Heliustrasz and the Felbrood

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Heliustrasz and the Felbrood

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Heliustrasz and the Felbrood

Heliustrasz is the current antagonist of the Heartwing series, and his actions have been seen far and wide in the Heartwing universe that shares the Warcraft universe we know. In this little article, I am going to explain what knowledge is known about him, and how you would have received this knowledge through in-character methods. I am also going to explain to the more veteran players, who have encountered him first hand, what they should remember about him, and most likely (of course on their own perception of their character) should portray and remember what Helius has done to offend them specifically. Furthermore as Helius is so much tied into the origin of what we know of the Felbrood, I am also going to take the liberty to explain the origin of the Felbrood in the veteran knowledge part of this article. As Heartwing uses expanded lore, which means we can fill in the gaps that Blizzard have not made a ruling on, which means that we will expand upon the current concept of feldragons (as evidenced being in existence by feldrakes’ entry in lore)


Illustration by Luffie. Edited to Demon-Dragons by myself

General Knowledge
This part will tell you a little bit on what you would know just by being in Heartwing for a few hours.

A lot of people (lorewise) are talking about Helius and the Felbrood, and most are suspicious of his intentions, as they are not completely clear yet. What you would know is that Helius is the first-born of Asherystrasz, the current leader of Heartwing, and brother to the heir of Heartwing, Aerenstrasz. You would know that Helius is an elder wyrm, and he somehow became a demon-dragon during the War of the Ancients.

By the mass mourning of Heartwing’s fallen, you would know that Helius or assailants in service to him are the reason for their beloved deceased’s skyfall. Most of the corpses were found charred and ever-burning with a green hue fire.

You would know by the constant reminding of every dragon that talks about Helius or the Felbrood, that you should never let a felbrood bite you, as their teeth are as venomous as a snake, and have proven to be fatal by the sickness caused by it.

Some cases have been heard, that the dragons bitten, slowly lost their minds and began going against their own people, but would currently only be rumors, as no one has stood forward to stand witness for it.

You would also know that all of the members of the Felbrood have by their own will chosen to forsake the charge of their dragonflight by drinking the demonblood that was possessed by an unknown high ranked demon, and thus bound in service to the demonlord Helius.

You have also heard some rumors about Helius creating some kind of new dreaded demonic creature, but you do not know the details.

Veteran Knowledge
This is the knowledge gathered by the veteran players who have either participated in guild events or have been told by someone that participated directly in guild events including the Felbrood or Helius himself. Another possibility to gain this knowledge is by being curious about the Felbrood subject, and have decided to research and study further down every path of knowledge about them and Helius.

As general knowledge, you know that Heliustrasz betrayed his own father Asherystrasz during the War of the Ancients. What you would only know as a veteran, which players knew from the events of Scarred Past, is that he was a curious little child always enjoying to feel life all around him. But one day, without his father, he ventured somewhere with a close friend of his to drink some water from a pond, and they got ambushed by troll dragon-hunters. Whom quickly impaled Helius’ friend, killing him instantly. Helius collapsed backwards looking up at the dragon-hunter with crying eyes, feeling his life, the only Life he had, was about to end. And an uncomfortable chill went down his spine. Closing his eyes, only fear was jolting his body, but behind his closed eyes, he could see his eyelids brightening up, as he opened them, and the trolls were lying there burning from ruby flames. Fire that belonged to his own father.

Something that was to define him in his life, sparked an ember that day. An ember of cruelty.

During the War of the Ancients, the Resistance was failing. The demons pouring out of the Well of Eternity were overwhelming the unprepared and poor Resistance. Mortals and dragons alike. After the betrayal of the Black Leviathan, Neltharion and the annihilation of the Blue Dragonflight by the Dragon Soul, all hope was seemingly lost with only few dragons still fighting. One day, Helius came to his father, and told him that they were losing this war. That they had to do something to turn the tides. And that Helius was fearing for his own life. A quote that defined the conversation between them from Helius was: “Life does not matter if I lose mine! I cannot enjoy life if I am withering on the battlefield! My life is the most important one! I cannot protect other lives, if I cannot even protect my own! I will do what I believe is right, father. Not for Azeroth, but for myself, and then for Azeroth”.

During the events of the Scarred Past, the members saw a vision of Helius who, weakened by war, had traveled to a desolate and dystopian world, believed by some to be Argus. Helius fell to his knees and pleaded the master of the Burning Legion to accept his surrender, and let him join the dark lord on the winning side of the war. A dark voice spoke back to him, but whether that was actually Sargeras or not has not been confirmed. In front of Helius, the tides of the felblood lake began to envelope his body, as the blood replaced his very being with a new dread shell.

During the last battle of the War of the Ancients, Father and Son clashed above the battlefield, and Helius was struck down with a fatal blow. Although Helius’ body’s wounds began to emit steam, that began to heal his wounds, and he returned to the skies and fled the war.

In recent events that included Arguandormu, and his counterpart Doromugan, it was revealed at the end, that it was in fact Helius who stood behind the murder of the now-deceased heir of Heartwing, Hydrastrasz.

In an even more recent event, the members encountered Helius by accident in a cavern beneath the very ground of Storm Peaks. In there, Helius revealed to the Council of Twilight, that his Felbrood was dying, that his forces were diminishing greatly, because dragons had to willingly drink the felblood to become a demon-dragon. And then he demonstrated a new power that he had orchestrated through a lot of research that included the Firelord Ragnaros’ grand power. And through that he engulfed a captured red dragon in pure fel flames, and bound the new being with a very part of himself. The drake became only an echo of its former self, as its wings became fire. A pure felflame being, one might even say birdlike. Making it inherit part of his memories, but also making it savage, only living on bestial instincts and orders by Helius. Some educated in the art of magic speculated during that time, that because Helius put a part of himself into the new transformed, they now shared a mental link.
[Alive] Aerenstrasz - Leader of Heartwing
[Alive] Aerdranstrasz - Child of Aeren
[Alive] Azraelstrasz- Second son of Asherystrasz - Not part of Heartwing

[Deceased] Asherystrasz - Retired leader of Heartwing
[Deceased] Hydrastrasz - Former Leader of Heartwing

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