Reform: Guild Events

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Reform: Guild Events

Post#1 » Wed Jun 10, 2015 3:58 pm

We are going to remove the permanent DM position completely from the guild (other than myself and the officers’). Any member now with a script of what they are planning for an event can now host an event (first event with supervision of an officer).

A lot of controversy has been circulating about how we are going to make Heartwing events and roleplay in the guild. I have never made an official guideline of how we are approaching it before now.

As the leader of the guild, I am telling the key-important events of what direction I am going to take Heartwing story-wise. Which means I am going to use elements that are more drastic and guild-changing than what when other Dungeon Masters decide to host.

As side-events, we would like to encourage building your events around what has happened in the key-events that I’ve been hosting. It would be greatly appreciated, if you compliment the key-events with your side-event. Although your side-event could also be to compliment another DM’s event (of course with their permission of how you are going to execute it). The baseline is that we need to make everything connected in one way or another.

A few points on what we would like to see from side-events. Not a main very powerful antagonist. Honestly, we (the officer team) think we have enough antagonists in Heartwing. Your events should not be direct series about a certain character, but rather something we would like to encourage is dynamic event that changes event-specific characters from event to event. It is alright to have an antagonist, although please restrict that antagonist to only that certain chapter of your event. We don’t need five storylines of five different antagonists. It gets confusing for the members, and this is some of the feedback we have taken into consideration. Also it is a requirement that your event is not about who is the strongest character, who is the oldest, basically we don’t want an ego-fight, which is something we also try to avoid as best as we can. (And yes, we’ve learned from past mistakes). To get a perspective of what your side-event could be then, is perhaps a dragon of Heartwing has gone missing in a certain area, and the dragons of Heartwing has to investigate what happened to him. Always try to focus the events about the members instead of glorifying your own characters. (Ironic I am saying it right?). Our point is that, side-events should not be about a single villain or a great army. It should be about leaving room for the members to interact and speculate.
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