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General Rules
  • Be polite: Heartwing is a place where weird, wacky and wonky people can come and share in a good laugh. There is nothing wrong with having good manners.
  • Use your head: Do be considerate when posting. Most arguments start when one party returns a comment in a hotheaded manner. If you feel like someone has wronged you, contact a moderator or administrator.
  • Do not spam/flood
  • It's alright to have vulgar subjects, but it should not take itself to an excessive level of being a lengthy topic.
  • Do not advertise guilds within Heartwing chat mediums (Skype, in-game, Discord etc.). Nor try to encourage people to join a certain guild.
  • When joining the guild, you agree to the terms that sometimes we have to set lore rulings when there is a considerable gap that is necessary to have an official standard on.
  • It is strictly forbidden to ERP in the Main Phase of Heartwing, Public Roleplays or any venues that constitutes by the administration to be inappropriate conduct.

Forum rules:
Please read the forum rules before posting!

Do this
  • Post accordingly to subjects: It takes only a few seconds to eye all of the topics to find the right one to post in. If you’re in doubt, ask a moderator.
  • Remain on topic: There’s no reason not to stay on topic. Just do it.
  • Report inappropriate content: If for some reason a malicious comment or an inappropriate picture/link has found its way through to the forums, please report it to a moderator or administrator so that it may be dealt with accordingly.
Do not do this
  • Comments and posts containing these subjects will be warned or banned, depending on the transgression.
  • Post inappropriate content
  • Flaming, Badgering or Provoking
  • Bumping Threads: If the subject in question is interesting enough, it will be discussed. Bumping it for your personal desire to have the subject on the front page once again is selfish.
  • Behave in a malicious or shrewd manner
  • Posting personal information (Emails, names, addresses, phone number, etc.)
  • Arguing with a moderator on the forums. Contact the Moderator via a private message.
  • Share your account, or create alternate or multiple accounts. Forum accounts are intended to be used by one person, and there is no need for more than one account on the forums.

And don't even think about doing these
  • Commenting or posting inappropriate content: Pornographic material, gross or offending stuff. Anything NSFW (not safe for work) should not find its way to these forums.
  • Illegal posts: Any discussions regarding piracy or other illegal work will result in a permanent ban from the Heartwing Forums.
  • Threats: Threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke are punishable by ban.
  • Offending comments:Racism, discrimination, Religious, political, and other subjects that can lead to huge arguments.

Roleplay Rules

When you enter this guild. You are bound by these rules. Whether you have read them
or not. If the management of Heartwing finds you guilty of breaking the rules,
you will be kicked without warning.

Loldragon; When you roleplay while being part of Heartwing, you will not
represent the guild as a loldragon guild. That means, do not go around
announcing that you're a dragon in a mortal community, go by mortal limits. Blend
in with the mortal crowd.

Metagame; Know the difference between IC and OOC knowledge.

OOC Drama; Any conflicts you have with a guild member or
someone in the phase you will take to private. You will not spark drama and
disturb everyone else. Inciting and encouraging drama will lead to the same

Age; Age in this guild does not mean rank. Mature dragons may have
more authority and rank over wyrms etc.

Lore; You must know the lore behind the role you play.

Thought out character; Heartwing will not accept characters just
made 2 minutes ago. We want our members to join with the characters, they have
put thought into. Personality, sense of backstory is what we mean by a thought
out character.

Power-emoting; Be fair when roleplaying and give your opponent a chance to
roleplay with his or her character in return. This means that you will not be more overpowered
than a dragon would be.

Word Travel Fast Factor: Major announced storylines' overall knowledge would be fairly known quickly after its occurance. Ask others if you are in doubt about this.


The Five Tenants - IC Rules

I. You shall not break the covenant

II. Respect the members of Heartwing.

III. You shall not breed across dragonflight

IV. You shall not abandon the charge of your dragonflight

V. You shall obey the authority of Heartwing


Event Rules

* All OOC goes in /guild during the duration of the event.

* Do not make void jokes when the event has started.

* When you join an event, you are reminded that your character can possibly die without prior notice. The DM of the guild is licensed from the guild leader to be allowed to canonly set your character to be dead within the Heartwing canon, we do not require that you cannot roleplay your character at all anymore. Although we reserve the right to exclude you from our roleplays.

* All emotes directed at the DM specificially are to be made in /raid or .phase announce (if no raid group exists).

* During events. You WILL show respect to the DM and the event going on. You will not speak in an OOC public medium during the event, and you will try your best to focus your attention on the event

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