The Blue Dragonflight

Magic is what mosts concerns the members of the blue dragonflight. Acquiring it, researching it, cataloging it.
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The Blue Dragonflight

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Artwork made by Aryiastrasza
The blue dragonflight, while ruled by Malygos, the lord of magic, was all but devastated by the evil Deathwing and his black dragonflight. Though there are few great blue dragons left in the world, their magical powers are awesome to behold. Native to Northrend, the few blues stay relatively close to the great Dragonblight, where they commune with the ancient dragon spirits who died in ages past. Their freezing breath and gargantuan claws have been the death of many hapless travelers in Northrend.
Magic is what mosts concerns the members of the blue dragonflight. Acquiring it, researching it, cataloging it. Blue dragons are masters of the arcane and the wield it with a natural, almost intrinsic, ease. Even the flight's dragonspawn armies are flush with magical aptitude. The blues believe that with this power comes a certain responsibility and so members of the blue flight can often be found in positions policing and monitoring the use of magic by non-dragons.
Although the flight is disbanded, the last leader of the blue dragonflight has been Kalecgos. Previous to Kalecgos, the blue dragons were loyal and answered to their Aspect, Malygos. The blue dragons of the Azsunan brood pay respect to Senegos.Before the madness had taken over their Aspect, the blue dragonflight had fought against Deathwing and his black fight. During the Nexus War, the Aspect of Magic and those loyal to him have waged war against the mortal races and their reckless use of magic. When Kalecgos was elected as the next Aspect of Magic, the blue dragons fought the black dragonflight and their twilight abominations.
[left][color=blue]Relationship with mortals[/color][/left][color=blue]Nomenclature[/color]
Historically, blue dragons have had a reputation for spending their days in solitary contemplation of the secrets of the world, but in recent times blue dragons have proved to be more social due to the growing threats to all living creatures. Their approach towards mortals, specificly arcane spellcasters, can vary anywhere from amiable curiosity to outright hostility.Members of the blue dragonflight most often have names ending in "gos" for males, or "gosa" for females. Sometimes synonyms of the word "blue", or terms relating to spellcasting find their way into their nicknames as well.
Charge of the Dragonflights(-64,000)
Before the Titans departed Azeroth, they charged the greatest species of the world with the task of watching over it. In that age, there were many dragonflights, yet five flights, one of which was the blue, held dominion over their brethren, and were chosen to shepherd the budding world. The greatest members of the Pantheon imbued a portion of their power upon each of the flights' leaders. Norgannon, the Titan lore keeper and master-magician, granted the blue dragon, Malygos, a portion of his vast power. From then on, Malygos would be known as the Spell-Weaver, the guardian of magic and hidden arcanum. [i]"I believe that you will find that my gift to you is not just a profound duty—which it is—but also a delight—which it is! Magic must be regulated, managed, and controlled. But it must also be appreciated and valued and not hoarded. Such is the contradiction you must deal with. May you be dutiful ... and joyous both."[/i] -Blessing of the Blue Aspect[img][/img]
War of the Ancients(-10,000)

[img][/img]When the night elves inadvertently called the Burning Legion to the world, the blue dragons were among the first to realize the potential threat; and when the Aspect of the Earth, Neltharion, suggested creating a magical artifact to aid in the destruction of the demons, the blues were some of the first to agree to the plan. Malygos himself was one of Neltharion's closest friends and staunchest supporters, and he gave much of his own essence toward the creation of this object, called the Dragon Soul. When each dragon had contributed a portion of his or her essence to the artifact, Neltharion deemed it complete. The blues joined the other dragons in flight over the battle and the Black Aspect brought the Dragon Soul to bear against the Legion, with devastating effects on the demonic swarm — but only for a precious few moments. He then shocked his fellow aspects and turned the artifact against the terrified night elves as well, and finally his own brethren. The shocked dragons were helpless to resist the power of the Dragon Soul, for it contained a fraction of the essence of each — with the exception of Neltharion himself. All the dragonflights, save Neltharion's own, were paralyzed in midair until the timely intervention of Korialstrasz, a mate of the red dragonqueen, who had been absent from the initial use of the artifact. While Korialstrasz was no match for the Aspect of Earth, he did manage to interrupt Neltharion's concentration for a moment, freeing the other dragons from their paralysis and allowing them to act. Malygos, infuriated at the betrayal by his ally, struck first, but at a great price. As the blue dragonflight flew into formation to attack Neltharion, the mighty black wyrm unleashed the full fury of the Dragon Soul against them, and the power instantly slew nearly every one of them. As the other dragons turned to act, Neltharion retreated, leaving the blue dragonflight broken in his wake. During the struggle Malygos had been thrown from the battlefield and survived, but his prime consort Sindragosa died from her injuries after being flung far into the icy north. Wounded and shocked, the remaining blues and the other noble dragons were forced to abandon their mortal allies. The dragonflights secluded themselves, hoping to recover from the Dragon Soul's powers, but the damage to the draconic race had been done. The Kaldorei and their allies just barely managed to defeat the legion, but at great cost. Azeroth was sundered. Korialstrasz teleported himself to the icy caverns of the blue flight to search for any remaining life. He found none, save a few nearly frozen, but still intact, eggs. Knowing these eggs were the only hope of a future the blue flight had, Korialstrasz placed them in a pocket universe, where time ran ever so slowly, until he could pass them on to someone he could trust. One of those eggs contained Arygos.

Aftermath of the Sundering(-10,000)
The loss of most of his children and mates drove Malygos mad and for 10,000 years the Spellweaver fell deeper and deeper into his madness. In fits of rage and grief, he split his home, Coldarra, from mainland Northrend, creating the Westrift. The few survivng members of the blue flight settled on Coldarra, carving their own caverns out of the Nexus. Perhaps Malygos's last sane act was placing many of his surviving dragonkin in the caverns of Mazthoril to hold eternal vigil over the sacred site of Mt. Hyjal, location of the world tree Nordrassil and the second Well of Eternity. After that he isolated himself in his lair, refusing all visitors, while his presence in the world diminished over time.
A few remaining blues continued their lord's study of magic throughout the millennia. The Arcanomicon, a map of the world's ley lines gifted to Malygos ages ago by the titan Norgannon, was continuously updated and revised by the blue dragons over the long years of Malygos's seclusion. Mighty blue wyrms, such as Sapphiron and Azuregos, continued to search for and hoard artifacts of great magical power, keeping them from inexperienced hands. When the legion was planning its second invasion of Azeroth, another agent, Arcanagos, attempted to sway the Guardian Medivh away from the path he was taking under the control of the Dark Titan, Sargeras.

War of the Shifting Sands(-1000)
A thousand years before modern times, the almost-extinct blue dragons still managed to lend their aid to the night elves and the bronze dragonflight during the War of the Shifting Sands. Led by Arygos, child of Malygos, the blues fought the Silithid and their Qiraji masters furiously and ultimately helped push them back to their city where they were sealed away from the world. The dragons suffered few casualties but the progeny of Malygos, Arygos, was believed lost, having charged deep into Ahn'Qiraj during the final push. After the war a shard of the Scepter of the Shifting Sands was entrusted to the blue wyrm Azuregos by Anachronos the bronze. The Scepter was supposed to be split between the dragonflights and spread far and thin as to disallow the Old Gods from opening the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, the scepter held the key to open it and dispatch its magical veil.[img][/img]

Battle of Grim Batol(8)
[img][/img]In the events leading up to the Second War, Deathwing led a powerful orc warlock named Nekros to the Dragon Soul — now renamed the Demon Soul. Nekros used the Demon Soul to force the red Dragon Aspect, Alexstrasza, into submission, and forced the rest of the red dragonflight to serve him or risk the death of their queen. Korialstrasz, who escaped by faking his death sought the assistance of the other Aspects to free his queen. When Korialstrasz approached Malygos, the Blue Aspect seemed almost indifferent to the news at first. That is until the red consort hinted to the lord of the blues that as the aspect of life, there could be something Alexstrasza could do for him and his nearly-extinct flight. After heavy consideration and some coaxing from Ysera, he agreed. With the Aspects convinced, Korialstrasz waited until Nekros brought Alexstrasza and her eggs out of the fortress, just as Deathwing had desired. When Deathwing made his appearance, Malygos and the others arrived and proceeded to battle Deathwing in the sky near Grim Batol. Korialstrasz's human apprentice, Rhonin, defeated Nekros and used one of Deathwing's scales to destroy the Demon Soul. The destruction of the artifact released the ancient power that had been sealed inside for millennia, making the Aspects whole once more and allowing them to overpower Deathwing and force his retreat. This final battle was known as the Battle of Grim Batol. After having his powers restored to him, Malygos remained secluded for the most part but his flight did became more active in the world once again. Still recovering from the events that occurred ten thousand years ago, they nevertheless continued to safeguard the world from corrupting magic and those who would wield it.

The Sunwell(20)
As of the aftermath of the Third War, the blue dragonflight was growing in numbers, but not fast enough. Following the Third War, which had ravaged the kingdom of Quel'Thalas and cost the high elves their fabled Sunwell, Malygos and the blues felt a great flaring of power, coming from Lordaeron. The Spell-Weaver, with no elders at his disposal, sent the young Kalecgos to investigate. Tyrygosa, Kalecgos's intended mate, followed soon after, arriving just in time to save Kalecgos from the Scourge. In their company was a strange young woman by the name of Anveena Teague. On a visit to Tarren Mill they were joined by the paladin Jorad Mace. The four journeyed together, their exploits eventually leading them to Quel'Thalas where after being assaulted by Dar'Khan Drathir and an enslaved Korialstrasz they discovered Anveena was the new avatar of the Sunwell. Dar'Khan was defeated and Anveena was left in the care of Lor'themar Theron and Halduron Brightwing. Kalecgos, having sworn to look after her, remained in Quel'Thalas as Anveena's guardian.[img][/img]

The Nexus War(27)
Prelude to the War
As he became his former self again, the Spellweaver also began to once more survey the state of magical usage throughout the world. He discovered that, during his absence, magic had greatly increased in proficiency and was now running amok. He subsequently placed the blame squarely on the various mortal races that had since arisen on the world during his ten thousand years of seclusion. Seeking a solution, Malygos turned to the Arcanomicon, the map of all of Azeroth's ley lines, granted to him by the Titan Norgannon when he first became an Aspect. Using the map to locate all of the world's ley lines, the Lord of Magic began to divert their energies into his domain—the Nexus—on the island of Coldarra in Northrend's Borean Tundra. They were then channeled through the floating rings of the Nexus and blasted into the Twisting Nether.

What Malygos did not know was how much damage his plan would wreak if implemented fully. While the Pantheon had told the Dragon Aspects many things, what they did not tell them was that Azeroth held a world-soul, a dormant titan. Malygos's campaign had upset the equilibrium of the world, sparking natural disasters from Northrend to the southern tips of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Unless something was done, these disasters would spiral out of control and cause irreparable harm to Azeroth's world-soul.

The War
[img][/img]Malygos's actions led to rifts opening in the fabric of magic itself. His siphoning of the world's magic also did not escape the notice of the mortal races - particularly the remnants of the Kirin Tor, the elite magi of Dalaran. Recognising that Malygos had become a very real threat, the Kirin Tor used what remaining powers they had to magically transport the rebuilt city of Dalaran to the skies of Northrend, right on the front lines of both the War against the Lich King, and the coming conflict with Malygos. However, some members of the Kirin Tor believed that allying themselves with the Guardian of Magic would be more beneficial and prudent. Betraying their own brethren, many of these mages were transformed and bolstered by Malygos himself to become the dreaded mage hunters. Their duties now became killing or capturing those who wielded magic without Malygos's consent, destroying specific magical artifacts, and aiding in the redirection of ley lines using surge needles. As the war began to pick up, Malygos's genocidal campaign began to incur the ire of its former allies, the Red dragonflight, charged by the Titans to preserve life. Alexstrasza, the Red Aspect, subsequently allied her dragonflight with the mages of the Kirin Tor in their efforts against the blues. Along with the Red flight, the entire Wyrmrest Accord decided to unite with those opposing the Spellweaver, bringing the Green, Bronze, and Black dragonflights into the conflict. Also threatened by the Blue dragonflight's actions, Alliance and Horde aligned themselves with the Kirin Tor and its allies. Champions of these two proved pivotal in the eventual frustration of Malygos's plans in the Borean Tundra and Dragonblight. At some point during the conflict, the Ethereum, an organization of militant ethereals, negotiated a deal with Malygos, whereby they would aid the Blue dragonflight in the war in exchange for a promise to be allowed access to the flight's powerful treasures.
End of the Nexus War
[img][/img]Throughout the brutal conflict, the Blue dragonflight battled with its enemies in the western regions of Northrend, eventually failing to overcome the coalition arrayed against them. The final blow against Malygos's forces was struck be members of the Horde and Alliance. Upon the defeat of the frost wyrm Sapphiron in the heart of Naxxramas, its key to the Focusing Iris in the Eye of Eternity (Malygos's inner sanctum) was recovered. The key was promptly delivered to Alexstrasza herself, who imbued it with her power, recognising this as an opportunity to lure Malygos into battle. With the power of the Aspect of Life, it could now be used to open the way to the Spellweaver's lair. Korialstrasz, Prime Consort of Alexstrasza, now made a crucial request to the Alliance and Horde heroes who would take on the responsibility of confronting Malygos: that the Blue Aspect be slain, and the powerful Heart of Magic, Malygos's most prized possession, be recovered as proof of the deed. With everything now in place, the assault on the Eye of Eternity began. Having confronted Malygos, a vicious battle now ensued between the dragon and his mortal adversaries, who were eventually joined by drakes of the Red dragonflight. Ultimately, Malygos was defeated, in his last breath questioning the reasoning of Alexstrasza's actions. Shortly after Malygos's death, Alexstrasza arrived and declared that the Nexus War had officially concluded.
"I did what I had to, brother. You gave me no alternative.
And so ends the Nexus War.
This resolution pains me deeply, but the destruction - the monumental loss of life - had to end. Regardless of Malygos's recent transgressions, I will mourn his loss. He was once a guardian, a protector. This day, one of the world's mightiest, has fallen.
The Red Dragonflight will take on the burden of mending the devastation brought on Azeroth. Return home to your people and rest. Tomorrow will bring you new challenges, and you must be ready to face them. Life, goes on."
—Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder

Twilight of the Aspects(28)
The blue dragonflight faced a crisis that no other dragon in the world had faced before, the loss of an Aspect. Research indicated that one could be empowered during the Embrace, and the two major candidates for the position were Kalecgos and Arygos, son of Malygos. Arygos betrayed his people to Deathwing for the promise of achieving the position, but in the end the flight elected Kalecgos their new leader.

Kalecgos worked alongside the other Aspects in the final battle against Deathwing, using his new power to rewrite the Dragon Soul's magic and allow it to harm the Aspect of Death. At the end of the fighting, the Aspects became mortal.

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This is surely magical
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