The Dragonflights - Introduction

Heartwing backstory and official storyline progression are listed here. Make sure to have read these before posting an application.
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The Dragonflights - Introduction

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This is written with the Post-4.3 Timeline in mind

Heartwing is a dragon-guild focused around the mindset of an unified family. With the belief that through faith in our Leader's desicions, this family will blossom. Through the times of Heartwing's 3 year of existence. From the beginning of the coalition at the beginning of the Cataclysm to now the Fall of the Destroyer himself, Heartwing has stood stout in that belief of family.

With the Father of Dragons' death, his son, Aerenstrasz has as well welcomed mortals to aid our cause. While not choosing to disrespect his father's wishes completely, those mortals cannot be accepted as a brother and sister into that family, but Aeren is making sure those mortals receives the gratitude they deserve.

With that said, Heartwing currently accepts four dragonflight, and one artificially created dragonflight. We are still considering whether the Black Dragonflight, Storm Dragonflight and miscellaneous dragonflights should be added to the roster. Most of these restrictions are set in place to assure most possible lore friendly-ness, and regard the current canon lore that we know, and try our best to follow it.

Please remember that the Dragonflights are severely weakened as an outcome of Deathwing's Fall. In this process, all dragons are now infertile.

Red Dragonflight

The Red Dragonflight is symbolized around the idea of Life & Death. They create and they destroy. Most within the dragonflight has centered themselves around the idea of their Dragon-Queen Alexstrasza to be compassionate about life, and be grateful for the existing life and spite death. Other Red Dragons have chosen the path of seeing both cycles as essential as the other, and is compassionate about both of the concepts. Not choosing to favor one over the other.

Former Aspect: Alexstrasza

Powers; A Red Dragon can choose whether or not their breath would injure an ally or heal the ally. A Red Dragon's breath can either bring life or death. Creation or destruction.

Additional information; Some Red Dragons have also taking studies in the Arcane. And it would not be uncommon for them to do so.

Heartwing recommends to new Red Dragon roleplayers this nicely written guide by one of our members; Aryiastrasza

Green Dragonflight

The Green Dragonflight centers around protecting the wildlife and safekeeping the Emerald Dream. While they have spent most of their lives patrolling the Emerald Dream, the Cataclysm has awakened them from their ancient slumbers. Greens Dragons understand better than no one the secrets of plantlife, what properties they can develop and how they can best be used. The Green Dragonflight has a close connection to the Emerald Dream and the Wild Gods.

Former Aspect: Ysera

Powers; A Green Dragon's breath is poison acid. As their breath would melt their opponents corrosively.

Additional information; As any other druid. A Green Dragon cannot create life from nothing. A Green Dragon must transfer the life essence of a creature or plant to heal those injured, leaving the first mentioned creature or plant withered. Also note that you cannot simply always phase into the Emerald Dream in midst of combat without dire repercussions.

Blue Dragonflight

The Blue Dragonflight is centered around regulating, managing and controlling the vast arcane energies throughout Azeroth, promptly protecting the veins of the female world-titan Azeroth, also called Ley Lines. The Blue Dragonflight has been affected by several tragedies, resulting in the flight's near extinction. For this reason, we are not only taking in dragons below the age of 500, as it seems very rare that older than that dragons has survived those tragedies.

Former Aspect; Malygos, Kalecgos.

Powers; A Blue Dragon can either be born with a frost breath or an arcane breath, or having it changed later in its life.

Additional information; While a blue dragon has spent a long life studying magic, it does not mean their manapools or aptitude for magic is the greatest in the world or that no mortal race can hold a candle to them in magic.

The Bronze Dragonflight

The Bronze Dragonflight had been charged by Aman'Thul to patrolling the timeways, alternative timelines. Always trying to protect the Prime Azeroth timeline as best they are able. While minor time changes are not directly wrong, they usually do their best to make sure the important events in history remain intact. Following the Cataclysm, this flight was most struck. As they can only catch few glimpses in the past or future, and are nolonger able to control the flow of time as they used to. Leaving them near to mortals in chronomancy.

Former Aspect; Nozdormu

Powers; A Bronze Dragon can either be born with a sand breath or a lightning breath, or having it changed later in its life.

Additional information; For guild and story reasons, we do not allow a Bronze Dragon (unless coordinated with a DM) being able to foretell the events of the story in events.

The Netherwing Dragonflight is the first known artificially dragonflight created (except for Undead), the Netherwing Dragonflight was mostly hatched in the destruction of Draenor, and those volatile energies is what shaped their new corpereal forms. They have always been without a certain leader, and always tried finding a purpose for themself whether it would be in Azeroth or Outlands.

Former Aspect; None.

Powers; They use an Arcane Breath.

Additional information; The same with Green Dragons, a nether dragon cannot keep phase in and out of combat to avoid damage. Also Netherwing are dearly susceptible to being drained by a Blue Dragon or Twilight Dragon. We also recommend to read this nicely written guide by a former member of Heartwing who roleplayed a Netherwing in his time in Heartwing; viewtopic.php?f=19&t=32
[Alive] Aerenstrasz - Leader of Heartwing
[Alive] Aerdranstrasz - Child of Aeren
[Alive] Azraelstrasz- Second son of Asherystrasz - Not part of Heartwing

[Deceased] Asherystrasz - Retired leader of Heartwing
[Deceased] Hydrastrasz - Former Leader of Heartwing

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