The Red Dragonflight

They consider themselves the protectors of all life, and in many ways they are. More often than not, they are found protecting sacred areas and items.
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The Red Dragonflight

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Ruled by the Dragonqueen, Alexstrasza, the Red Dragonflight exemplifies the serenity of life and nature, reflecting awe-inspiring nobility. Proclaimed protectors and defenders of all life as it is, they rule as lords over all dragonkind. Mortal legends, passed down through generations and written down in the annals of history, speak the truth about their life giving breath and a red dragon's fire can both protect and punish.

Long ago, the titan creator Eonar entrusted the red dragons with maintaining the harmony and prosperity of life, a task they never failed to fulfill. Custodians of all life on Azeroth, they have also been granted power over death, being capable of both rejuvenating and draining life. A red dragon will not hesitate to kill a creature if its actions put other lives in danger and at the same time, they are capable of giving life once again to another, though always as a last resort.
[b][i][color=#BF0000]Loyalty[/color][/i][/b] The red dragons are entirely loyal to their Queen and they are known to have shown utmost respect towards her now deceased consorts, the ancient and wise Tyranastrasz, also known as "The Scholarly One" and the loyal Korialstrasz.[b][i][color=#BF0000]Enemies[/color][/i][/b] Guardians of life and defenders of Azeroth, the red dragons are known to battle those who wish to do the world harm, particularly the Black dragonflight, their Twilight aberrations and, above all, the great dark leviathan, Deathwing.
[b][i][color=#BF0000]Relationships with mortals[/color][/i][/b] The agents of the red dragons can be seen all over Azeroth, seeing as the members of the flight take their charge seriously, keeping a watchful eye on mortals, organizations and places. Friendly towards the humans and elves, the red dragons use their powers to disguise themselves as these members of the mortal races.[color=#BF0000][b][i]Nomenclature [/i][/b][/color] The Red dragonflight is referred to under different names as well, including [b]Crimson[/b], [b]Ruby[/b] and [b]Vermillion[/b]. While in their mortal guises, some members of the flight prefer to take on different names, in order to hide their true identity, thus operating in secret. The flight's given names end in [b]~strasz[/b] for males and[b] ~strasza[/b] for females.

Charge of the Dragonflights (-64.000)
Once their work on the small world of Azeroth was finished, the Titans were ready to depart. However, before they did so, they chose the greatest species of the world and charged them with an important task: guard it against anyone or anything who might threaten to tip the fragile balance of the scales. The red dragonflight was one of the five flights that held dominion over their brethren and thus, this flight’s leader was amongst those upon whom the Pantheon imbued a portion of their power. Alexstrasza was blessed by Eonar, patron of all life and her and her flight would forever more work to safeguard all living creatures within the world. In those ancient times, the Dragon Aspects stood united against a foe who threatened their entire species: the bloodthirsty Father of Dragons, Galakrond, who all dragons lived in fear of, as he devoured dozens upon dozens of them. Due to her supreme wisdom and limitless compassion for all living things, Alexstrasza was crowned the Dragon Queen and given dominion over her kind. Thus, the Age of Dragons began. [i]"I cannot help but wonder if things would have turned out different if the titans had elevated even one more dragonflight."[/i] -[b]Alexstrasza the Dragon Queen[/b][img][/img]
War of the Ancients (-10,000)

Time passed and the newly created world thrived, continuing to evolve with the apparition of the mortal sentient races. However, it was only a matter of time before the very life the dragons were tasked to protect endangered the life of the world known back then as Kalimdor. The first threat the world ever had to face came from the demonic Burning Legion and its leader, Sargeras.
Back in those days, Deathwing was known was the uncorrupted Aspect of the Earth, Neltharion, one of the Dragon Queen’s closest and wisest advisors. He was the one who suggested that a magical artifact be created, in order to help destroy the demons. Thus, the Dragon Soul was created, towards the creation of which Alexstrasza gave much of her own essence, along with each dragon.[img][/img]

The members of the Red flight joined the others in flight over the battle and Neltharion brought forth the artifact, devastating the demonic forces. However, to everyone’s shock, the artifact was also turned against the Kaldorei and the other dragons, which were completely helpless and paralyzed. Korialstrasz, the Queen’s mate, whose essence, liken Neltharion’s, did not empower the artifact came to their aid and while he could not match up against the Aspect of Earth, he was successful in interrupting his concentration long enough to allow the dragons to escape.
Malygos, the aspect of magic, was angered by this betrayal and him and his azure flight charged against the betrayer. The price they paid was great, as Neltharion unleashed the Dragon Soul against them and wiped out a large portion of them. The other dragonflights charged into battle as well, but Neltharion escaped. Injured, shocked and broken, the dragons all retreated as well, forced to abandon the mortals before the invading demons. The damaged done to the ancient dragons was far too great. Despite all this, the Kaldorei and their allies were able to defeat the invasion, but at the greatest cost the world had ever seen up to that moment.

The Sundering (-10,000)
[img][/img]Thousands of lives were lost and the face of Azeroth was changed forever, as a large part of its landmass was sent to the depth of the ocean, never to see the light of the sun again. Neltharion’s betrayal left its mark deeply upon the ancient dragons, bringing their age to an end. The Queen and two of the other aspects, Ysera and Nozdormu decided together to make sure the Dragon Soul could never be wielded by a dragon again. They placed an enchantment upon the artifact and hid it deep beneath the earth. Then, they showed themselves before the just as wounded ancient race of the Kal’dorei and presented them with a gift.
The Queen produced a single enchanted acorn, plucked from the Mother Tree G’Hanir, which she placed within the new Well of Eternity, located atop Mount Hyjal. From this single acorn, embraced by the magic waters of the well, grew a massive tree, named Nordrassil, which was then blessed by Ysera and Nozdormu, to forever guard the new well. For millenias to come, the dragons continued to protect Azeroth, silently, until the time came for them to rise once again.

War of the Shifting Sands (-1000)

Thousands of years passed since the dragons last charged into battle as one. New mortal races appeared on the surface of the planet and nations rose and fell as it was now the age of mortals. In Kalimdor, dark forces stirred, threatening the very existence of the ancient continent. The mortals found themselves outnumbered and weak before the attacking insects and so they turned for help to the draconic ancients.
Reluctant at first, they decided to aid the mortals once again, red blue, bronze and green fighting together, the reds led by Caelestrasz, son of the Dragon Queen. The dragons and winged Qiraji clashed in the cloudless sky above Silithus as the whole of the Kalimdorian Kaldorei forces streamed across the sands. The dragons could sense something within the ancient city of the Qiraji, something ancient and terrifying.[img][/img]
[img][/img]It was then when a final, desperate plan was hatched: to contain the insects inside the city. With the aid of the four dragonflights, the final push began and working as one, dragons and mortals pushed the forces back towards the city of Ahn’Qiraj. Caelestrasz, along with Merithra and Arygos decided to push into the city to hold the enemies back long enough for the other to raise a magical barrier that would contain them. The three were thought to be lost forever only to be later found captured and tortured in order to use them to create the Moam and the Obsidian destroyer. After the last of the enemies were slain, the sands of Silithus
were littered with the corpses of fallen Qiraji, Kaldorei and dragons. At the end of the war, a shard of the artifact known as The Scepter of the Shifting Sands, required to open the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, was entrusted to the red wyrm Vaelastrasz by Nozdormu's son and heir, Anachronos.

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Re: The Red Dragonflight

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Second War (6)
[img][/img]Ten thousand years after the events of the the War of the Ancients, Neltharion, now known as Deathwing, was seeking to rebuild his shattered Dragonflight by using the eggs of the Dragon Queen. The Black Aspect found the location of the Demon soul and led the orcs of the Dragonmaw Clan to it. A former warlock known as Skullcrasher was entrusted with the artifact. After weeks of searching, an injured Red male was found and unwillingly, while seeking to return to the ruby flight's lair, he led the orcs to it. Here, on a high mountain peak, they came upon the Dragon Queen herself, roosting with three of her consorts. Several of the orcs perished from the Queen's fire, before Nekros stepped forth, wielding the ancient artifact and with it, the Clan managed to subdue and capture the Queen
along with a large portion of the flight. The years to come were the darkest in the red flight's history. The Queen was forced to birth clutch after clutch, her children used as mounts and as a weapon of destruction in the war. The Queen's heart was broken over the lost lives of her children and the lives her children were forced to take. Along with her children perished two of her consorts, one while attempting to escape over the sea and the other dying in agony, injured by Deathwing. Her only surviving consort was the youngest, Korialstrasz, who avoided capture altogether. Alexstrasza and her prime consort, the ancient Tyranastrasz, were the only ones left to birth dragons for the bloodthirsty orcs. The reds tried to fight back, but the slightest act of defiance caused the orcs to torture them in unimaginable ways, including the destruction of unhatched eggs. Once lords over all dragons, the reds were now reduced to submissive slaves of the Horde. The ones who once protected life at all cost were now forced to take it, as the Horde used the vermillion leviathans to destroy the lands and possessions of the Alliance, including territories and ships. The mortals of the Alliance, though fighting back with the dwarven gryphon riders, still lived in fear for eight full years.[img][/img]
Battle of Grim Batol (8)

As the Second War came to an end, though the Horde was defeated, the Dragonmaw Clan's grip on the Queen and her children and on Grim Batol remained. Once more, same as long ago, Korialstrasz was seeking a way to free his brothers and sisters, disguised as Krasus, mage of the Kirin Tor. Korialstrasz approached the other Aspects, seeking their help, but they turned him down again and again, which caused him to turn for help to the mortals, more specifically, his apprentice, Rhonin, who he sent on a secret mission to Grim Batol. Fearing that the Alliance might attempt to take the fortress, Nekros had the Queen and her eggs moved out of it and began marching towards Dun Algaz where he thought the bulk of the Dragonmaw Clan was stationed. In reality, Deathwing himself was manipulating him, desiring Alexstrasza's eggs for himself.
The subdued Tyranastrasz was forced by Nekros to face Deathwing. However, the years in captivity and the millennia he lived had taken a toll on his body and so the ancient leviathan perished in a fight against the dark aspect. His body remained where it fell. Tyranastrasz' skull was later found by the Explorers' League and taken to the Hall of Explorers museum in Ironforge. Here, mortals can admire the one they only knew from legends and an inscription on a plaque speaks of him as consort of the Dragonqueen.[img][/img]
[img][/img]Deathwing then began stealing the Queen's eggs, only to be stopped by the arrival of the other three Aspects and the four engaged in a historical battle above the fortess Grim Batol. Korialstrasz' apprentice, Rhonin, engaged in a fight against Nekros, whom he defeated. He then used one of Deathwing's own scales to destroy the Demon Soul, which caused the sealed ancient power to be released and returned to the Aspects. Overpowered, Deathwing was forced to retreat. Once liberated once more, in their fury, Alexstrasza's dragons tore Grim Batol apart and incinerated the greater bulk of the Dragonmaw clan. The Queen then swore an oath of friendship to the mortal races who aided in her liberation and then returned to her flight.
The dragons who survived being captured finally came out of hiding and re-assumed their ancient charge of defending life once again. Some took upon guarding Grim Batol, former prison of their Queen and final resting place of her beloved consort.

Third War (20)
[img][/img]The Third War was for the mortals to fight and the Red Flight, not unlike the other dragonflights, did not play any significant role in the war as a whole. However, many of the ruby flight's members remained captured by the Blackrock clan, high in the Alterac Mountains, whre they were still being mounted. The orcs used them to vainly fight against the Scourge, led then by Prince Arthas Menethil and Kel'Thuzad, who were seeking to gain control of the clan's Demon Gate, on their path to continuous distraction.

The Red Flight was powerless before the destruction caused by the Scourge throughout the human and elven nations. While they could not heal the Scar, nor the damaged lands, one of their own, Korialstrasz originally saw the re-accumulation of the Sunwell's energy, and did not want the Lich King's new death knight, the treacherous Prince Arthas, to discover it. Korialstrasz formed the energy into the form of a peasant girl named Anveena Teague. Hiding the truth from her until a later time, Korialstrasz gave Anveena the illusion of having lived a normal life. These actions did not remain unknown, as the traitorous Dar'Khan Drathir, the elf who allowed Arthas into Quel'Thalas, intervened and began draining the power from Anveena. Korialstrasz never meant to intrude upon the events taking place, until Dar'Khan — upon gaining some of the power of the Sunwell he drained from Anveena — took control of the red dragon. Unable to break the mind control, Korialstrasz was forced to do battle with the blue dragon Tyrygosa, until the spell was broken with help from mortals. While the battle against Dar'Khan continued, Korialstrasz had once more stepped to the side to observe all of what transpired. In the end, he said that he would continue to watch over Anveena and Kalec as they stayed in the care of Lor'themar Theron, the Regent of Quel'Thalas.[img][/img]
Second Battle of Grim Batol (27)

Ten years after the Queen and her children were freed, the red guardians stations at Grim Batol began falling ill and some even died of unknown causes while others went mad and had to be put down by their own brothers and sisters. Not wishing to lose any more of their flights, they finally decided to retreat, unaware of the presence of the ebon dragon Sinestra, hiding deep within the fortress. However, Korialstrasz felt that something was happening indeed and upon investigating, he discovered Sinestra as she was attempting to create the twilight dragonflight. A combined effort by Korialstrasz, his allies, along with the sacrifice of the nether Zzeraku and the creating Dargonax led to the destruction of Sinestra's "project". Grim Batol was abandoned once again, yet Sinestra and her creations were nothing compared to something else lurking still deeper within the mountain: Deathwing himself.

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Re: The Red Dragonflight

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This guide is canon and enforced in Heartwing.

Thanks to Aryiastrasza for creating this :-).
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