Will I see another dawn with you?


My hand reaches out to you, but I cannot touch you. I can feel your pain. Your sorrow. I can feel the anguish of your heart. And I am trapped. Bound. Unable to get to you.

My love.

Through your eyes, I see glimpses. I see moments of our lives as they intertwined together. My heart screams with you when they draw your red blood.


The colour of a rose you gave me, the first time your golden eyes truly captured mine.

Your lips part as you scream in agony.

You lips.

Once, they were so eagerly searching for mine, in naught but fleeting touches at first. Then over and over, in a dance of love and fire.

Your pain sounds like thunder and the hands of time turn again.


A stormy night, when I woke up only to find you gone. The storm was caused by your soul, troubled and fearful. When I stepped outside, in our little grove, I found you by the water, looking in its shimmering depths. Dawn would bring a battle, you told me. I knew it would. Your hands caressed my cheeks as you told me that this was how you wanted to remember me. I wanted to kiss your tears away as they tried to draw your sad smile away but you would not let me. “In my eyes, Aryia, even when they are filled with tears, I want to keep your everlasting beauty. I want to remember you, just like this.”

My blue eyes find yours. And I see those tears again. Tears of pain and sorrow. But you are not looking at me.


Your tears in agony fall like petals… again and again, burning across your cheeks.


I see a thousand of them fall as you draw me into your arms. Your eyes are piercing me to the core of my soul as you name me yours forever, in the embrace of the eons old Nordrassil. Around us, I see smiles. And while it seems for a moment that I am truly there, I know that each of those who stood with us as we vowed each other into eternity, are now nothing but memories of souls from bygone days.

I watch as they harm every inch of your body and the tears that slip from my eyes fall like ivory pearls. And when they touch the ground, they burst and silvery shimmers flow like silk.

Red silk.

Beyond red silk, one midsummer night, we lay surrounded by the golden light of a thousand candles. I remember the shuddered breaths as I lost myself in your embrace, each of your kisses beckoning me further into the creation of an indelible memory.

Your screams pull me from that memory and I see them crushing the bones of your fingers and I feel your pain seared into my soul. I see them breaking your hands and every time, your body contorts in agony.

Your hands.

I see you kneeling before me. Your hands engulf my small waist and you bring your head in, resting it upon the swell of my belly. Your voice is so warm and gentle, as you whisper all the sweet little words to our children. My own hands find your silky hair as I hold you close and I let you drift away into a peaceful sleep.

My lips part and so do yours and we both whisper the same two names as tears drown our voices.

Aerdran. Selina.

A beautiful ruby egg cracks opened, bathed in the shy rays of a new dawn. First came the red wings and the beautiful crimson scales. Then, the ruby scales and the translucent wings.


I am starting to forget. I cannot see them anymore. I do not remember their faces anymore… but I can hear their laughter still, like a chime illuminating in this darkness.

Darkness, growing more and more around us.


I am here. Do you know I am here?

I stand at the edge of an abyss and beyond it I see a stormy ocean.

Tell me, wind, as you cross this endless ocean… will you carry my prayers to my love? Will you carry them through time and space, beyond the sea, to the misty horizons?


Pain surges through me again and my tears continue to fall. When they touch the ground, they turn into thorns and white roses. They grow and wrap around my body, digging into my skin.

The darkness is closing around me and I search for you.

But you are no more.

The thorns dig further. And I fall.

My love.

Will I see another dawn with you?

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