The IC Approach to get introduced

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The IC Approach to get introduced

Post#1 » Sun Jun 04, 2017 3:47 pm

A lot of questions are stirring about how one gets introduced IC'ly to the guild. Before it was rather easy storywise to just land at Mithres Alymna, but with the uprising of the Legion and the Fall of Heartwing into being remote and hidden. I have started to think how it is done best without having to wait for selected people like myself and our Coordinators to DM the arrival.

For this I grant any member in the guild the permission to introduce a newcomer into the guild IC'ly (of course their application has to been approved first). But there are certain conditions to address the question of. "If this random dragon can find us, why can't the Legion?" – For this we've decided that any member can introduce a newcomer if need be, but the existing member will meet up with the newcomer at an remote location and make sure they know the rules of the hideout before proceeding and also of course in their best interests make sure, they aren't being followed or poses any initial threat to the safety of Heartwing. And then escort the newcomer back to the hideout, it is up to the opinion of your character how remote of a location it needs to be.

If you use my character as motivation or link between your character and the newcomer, please make sure to let me know so I can remember that if you mention it in roleplay!

Any pre-existing connection for the meetup to happen can be done through bird messages or anything so tiny it wouldn't be picked up by Legion adversaries. If as well you would like to spice it up a bit, I will also grant minor DM abilities to the surrounding wildlife and Withered. Since Withered has so far shown quite a lot in our stories. Just be reasonable, and if you are in doubt whether you are overextending your boundaries, please send a message to me over Discord.

If you need to know how your character knows all of this. It was recently said IC'ly, if you were not there, you would have recently picked it up by Word Travels Fast factor.
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