Heartwing - General Information

Heartwing backstory and official storyline progression are listed here. Make sure to have read these before posting an application.
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Heartwing - General Information

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“We of Heartwing have stood against many adversaries.
Our father perished under the black sky of Deathwing.
Our families were taken from us by those who would hunt us.
Our powers diminished and our future generations all but gone.
The Broken Shore devastated our ranks and for a time; also took our freedom.
The emerald sigil hung above our hearth!

The dragonflights have never been more vulnerable than they are now.
It is through unity and trust in each other that we will persevere through this war that
the Legion is holding at our world’s throat.
It is when we are tested the most, that we will forge our own greatest strength.
We must let go of the one who was given onto us.

I may not be my father. But I more than ever stand by his ideals and virtues.
No matter what happens, I will stand beside you; not above you.

Our vision will remain clear, we are the wings of the skies.
We are the fires of life. We are the sands of time.
We are the weavers of magic. We are the keepers of the dream.
Now stand with us, all of you whose hearts still
beat and legs still stand, stand with us for your lands, stand with us for your people,
and stand with us for the might of the dragons!

For Azeroth.”
~ Aerenstrasz, Leader of Heartwing

Guild name: <Heartwing>
Phase: 249
IC Leader(s): Aerenstrasz
Sanctum-Guardians: Talystrasz, Shendormu, Arogos
Affiliation: Independent
Theatre of Operation: Mithres Alymna (Primary). Ruins of Sashj’tar in Suramar (Outpost). Alymnaean Redoubt (former outpost), Bloodmoon Isle (former primary).
Main enemy: Heliustrasz. The Burning Legion and the Felsworn.
Deathwing (formerly). Katherina (formerly)
Other enemies: Demons, Black Dragonflight, Infinite
Dragonflight, Twilight Dragonflight, Remnants of Frostbrood, Old Gods, Faceless
(Old God minions), Aqir (ex: Nerubian/Silithid), Cultists and the Scourge, Mollusk
(ex: Merciless One/Krakens), Naga. The Nightborne under Elisande. Dragon-hunters and the Felskorn. Dragons of Nightmare.

OOC Administration
Leader: Asherystrasz (Jes)
Officer(s): Shendormu (Ofek), Bryce Felaine

We currently accept: Red Dragonflight, Blue Dragonflight, Green Dragonflight, Bronze Dragonflight & Netherwing. Drakonid. Dragonspawn. Mortal Races (see link below for which mortal races).

We do not currently accept: People who treat with the void, fel, death magic or the nightmare. This includes but limited to people who harness said magics but also people composed or have a majority of it in them. (This does not pertain to orcs and blood elves who may have green skin/eyes as of the radiation that spread through their homeland). This may in story have exceptions if the narrative favors it.

Find full list of recruitment requirements here: http://heartwing.dk/application.php

  • Who are we?
  • Wiki/Forums
  • Rules
  • Introduction
  • Purpose
  • Covenant of Heartwing
  • Mithres Alymna
  • History
  • Chain of Command
  • Roleplay Systems
  • The Red Dragonflight
  • The Green Dragonflight
  • The Blue Dragonflight
  • The Bronze Dragonflight
  • The Netherwing
  • Mortals
  • Drakonid
  • Dragonspawn
  • Apply to Heartwing
  • Apply via Discord

Who are we?
Heartwing is a longstanding guild that soon has its 6th anniversary coming up. Heartwing was formed for the roleplayers who wanted a deep storyline along with proper moderation of dragon roleplay. We have an administration team which is dedicated and have been in the guild for up to years. Originally founded on Divinity-X after its predecessor prototype guild, Heartwing has through the times remained a stalwart guild that knows its values and where it comes from.

To Heartwing, community means more than the actual roleplay. We’re a group of people that has a like minded interest and that has always been our first priority; to make sure people enjoy being here.

Heartwing is founded upon the principles of Warcraft lore. We will do our best not to conflict with the established lore that we know. We see our storyline happening as while the main Warcraft storyline by Blizzard is going on, we will frequently address Blizzard’s key storyline and have events and storyline being inspired by it or branching from it. We will however also have a dedicated storyline that is for Heartwing that tells another side of for example the Legion war.


Heartwing have a dedicated portal for all information related to Heartwing. With several years at our back, we’ve refined what has worked best. This became the result of https://heartwing.dk/ which is where we communicate our characters and write important changes to the guild as well as begin discussions on how to best improve the guild for everyone.

It is basically everything related to OOC.

With that, we also got a library of people’s passion in writing at wiki/ - here, the people of Heartwing shares the short stories of their characters along with setting up their character’s view on the world and the opinions they have of other people in a cohesive and easy to look up manner. Whenever someone posts anything on this wiki, it is advertised with an integration to our Discord.

It is basically everything related to IC and the story itself we’re telling.

Please view our full rules here:

Heartwing is an organization centered around the mindset of a family. It was founded originally by Asherystrasz shortly before the Cataclysm. It was built on values such as camaraderie and love for this world.

Heartwing as an organization has evolved and devolved many times depending on the narrative it has gone through. It was once a military power that stood against Deathwing’s shadow, now it has taken a more subtle approach to keep watch over Azeroth under the public’s eye as its numbers dwindled and its ranks depleted from the war against Deathwing.

When the Father of Heartwing, Asherystrasz fell during the course of the encounter against Deathwing, his son; Aerenstrasz, the appointed second-in-command became the leader of Heartwing. Incomparable to the wisdom of his elder wyrm father, Aerenstrasz found himself and Heartwing in a time, dragons had never ever experienced before; loss of powers and a purpose lost.  It is through these new times, that Heartwing will shape up to the war against the Burning Legion.

Heartwing is fighting to provide a sanctuary for all dragons that does not bring a liability to its family. It is the purpose it strives to become, to protect any dragons who cannot protect themselves; to prevent any children from lying crippled and harvested of their scales from people who would prefer greed over the lives of dragons.

To protect this world against the burning shadow and keep the charges that we no longer have to do, but want to keep. To protect Azeroth and all her beauty.

Covenant of Heartwing
"I pledge thy allegiance to Heartwing.
I shall not harm by actions nor words, Heartwing or its acting leader.
By the shadows of his wings, I will safeguard the ideals of Heartwing 'till Dragonblight
beckons. I shall not have innocent blood on my hands. Heartwing will stand as
more than camaraderie. It shall now stand as family.
My life and my blood sworn to the
Father of Dragons"

Mithres Alymna
When Bloodmoon Isle in the Cataclysm War was taken from us by Deathwing. Heartwing regrouped into Gjalerbron as a temporary base; However there was a much more ancient home that held more meaning to Heartwing than any. The true home of Heartwing; Our birthright.

The monolithic peaks of Mithres Alymna were once home to ancient dragons that lived in a time before great strife wasn’t even known to Azeroth. It was a crossroads of dragons that met and exchanged words before flying about their ways. It also served as a resting point between the center of Ancient Kalimdor and the Northern Wastes for the dragons that regularly took long routes to monitor the night elves’ increasing curiosity for arcane magic and Wyrmrest Temple.

Eventually however, the dragons left and the peaks became abandoned. One red dragon however returned and he did so for two thousand years. It eventually became the home to his expanding brood. Asherystrasz garnered friends from all the dragonflights that would soon make their home on Mithres Alymna, as well. Soon sanctums reminiscing of the shrines in Dragonblight were constructed and maintained by dragons on Mithres Alymna known as Sanctum-Guardians. Broods began to expand and soon Mithres Alymna would belong to dragons of all dragonflights.

Asherystrasz often however visited the civilization of Kalimdor where he attracted the attention from the local night elven population. The night elves in awe followed the great wyrm back to his spire. They didn’t seek to pilfer his ancestral home, they sought to live with him and see a world they would never experience among the night elven empires. The dragons were first skeptic of the night elves, but eventually found the joy of teaching them the knowledge, they would never learn among their own. More followers arrived, some even now flown by the back of the brood’s drakes. A close bond was forged by the Red Dragonflight of Mithres Alymna and the elves of Kalimdor.

As the dragons changed the culture of the elves of Alymna, so did the elves change the dragons’. Mithres Alymna was built in unison of dragons and elves alike into what would be known as the Tyranistres Spire. The Dragons of the Tyranistres family soon began to adapt mortal forms from the elves that allowed more practical endeavors, it allowed them to talk to the night elves as equals instead of looking down on them.

Tragedy befell Mithres Alymna as Queen Azshara invited the Legion into our world. The close bond between the dragons and the elves on Mithres Alymna all but shattered. The dragons and elves started to distrust each other and eventually one follower managed to gravely wound Asherystrasz. As the head of the family could no longer lead, his second-eldest son Azrael dutifully took command and made a decree to exile all mortals from Mithres Alymna. Any that would resist would find themselves forcefully removed or worse.

You can read the full story of Mithres Alymna here: http://heartwing.dk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=591

Heartwing’s origins goes back to before the beginning of the first demonic invasion of our world. Asherystrasz had been a former active agent inside Wyrmrest Temple, and it started with one ambition of creating an unity and safe haven for those of all dragonflights. The spires of Mithres Alymna symbolized such ideals. As the War of the Ancients waged on, the dragons that once called Mithres Alymna home were forced to abandon it.

Many elves on the island of Mithres Alymna that were not directly under Queen Azshara also saw the dragons of Mithres Alymna as the traitors in the war; Asherystrasz’ first born child; Heliustrasz had surrendered himself to the Legion in a bid of rescuing his own hide and joining the opposite side.

Many thought it to be a failure. The betrayal of the Black Dragonflight and that of Neltharion proved that such unity would only ever be an ephemeral dream. The surviving people of Mithres Alymna split themselves up and through the years: Asherystrasz recovered from the wounds of the war. He however could not return to Mithres Alymna, the war had ruined any such possibility.

Asherystrasz abandoned the idea of unity for now, focusing on amending the wounds of the war first. Thousands of years passed before the wounds became scars.

Asherystrasz still held a responsibility to Wyrmrest Temple. He and four other elder wyrms were ordered to deal with a titanic watcher known as Vyun deep within the caves of a minor titan facility. They had found that the corruption of the Old Gods had violated the heart of an once noble titan construct. Together as five, they had bested her, but she had managed to sink the entire cave to the bottom of the ocean in her last moments. With it, she and the dragons fell into a spell that caused them all to slumber for years to come.

In his slumber, Asherystrasz was reminded of the unity that Mithres Alymna had brought. The prosperity and haven that could be found nowhere else in this modern age. This was what reminded the elder wyrm of what was worth fighting for.

As the Shattering shook the foundations of our world. The spell that withheld the five elder wyrms was broken.

Together with the four other elder wyrms that had fought against Vyun, they established the first organization that not only would just be sleeping on peaks in ancient past; they would be the people to create such peace, haven and protection to those dragons that could not protect themselves. It became for the first time of ever known as Heartwing: The unification of all the dragonflights.

In the War of the Cataclysm. Heartwing was assigned to the Bloodmoon Isle, a key defense point against Deathwing’s forces that very much sought to bring down Wyrmrest Temple. They would be the heralds of doom if Deathwing would ever come for the temple. The forces of Deathwing dispatched a twilight monstrosity after Heartwing known as Katherina to dismantle the defense point in preparation of the Hour of Twilight.

In the final battle against Deathwing. Heartwing was to stop forces of the Old Gods from assisting Deathwing and deterring the Dragon-Aspects from their daunting endeavor to end the Destroyer. Asherystrasz fell against the twilight monstrosity known as Katherina in the last battle and the forces of Heartwing in turn defeated the twilight wyrm once and for all. The war was over.

The appointed heir of Heartwing; Aerenstrasz had risen to the position of leader. Heartwing now found themselves as all dragons; their power’s diminished and also it seemingly that all future generations were gone.

Aerenstrasz was now assigned with the arduous and almost impossible seeming task of figuring out Heartwing was beyond the Cataclysm war. Many were lost, thinking their entire purpose of life was forfeit. A tragedy was also befalling the remaining members of Heartwing; A demon was hunting specifically the surviving members. Aerenstrasz led the members of Heartwing that survived the war to the home of Mithres Alymna by amending its marks of a war ancient.

The demon slipped through Heartwing’s fingers until he was confronted at Pandaria. Through the events of Mists of Pandaria. Heartwing was reminded of the greatest purpose of all, isn’t the one given onto you by birth, it was the one you forged yourself.

Through the events of Warlords of Draenor. An ancient foe that has been scheming and pulling the strings from behind the scene known as Helius had his prison weakened. The followers of Helius’ dark crusade broke the betrayer free from his prison for the war that was to come.

Helius had broken free from his prison and the world seemed more perilous than ever to the people that understood his threat. Gul’dan tore open the seals of the Tomb of Sargeras and opened a wound in the sky for the dark shadow of the Burning Legion to pour in from. Heartwing more than anything were called to battle, but as the events of the Broken Shore was going on. Mithres Alymna was invaded by a battalion of the Burning Legion that sought to wipe out a place they had in the previous war flagged as a liability to the success of the war campaign.

Heartwing was then faced with an ultimatum. To abandon their home and aid on the Broken Shore or stand to fight for their rightful home.

It was with heavy heart as the members of Heartwing left their home into the Legion’s claws. On the Broken Shore; As the Alliance and Horde fought the war on land, Heartwing faced defeat at the hands of Helius in the sky above the tomb.

Heartwing’s ranks were completely devastated. They had no home now to return to and if things could not go worse; their leader Aerenstrasz was as well captured by their enemies. In a last bidding effort, the few surviving members of Heartwing escaped to Suramar, where they hid themselves deep inside its catacombs.

Heartwing was broken and then reforged. Aerdranstrasz, the son of Aerenstrasz,  took up leadership and through an exhausting and daunting time; they fell the adversaries that were hunting them down and recruited new members to replenish their lost numbers. As they became more powerful, Heartwing reclaimed Mithres Alymna from the Burning Legion that occupied it. They as well took back all which the Legion had taken from them. They broke out Aerenstrasz, the rightful leader of Heartwing from his legion prison. Aerenstrasz was then reinstated as the leader of Heartwing, a feat that inspired Heartwing to still yet have hope in this terrible war.

Now the war awaits. What will it take for a victory in this dreaded war?

Be sure to read up on our #storylines channel in our Discord which will be updated for every event which progresses our storylines.

You can read more about our legion primer here: https://heartwing.dk/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=679&p=1823#p1823

You can also read more about our Broken Shore event: https://heartwing.dk/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=636

Chain of Command
The chain of command in Heartwing has been something that has changed the most during the course of its lifetime.
This is the current installment as of when Aerenstrasz rose to the power. It has not changed since.


Sanctum Guardians


Guardians (sentries, patrols and etc.)


Dragons - Mortals



The Sanctum Guardians are appointed by the people and approved by the council. They are the representatives of the each of the sanctums and maintaining the sanctums’ beauty is their charge. They are supposed to deal with internal dragonflight-related issues before it reaches the council.

Roleplay Systems
We currently have health pools as part of our roleplay system. This is an effort we intend to elaborate on in the future, as we find ways to segment it in for easy understanding.

Read more about it here: https://heartwing.dk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=726

You can also read more about our aging policy for the dragonflights here:  https://heartwing.dk/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=584

The Red Dragonflight
The Red Dragonflight is symbolized around the idea of Life & Death. They create and they destroy. Most within the dragonflight have centered themselves around the idea of their Dragon-Queen Alexstrasza to be compassionate about life, and be grateful for the existing life and spite death. Other Red Dragons have chosen the path of seeing both cycles as essential as the other, and is compassionate about both of the concepts. Not choosing to favor one over the other. They know Life equally as well as they know Death.

Former Aspect: Alexstrasza

Powers: A Red Dragon can choose whether or not their breath would injure an ally or heal the ally. A Red Dragon's breath can either bring life or death. Creation or destruction.

Additional information: Some Red Dragons have also taking studies in the Arcane. And it would not be uncommon for them to do so, as they in the past were the guardians of magic in place of the Blue Dragonflight following their diminished numbers from the War of the Ancients.

Heartwing recommends to new Red Dragon roleplayers this nicely written guide to their history by one of our members; Aryiastrasza

The Green Dragonflight
The Green Dragonflight centers around protecting the wildlife and safekeeping the Emerald Dream. While they have spent most of their lives patrolling the Emerald Dream, the Cataclysm has awakened them from their ancient slumbering. Greens Dragons understand better than no one the secrets of plantlife, what properties they can develop and how they can best be used. The Green Dragonflight has a close connection to the Emerald Dream and the Wild Gods.

Former Aspect: Ysera

Powers; A Green Dragon's breath is poison acid. As their breath would melt their opponents corrosively.

Additional information; As any other druid. A Green Dragon cannot create life from nothing. A Green Dragon must transfer the life essence of a creature or plant to heal those injured, leaving the first mentioned creature or plant withered. Also note that you cannot simply always phase into the Emerald Dream in midst of combat without dire repercussions.

Heartwing recommends to new Green Dragon roleplayers this nicely and recent written guide to their history by one of our former members; Henmigosa

The Blue Dragonflight
The Blue Dragonflight is centered around regulating, managing and controlling the vast arcane energies throughout Azeroth, promptly protecting the veins of the female world-titan Azeroth, also called Ley Lines. The Blue Dragonflight has been affected by several tragedies, resulting in the flight's near extinction.

Former Aspects; Malygos, Kalecgos.

Powers; A Blue Dragon can either be born with a frost breath or an arcane breath, or having it changed later in its life.

Additional information; While a blue dragon has spent a long life studying magic, it does not mean their mana pools or aptitude for magic is infinite or that no mortal race can hold a candle to them in magic.

Heartwing recommends to new Blue Dragon roleplayers this nicely and recent written guide to their history by one of our former members; Henmigosa

The Bronze Dragonflight
The Bronze Dragonflight had been charged by Aman'Thul to patrolling the timeways and alternative timelines. Always trying to protect the Prime Azeroth timeline as best they are able. While minor time changes are not directly wrong, they usually do their best to make sure the important events in history remain intact. Following the Cataclysm, this flight was most struck, as now they can only catch few glimpses in the past or future, and are no longer able to control the flow of time as they used to, leaving them near close to mortals in levels of chronomancy.

Former Aspect; Nozdormu

Powers; A Bronze Dragon can either be born with a sand breath or a lightning breath, or having it changed later in its life.

Additional information; For guild and story reasons, we do not allow a Bronze Dragon (unless coordinated with a DM) being able to foretell the events of the story in events.

Heartwing recommends to new Bronze Dragon roleplayers this nicely and recent written guide to their history by one of our former members; Henmigosa

The Netherwing
The Netherwing Dragonflight is one of the first known artificially dragonflight ever created, the Netherwing Dragonflight was mostly hatched in the destruction of Draenor, and those volatile energies is what shaped their new corporeal forms. They have always been without a certain leader, and always tried finding a purpose for themself whether it would be in Azeroth or Outlands.

Former Aspect; None.

Powers; They use an Arcane Breath.

Additional information; The same with Green Dragons, a nether dragon cannot keep phase in and out of combat to avoid damage. Also Netherwing are dearly susceptible to being drained by a Blue Dragon or Twilight Dragon.

We also recommend to read this nicely written guide by a former member of Heartwing who roleplayed a Netherwing in his time in Heartwing;

Mortals have been instrumental as allies for the dragonflights since the dawning of the civilized world. Mortals have both been vital in the forming of Mithres Alymna so long ago but as well held the truest promise of a future in the Dawn of Mortals that has befallen Azeroth following Deathwing’s defeat.

Mortals were formerly outlawed to have any sort of meaningful membership within Heartwing. Even Asherystrasz distrusted and placed in the constitution for Heartwing that Heartwing would only be for dragons. But as Aerenstrasz filled his father’s shoes, it was the first change he had made; All mortals would stand as equal members to dragons, for now and forever. Many disagreed with Aerenstrasz’ desicion, calling it a young look on the world and disregarding its old scars left behind by mortals.

Drakonid are both the ascendended servants of the dragonflights but aswell as the families that have basked in the favor of its denizens. The drakonid are mutated humanoids that serve the dragonflights in unfaltering loyalty. Drakonid have either been ascended by a specific dragon’s (whether alive or not) life essence. Some dragons empower mortals to be more endurable and others grant them as a blessing and gift for the kindness they have shown the dragonflights.

The dragonspawn are semi-humanoid dragon-like creatures. While much isn’t exactly known about them, some rumors point to them as ancient mortals that have through generation upon generation become something greater. Others point at dragonspawn being unintended and malformed eggs of the dragonflights themselves. Whatever their origin is, one thing is for certain; These dragonspawn serve the dragonflights with unwavering and unbent loyalty. Their purpose have been to preserve and defend the dragonflights wherever they are able.

Apply to Heartwing
We accept both dragons and per Aerenstrasz’ ruling as he ascended to power, mortals can as well join the cause of Heartwing.

Various writers have a different viewpoints ranging from what they deem acceptable and unacceptable. As well as every roleplayer can be new or old.

What we look at is your knowledge of the lore. Your enthusiasm for being part of our community. Your viewpoint on roleplay and the Warcraft lore. And whether you have read the Heartwing-specific lore segments

You can apply by following this link and write out your character.


Apply via Discord
Alternatively, if you do not prefer to post your application publically and/or would like to clarify your character in direct communication with the administration of Heartwing. You can join through our Rookie Camp Discord, in which you can talk about your character and we can clarify the details and arrangements of your character’s arrival in the guild as a newblood.

Does Heartwing offer housing?
A: Yes, through participation and activity in the guild, you will be granted housing if you and your character desires it. This however for fair reasons is limited to one member per guild across all characters. We do not have enough housing facility for each of your characters. All housing (with the exception of mortals) are in the Sanctums.

How often are your events?
We schedule beforehand important key events in our Discord and have a timer up on our forums for people of all varying timezones to keep track of how long until the event starts. We will not always have events on every Saturday, but we will announce and make sure you know when one is planned.

Is this custom lore?
Heartwing remains itself within the scope of the canon Warcraft lore as much as possible. We will not try and conflict with the established lore, we have an value that says we intend to be as lore-friendly as possible. All our events, roleplays and such and how we moderate the guild takes strong precedent from Warcraft lore.

What is your stance on ERP?
It is strictly as part of our rules forbidden to ERP within the facilities offered by Heartwing such as our phase. If we find you as well ERPing in other people’s public phases with the Heartwing guild tag, you will be removed swiftly and your membership within our Discord terminated.

This guild really seems to have been going on for a long time. Can I really fit into it as a newcomer among people who may have been there for a long time?
Members have come and gone. Only a third of the guild right now has been in the guild nearly as much as the administration. All started somewhere, we are most welcoming and try our best to integrate your character to have a powerful meaning inside the guild!

Why can’t I join with my Black Dragon? He is not corrupted!
We’re aware of not all Black Dragons are explicitly serving the Old Gods even if they aren’t Wrathion or Ebyssion. Fahrad managed for several decades to resist the whispers of the Old Gods. The Black Dragonflight was once allowed inside Heartwing and was a major player. However as all things end; Black Dragons eventually submit to the whispers. This was an key-important event in Heartwing’s history known as the Black Rebellion in which the Black Dragonflight of Heartwing tried to usurp control of the organization in favor of the Old Gods.

While your character may not be insane right now. Your character as innately corrupted by the Old Gods poses an liability to the organization’s safety. For this, we do not allow the Black Dragonflight among our ranks.

Why can’t I join with my new Storm Dragon character?!
We simply do not know enough of its story. Blizzard has been really vague and while we could fill in its holes, there are too many key-centric questions that must be answered. Can they have mortal forms as ours? It doesn’t seem to be the case, as we haven’t seen any example of it. If your character always must be in dragon form and cannot turn into a mortal form, your character would not fit in a lot of our roleplays as not every roleplay of ours is about you being in your dragon form. It would put you on unequal grounds with the rest of the flights.

Dragonflight Artwork by one of our members; Aryiastrasza/Selinastrasza
Additional original artwork by Blizzard Entertainment
[Alive] Aerenstrasz - Leader of Heartwing
[Alive] Aerdranstrasz - Child of Aeren
[Alive] Azraelstrasz- Second son of Asherystrasz - Not part of Heartwing

[Deceased] Asherystrasz - Retired leader of Heartwing
[Deceased] Hydrastrasz - Former Leader of Heartwing

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