystrasz was initially surprised over the revealing of this and declared that the dragonblade had aligned itself with the virtues of Veristrasza, not fully realizing that only because she had killed its previous owner had it bound itself to her.

During the course of the war, Chromatus merged onto creation by Nefarian’s cruel machinations but eventually defeated by the combined efforts of the Dragon-Aspects and Thrall. Chromatus was locked within an arcane-prison in the dark belows of Dragonblight, however the Twilight’s Hammer didn’t see this as the end for Chromatus. They had tried breaking into the vault and free it, Heartwing thwarted this effort by sending a group of specialized and highly trained agents in to stop them.

As the cultists tried breaking open the seals upon the vault, some of their other cultists had opened a gateway and brought in one of Deathwing’s most terrifying war machines of which was a twilight wyrm pumped with the void magic of the Old Gods to the brim.

Veristrasza charged ahead and tried to face the twilight wyrm head on with the dragonblade Quel’Thera held aloft.

She had failed and was shoved back in the entire cave system into a wall and spike from the cave wall impaling her abdomen.


It was then Veristrasza asked the impossible of one of the other members present named Adiastrasza.

She asked Adiastrasza to end her life and take Quel’Thera and end the twilight abomination and then ressurect Veristrasza into life again.


This went against the ideals of the Red Dragonflight, life was not to be triffled with.

However Adiastrasza did what was asked of her and Quel’Thera bound itself to Adiastrasza.


Together the group coordinated a strategy and with Adiastrasza at the helm of it, they defeated the twilight abomination.


Veristrasza was brought back to life.


When they returned to Heartwing Isle, Veristrasza was put under arrest but as well was Adiastrasza.

Upon her knees in front of the Father of Heartwing, Veristrasza was sentenced to be exiled from Heartwing and assigned to another battlefront in the war.



Months later, Veristrasza was called back for one mission.

The dragon caravan holding the dragonblade Quel’Thera that was confiscated from Adiastrasza’s hands was raided by the dark riders of Karazhan.


Quel’Thera had not responded to the hand of Adiastrasza since the battle for unknown reasons, so Asherystrasz believed the blade was still somehow bound to Veristrasza. If anyone could lift the dragonblade, it would be her.

Through the solving of various spell-traps throughout the dark crypts, Heartwing found the hoarded treasures of the riders and along with it Quel’Thera.


Veristrasza tried to lift Quel’Thera but she could not, the blade resisted her.

It was then the group learnt an unsettling truth. Veristrasza uncorked a vial of pure dragon felblood and gulped it in one go. Her visage changed, vile horns sprouted from her head and her skin went darker. Her transformation shoved the rest of the members backwards, as Veristrasza put her hand again on the dragonblade of Quel’Thera. The blade tried to resist her again, Veristrasza funneled the dark powers she was bestowed upon by Helius, as the very dragonblade began to scream. The entire will of the dragonblade was shattered and replaced with Helius’ dark magic. The blade reformed itself into a dark visage and took on a crude appearance.

The dark riders of Karazhan arrived and fought for their own treasures, battling both Veristrasza and Heartwing, before Veristrasza slipped Heartwing’s fingers midst the battle.


Now she terrorizes entire worlds and bathe them in Sargeras’ dark crusade.



Conclusion: Formidable warrior that has unparallel strength and is even a threat to the eldest of dragons. Keep a distance or be prepared to suffer grievous injuries.


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