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Name: Vyraestrasza


Status: Active


Affiliation: Helius, The Felsworn, The Heartless.


Rank within the Burning Legion: High. As part of Helius’ Felsworn, she serves as a high rank as one of the five advisors Helius employs.


Threat Level: High


Age: 687 years old as of pre-mortem initial death.


Known cautions to be taken: As of the report from the Cataclysmic War. Vyraestrasza has the ability to manipulate death much similar to how the Burning Legion has in the past, evidencing exhibit [1]. We do not how far her abilities stretch. We have seen she has the ability to single-handedly raise dragons of maturity age into undeath. However how much of their spirit is attached to the shambling flying corpse we are unsure of. At first glance, they seem mindless, but they still act in proper formations. We speculate this may be that Vyrae can control the minions she has raised over long distances.

We have also seen she as a former red dragon has the ability to drain life into a husk. However this seem only to be taken in effect if her icy hands manages to physically touch a subject. We highly recommend taking distance from this decrepit enemy.


Known devastations: Vyraestrasza in the Battle for Bloodmoon Isle appeared to raise the corpses that Arguandormu, another puppet of Helius had slain in an initial invasion by the Felsworn acting under sleeping orders from Helius inside his prison. She raised both drakes, whelps and dragons. However she did not send them initially into battle, moreso it seemed she tried to do a tactic of raising and smuggling them away from the battle holding. Heartwing disrupted her behaviour in which she immediatly retreated from the battle. We are unsure what this provided for her.




Conclusion: High theat level class enemy with the ability to drain the life of allies with the touch of her icy grasp. Can raise from observations anything from a whelp to a matured dragon. Keep distance and target her instead of her minions.




History: Vyraestrasza – The daughter of Vaelystrasza, one of the direct descendants and part of the family closest to what nobility would be within the Red Dragonflight. She was previously the consort of the heir and afterwards leader of Heartwing; Hydrastrasz (the twin brother of Aerenstrasz). She was characterized as charismatic, beautiful and most of all; manipulative.

From our records; it has been concluded that Vyraestrasza had harbored feelings towards Hydrastrasz since the two had their marriage arranged as children by their brood’s parents. However Hydrastrasz did not feel the same as she had felt toward him. Living centuries with a one-sided romance slowly but fueled the rage of Vyraestrasza.

However as Hydra honored traditions, they two eventually had children laid. Shortly after however, Hydrastrasz petitioned to his father; Asherystrasz to have the marriage arrangement dissolved. Something which does not come lightly within the known confines of the Red Dragonflight. This meant that Hydra had found someone else to marry for the petition to function. He had. Hydrastrasz married another red dragon that worked with Heartwing: Adiastrasza.

This infuriated Vyraestrasza to the greatest lengths, in which the rage she had been burying finally came to life. She attempted to assault Hydrastrasza, in which she was abruptly exiled from Bloodmoon Isle. However as grieving and raging Vyrae was, she would then proceed to take the children they had laid together with her as she traveled the lands. She would not be allowed to. As the eggs had been kept safely within the confines of Asherystrasz’ chamber for security measures in the Cataclysm War against Deathwing. Asherystrasz stood in her way. Asherystrasz concluded the mental stability of Vyrae was not fit for his grandchildren. Vyrae would not have it, she assaulted the Father of Dragons, in which ended with Vyraestrasza’s death.


Vyrae was buried. This whole skirmish within Heartwing caught the attention of the slipping spirit of Helius. In which Helius traveled to her burial place. He at that place by the eyes of the surviving members that observed the event; raised Vyrae to become his new lieutenant and undeath commander.


Fueled by anger against Hydrastrasz, Asherystrasz and ultimately; Heartwing for allowing what she sees as crimes is only what makes the blood within this undeath creature boil.



[If you are more interested in the character OOC’ly: https://heartwing.dk/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=382 – https://heartwing.dk/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=240 ]

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