Heartwing backstory and official storyline progression are listed here. Make sure to have read these before posting an application.
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Mithres Alymna

The monolithic peaks of Mithres Alymna were once home to ancient dragons that lived in a time before great strife wasn’t even known to Azeroth. It was a crossroads of dragons that met and exchanged words before flying about their ways. It also served as a resting point between the center of Ancient Kalimdor and the Northern Wastes for the dragons that regularly took long routes to monitor the night elves’ increasing curiosity for arcane magic and Wyrmrest Temple.

Eventually however, the dragons left and the peaks became abandoned. One red dragon however returned and he did so for two thousand years. It eventually became the home to his expanding brood. Asherystrasz garnered friends from all the dragonflights that would soon make their home on Mithres Alymna, as well. Soon sanctums reminiscing of the shrines in Dragonblight were constructed and maintained by dragons on Mithres Alymna known as Sanctum-Guardians. Broods began to expand and soon Mithres Alymna would belong to dragons of all dragonflights.

Asherystrasz often however visited the civilization of Kalimdor where he attracted the attention from the local night elven population. The night elves in awe followed the great wyrm back to his spire. They didn’t seek to pilfer his ancestral home, they sought to live with him and see a world they would never experience among the night elven empires. The dragons were first skeptic of the night elves, but eventually found the joy of teaching them the knowledge, they would never learn among their own. More followers arrived, some even now flown by the back of the brood’s drakes. A close bond was forged by the Red Dragonflight of Mithres Alymna and the elves of Kalimdor.

As the dragons changed the culture of the elves of Alymna, so did the elves change the dragons’. Mithres Alymna was built in unison of dragons and elves alike into what would be known as the Tyranistres Spire. The Dragons of the Tyranistres family soon began to adapt mortal forms from the elves that allowed more practical practices, it allowed them to talk to the night elves as equals instead of looking down on them.

Tragedy befell Mithres Alymna as Queen Azshara invited the Legion into our world. The close bond between the dragons and the elves on Mithres Alymna all but shattered. The dragons and elves started to distrust each other and eventually one follower managed to gravely wound Asherystrasz. As the head of the family could no longer lead, his second-eldest son Azrael dutifully took command and made a decree to exile all mortals from Mithres Alymna. Any that would resist would find themselves forcefully removed or worse.


Heartwing’s origins goes back to before the beginning of the first demonic invasion of our world. Asherystrasz had been a former active agent inside Wyrmrest Temple, and it started with one ambition of creating an unity and safe haven for those of all dragonflights. The spires of Mithres Alymna symbolized such ideals. As the War of the Ancients waged on, the dragons that once called Mithres Alymna home were forced to abandon it.

Many elves that were not directly under Queen Azshara also saw the dragons of Mithres Alymna as the traitors in the war; Asherystrasz’ first child; Heliustrasz had surrendered himself to the Legion in a bid of rescuing his own hide.

Many thought it to be a failure. The betrayal of the Black Dragonflight and that of Neltharion proved that such unity would only ever be an ephemeral dream. The surviving people of Mithres Alymna split themselves up and through the years: Asherystrasz recovered. He however could not return to Mithres Alymna, the war had ruined such possibility.

Asherystrasz abandoned the idea of unity for now, focusing on amending the wounds of the war first. Thousands of years passed before the wounds became scars.

Asherystrasz still held an responsibility to Wyrmrest Temple. He and four other elder wyrms were ordered to deal with a titanic watcher known as Vyun deep within the caves of a minor titan facility. They had found that the corruption of the Old Gods had violated the heart of an once noble construct. Together as five, they had bested her, but she had managed to sink the entire cave to the bottom of the ocean. With it, she and the dragons fell into a spell that caused them all to slumber for years to come.

In his slumber, Asherystrasz was reminded of the unity that Mithres Alymna had brought. The prosperity and haven that could be found nowhere else in this modern age. This was what reminded the elder wyrm of what was worth fighting for.

As the Cataclysm shook the foundations of our world. The spell that withheld the five elder wyrms was broken.

Together with the four other elder wyrms that had fought against Vyun, they established the first organization that not only would just be sleeping on peaks in ancient past; they would be the people to create such peace, haven and protection to those dragons that could not protect themselves. It became for the first time of ever known as Heartwing: The unification of all the dragonflights.

In the War of the Cataclysm. Heartwing was assigned to the Bloodmoon Isle, a key defense point against Deathwing’s forces that very much sought to bring down Wyrmrest Temple. They would be the heralds of doom if Deathwing would ever come for the temple. The forces of Deathwing dispatched a twilight monstrosity after Heartwing known as Katherina to dismantle the defense point in preparation of the Hour of Twilight.

In the final battle against Deathwing. Heartwing was to stop forces of the Old Gods from assisting Deathwing and deterring the Dragon-Aspects from their daunting endeavor to end the Destroyer. Asherystrasz fell against Katherina in the last battle and the forces of Heartwing in turn defeated the twilight wyrm once and for all. The war was over.

The appointed heir of Heartwing; Aerenstrasz had risen to the position of leader. Heartwing now found themselves as all dragons; their power’s diminished and also it seemingly that all future generations were gone.

Aerenstrasz was now assigned with the arduous and almost impossible seeming task of figuring out Heartwing was beyond the Cataclysm war. Many were lost, thinking their entire purpose of life was forfeit. A tragedy was also befalling the remaining members of Heartwing; A demon was hunting specifically the surviving members. Aerenstrasz led the members of Heartwing that survived the war to the home of Mithres Alymna by amending its marks of a war ancient.

The demon slipped through Heartwing’s fingers until he was confronted at Pandaria. Through the events of Mists of Pandaria. Heartwing was reminded of the greatest purpose of all, isn’t the one given onto you by birth, it was the one you forged yourself.

Through the events of Warlords of Draenor. An ancient foe that has been scheming and pulling the strings from behind the scene known as Helius had his prison weakened. The followers of Helius’ dark crusade broke the betrayer free from his prison for the war that was to come.

Helius had broken free from his prison and the world seemed more perilous than ever to the people that understood his threat. Gul’dan tore open the seals of the Tomb of Sargeras and opened a wound in the sky for the dark shadow of the Burning Legion to pour in from. Heartwing more than anything were called to battle, but as the events of the Broken Shore was going on. Mithres Alymna was invaded by a battalion of the Burning Legion that sought to wipe out a place they had in the previous war flagged as a liability to the success of the campaign.

Heartwing was then faced with an ultimatum. To abandon their home and aid on the Broken Shore or stand to fight for their rightful home.

It was with heavy heart as the members of Heartwing left their home into the Legion’s claws. On the Broken Shore; As the Alliance and Horde fought the war on land, Heartwing faced defeat at the hands of Helius in the sky above the tower.

Heartwing’s ranks were completely devastated. They had no home now to return to and if things could not go worse; their leader Aerenstrasz was as well captured by their enemies. In a last bidding effort, the few members of Heartwing escaped to Suramar, while they hid inside catacombs.

Heartwing was broken and then reforged. Aerdranstrasz, the son of the leader took up leadership and through an arduous and daunting time; they fell the adversaries that were hunting them and recruited new members to replenish their numbers. As they became more powerful, Heartwing reclaimed Mithres Alymna from the Burning Legion that occupied it. They as well took back all which the Legion had taken from them already. They broke out Aerenstrasz, the rightful leader of Heartwing from his legion prison. Aerenstrasz was reinstated as the leader of Heartwing, a feat that inspired Heartwing to still yet have hope in this terrible war.

Now the war awaits. What will it take for a victory in this dreaded war?

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[Alive] Aerenstrasz - Leader of Heartwing
[Alive] Aerdranstrasz - Child of Aeren
[Alive] Azraelstrasz- Second son of Asherystrasz - Not part of Heartwing

[Deceased] Asherystrasz - Retired leader of Heartwing
[Deceased] Hydrastrasz - Former Leader of Heartwing

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