[Unofficial] Pergi's Indepth Guide to the Netherwing

Following the Second War, the Black dragon eggs abandonded on Draenor by Deathwing were exposed to the arcane energies of the nether
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[Unofficial] Pergi's Indepth Guide to the Netherwing

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Disclaimer: This topic is my interpretation and some theroy crafting on the Netherwing flight formulated through all my research into the Netherwing for my character Pergirnus. These following post contains my opinion on the way a Netherwing should be RP'd.

Due to some recent misunderstandings we wish to clarify this guide is not endorsed by Heartwing as official guild canon and therefore should only be used as a guideline that ideas may be extracted from. The contents of this guide are subject to the guild Officers' interpretation.
Not much is known about this Dragonflight, all we known of it is given to us through RPG information, Quest Text, NPC Encounters, and some Novel information. The RPG decription of the Netherwing is as follows:
The spectral form vaguely resembles a dragon, with
ghostly wings, jaws and talons. Its shape shifts constantly,
however, appearing insubstantial and ephemeral.
Vibrant colors shoot through its pale body.


Though nether dragons often resemble true dragons,
most scholars believe them to be unrelated. Nether
dragons are composed of pure nether energy, and as
such are beings of chaos. They feed on mana and magic
of all kinds and constantly patrol the Twisting Nether
and those worlds open to it, such as Outland, for
nourishment. Nether dragons are unallied with the
Burning Legion or any other faction, and so pose a
threat to any they encounter. Though intelligent,
nether dragons do not speak. They can communicate
telepathically, but rarely choose to do so.
Obviously a good chunck of this is proven false through recent more canon sources of information, but what has yet to be dissproven and actually adds insight into the abilities of the Netherwing is:
They feed on mana and magic of all kinds
We can keep that in mind in the Abilities section to come.

What this shows though it the drastic change Blizzard has gone through while developing the Netherwing as a Dragonflight. What follows is all the information I could scrunge up on the Dragonflight.
To understand the Netherwing we must first look at their origin, that origin being heavily influnced by the Earth Warder, Deathwing the Destroyer

Deathwing was once the proud Dragon Aspect known as Neltharion the Earth Warder, Neltharion was tasked by the titan Khaz'Goroth to watch over the deeps places of Azeroth. As the years ground by Neltharion came to detest his charge as a Dragon Aspect, wishing for more, he was eventually corrupted in the mind by the Old Gods. This led him to make the Dragon Soul and to betray the Dragonflights in an attempt to bring ruin to all the Titan's had wrought on Azeroth. Even with this great treasure Neltharion now known as Xaxas or Deathwing was defeated when his precious treasure was stolen from him and hidden where he could not find it. After ten-thousand years of hiding and searching Deathwing finally found his treasure, but was unable to use it, that is when he directed Zuluhed the Whacked to the Demon Soul, who in turn gave it to Nekros Skullcrusher where it was used to capture and enslave Alexstraza and her consorts. After this when Ner'Zhul reopened the Dark Portal to Azeroth from Draenor his forces were approached by Deathwing who offered some of his own children in return for safe passage to Outland, he was granted his passage.
After gaining passage to Draenor Deathwing took large batches of eggs from his Dragonflight and hid them in a cave he would take residence in on the broken world of Draenor. Sometimes during his stay on Draenor Deathwing came into pocession of the Skull of Gul'dan which would remain in his lair until the Alliance Expedition on Draenor learned of it existance and Khadgar chose to assault the lair of Deathwing due to the power of the Skull that could close the Dark Portal, during this assault some of the eggs were smashed and Deathwing was forced to abandon his lair, leaving his cache of eggs behind.

These abandoned eggs would sit in his lair for the duration of the fights until Ner'zhul opened the many portals that would lead to the rupturing of Draenor, while many of the eggs survived this great cataclysm they would be exposed to the volatile energies of the Twisting Nether, this would begin to twist and mutate the young whelps inside their eggs, after this mutation some of the Eggs would hatch and leave to wonder the desolation that remained of Outland, this becoming the only home they knew. These Eggs would hatch at varying times across the years, each new batch taking flight into the desolate world, aging much quicker than their Azerothian cousins do to a mutation from the chaotic Nether Energy that permeates their being.
The Netherwing would dominate the skies of Draenor for nearly 13 years after the cataclysm that shook Draenor, unaware of the threat that would come to Draenor following the end of the Third War on Azeroth, Illidan came to Outland in his escape from the Legion, after his defeat at the hands of Arthas he'd come once more to Outland where he would become the instrument to the Netherwing's downfall, he'd hand the Netherwing into the clutches of the Dragonmaw with the power of Zuluhed the Whacked who had ensnared the Dragon Queen, now he worked his power to control the Netherwing, including the mate of Neltharku. It wasn't until the aid of Azerothian Adventurers that the Netherwing were saved from their enslavement at the hands of the Dragonmaw. Endebted to the mortal races of Azeroth the Netherwing were able to find a reletive peace on the Broken World once more.
Not much was told of the Netherdragons after their salvation from the Dragonmaw until "Night of the Dragon" where the Netherdragon Zzeraku was drained by Sinestra to power Dargonax. Though this gives little insight into the flight, it atleast shows Netherdragons can go to Azeroth.
Image Neltharku - Neltharaku, a nether dragon, is the patriarch of Netherwing Dragonflight, the faction of nether drakes of Outland. Like all nether drakes, he is a descendant of Deathwing, and possibly took his name from Deathwing's original identity, Neltharion. In the absence of Deathwing and forced to find a way to survive on their own in the shattered world, Neltharaku and his mate, Karynaku, guide the nether drakes into an uncertain future. However, Karynaku was captured by Zuluhed the Whacked and the Dragonmaw Clan in order to create dragonriders for service in the armies of Illidan Stormrage.

Image Netherspite - The first Nether dragon seen on Azeroth, he was found in Karazhan, the reason why is never really elaborated on, he is considered a rogue Netherdragon and holds not factional ties to the Netherwing.

Image Valoku & Zzeraku - Valoku and his companion Zzeraku were two nether dragons whom spent most of their time hunting for prey in the vicinity of Hellfire Penninsula prior to the reopening of the Dark Portal. They were well known to a tribe of Broken whom were often the targets of their hunt. Valoku would meet his end protecting Tyrygosa from his own kind, and ZZeraku would loose his life batteling against Dragonax trying to protect a draenei priest.
When it comes to abilities we've only seen so much in the actual game, while as the RPG has alot more clear cut answers as to what they can do, first I'll present what we've seen in game as it is the most "canon".

Nether Portal - As seen in the Netherspire boss encounter in Karazhan we are shown that Netherdragons are able to open portals to the Nether in order to pull different kinds of energy from the nether to offer boons to the dragon, so far we only know of three, though it it unlikley these are the only three energies that can be pulled from the nether, nor are we sure only beneficial effects can be drawn out.

Perserverance (Red Energy) - This red colored energy when it comes into contact with Netherspite it will give him a stacking buff that reduces damage, we can convert this into an IC situation where the Red Energy slowly creates a thickening Physical Shield around the Netherdragon that can absorb damage and protect the Netherdragon from harm.

Serenity (Green Energy) - This green colored energy when it comes into contact with Netherspite will begin to heal him at a increasingly progressive rate. This one is very easily translated to an RP situation as the beam simply begins healing the dragon or whom ever it is in contact with, giving Netherdragons the ability to actually heal his comrades.

Dominance (Blue Energy} - This blue colored energy when it comes into contact with Netherspite will increase his spell damage by a progressively increasing value, this can be translated into simply causing the Netherdragons spells to become more energy filled as time goes by, increasing it's destructive power.

The following are the RPG abilities of the Netherdragon, these spells are subject to nerf if used in RP as alot of them are fairly powerful.

Great Spellbreaker (Sp): A nether dragon’s physical attacks all count as spellbreak attempts, what a spellbreak will do is that when struck the target will experiance a dispell magic on their being removing their current spell effects, it will also momentarily to prevent them from casting spells for about a few seconds.

Force Shield (Su): A Netherdragon passivly has a Force Shield raised around them, this shield will protect his physical form until hit with a considerable amount of force causing the shield to break.

Greater Arcane Sight (Su): Nether dragons are always under the effects of a greater arcane sight spell. This ability cannot be dispelled. This causes their eyes to glow blue and allows them to see any Arcane Aura within 120 feet of them, it also allows them to see what form of magic they use the most (Fel, Arcane, Light, Nature, etc.), this spell will also also them to detect what ever spell effects are on a person at any given time.

Magic Consumption (Ex): Due to the Netherdragons being heavily entwined with nether energy, most simple and weaker spells will simply be absorbed by the Netherdragons body, the body will then take the energy of the spell and add it to that of the Netherdragon temporarily, if the Netherdragon takes time to focus he can absorb spells of greater caliber.

Nether Disjunction (Sp): Once every ten hours a Netherdragon is able to utilize the chaotic energy of his being to release a disjuntion spell centered around him, what a disjunction will do is cause all magical effects to be canceled, and all magical items to become inert within a 25 foot radius. Very similar to their Spellbreak ability, any magic disjoined by this effect will be absorbed by the Netherdragon will give him a temporary flux of power.

Spectral Form (Ex): Nether dragons are composed of nether energy and are only partially corporeal. This causes a number of harmful corporeal effects to simply pass through the Netherdragon, though this does not completely eliminate the damage, the blow will cause a about 50% of the usual pain to the dragon, and will leave a wound about 30% the severity of what would usually be left by the attack.

Spell Resistance (Ex): Nether dragons are highly resistant to magic.

Phase Shift (Sp): Netherdragons have the ability to shift inbetween their current plane and the Nether, causing them to inhabit both but be unable to effect either, using this ability multiple times can cause great harm and mental stress to the Netherdragon
Netherdragons did not get off scott free when they were corrupted by the Nether, the effects of the Nether have caused them to age rapidly, leaving an 18 year old Nether to already be a wyrm and in the twilight of his years, it has also caused a variable amount of mental instability in Netherdragons, this goes as far but is not limited too: Paranoia, Bipolar disorder, Easy Aggravation, etc. Right now the accepted aging guide for Netherdragons is as follows.

Whelp: 0 – 2 months

Drake: 2 months - 5 years

Dragon: 5 -15 years

Wyrm: 15 - 30 years

Ancient/Elder Wyrm: No Netherwing has reached this stage yet.

Something I've added as a nerf for my own dragon is also greater vulnerability to Arcanic corruption, over use of magic in a small period of time can cause great harm to a Netherdragon, to the point of overexertion can leave the Dragon in a coma.

http://wow.gamepedia.com/Ally_of_the_Ne ... uest_chain

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Re: Pergi's Indepth Guide to the Netherwing

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Well sense this wasn't a formal essay following mla format, I just linked to the Wowpedia pages so people could find the information easier and read through it them selves for info I might have left out, obviously if I was making a proper Work Cited page I wouldn't cite to a -pedia page ever.
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Re: [Unofficial] Pergi's Indepth Guide to the Netherwing

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This is a great read and gives a really goos basis for what Netherwing could be, too bad it's non-Cannon because it's so well made :D

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