Eleastrasza - Guardian of Life

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Eleastrasza - Guardian of Life

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Basic Information

Full Name: Eleastrasza.

Titles: They are simple self-given titles, if anything, but: Guardian of Life / Protector of Life, Purifier of the Corrupt

Aliases: Audelia Sunblaze, as a mortal form.

Nicknames: None, at the moment.

Dragonflight: Red, obviously enough.

Gender: Female.

Current Age: Three hundred and seventeen.

Place of Birth: The Ruby Sanctum.

Current Residences: Mithres Alymna, Silvermoon City.

Languages Spoken: Draconic, Thalassian, Common.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

Relationship Status: Single, and not particularly searching for a partner.

Physical Status: Bearing several minor injuries, including bruises, scrapes, and light burns across her arms and the right side of her face. Otherwise, perfectly well.

Mental Status: After a good amount of time had passed from the life-shaking events of the corruption of Ysera and experiences of near-death, Eleastrasza's mental state has recovered, and she is mostly, if not completely, back to her normal self.

Foes Slain: While alongside Heartwing, Eleastrasza has slain two nightmare spawn, a nightmare horror, a nightmare keeper, a nightmare slime, satyr, an imp, and a shambling undead. She also aided in the slaying of a nightmare wyrm, a large soulkeeper being, and a large skeleton construct.

Physiognomy & Appearance

Eleastrasza is covered in scales of a deep crimson color, marking her clearly as a member of the Red Dragonflight. As well as that, she has two well-grown horns on her head, showing that she is of a matured age, and has lightly glowing blue eyes. She is large and well-built, muscled and strong. In several spots across her body, Eleastrasza's scales are scarred, worn, marked, or even completely torn off, though those spots are few and far between, as well as small.On her ankles and towards the end of her tail, Eleastrasza has several large plates of metal armor to protect the thinner, more vulnerable parts of her body from harm. Eleastrasza, being a dragon, is of course biologically made for combat. She has razor sharp talons and teeth to tear her foes to shreds, a spiked tail to bash through armor, and of course her breaths.

In her mortal form, she appears as a female Sin'dorei, standing at the height of six feet tall. She has scarlet colored hair, glowing fel-green eyes, has lightly tanned skin, a mesomorphic build, and is clean of markings and piercings other than two small gold rings on her left ear. She wears a set of crimson and gold ornated armor, the front covered by a city representing the insignia of Silvermoon City, as well as a similarly colored long cloak, identifying her as a Farstrider Ranger. She carries two weapons, alternatingly, being a golden and crimson two-handed sword, or a longbow and quiver, depending on her current situation and surroundings.


Eleastrasza's Full Backstory

Eleastrasza was born in a clutch of roughly a dozen other red dragon eggs just like her own, approximately two hundred and eighty five years before the original opening of the Dark Portal. In her youngest years as a whelp and a small drake, Eleastrasza was a much more curious and eager-to-learn creature, almost more like that of the blue dragonflight than the red. She wanted to so quickly learn about the world around herself, and her place in it, and everything that she could see and do within her hopefully long lifespan. As she grew and began to mature, she of course became much more cautious and reasonably reserved in her behaviors, enough that she could be considered mature enough to be left alone without fear of her wandering off to explore somewhere, anyhow.

Due to her time of birth, she missed many of the large events of the history of Azeroth that the elder dragons and wyrms would have lived through themselves. But, regardless, she was born in time to experience and live through a numerous amount of world-changing events for herself, that would soon come to change her own life as well, in some instances for the worse, and some for the better.

The first event of note experienced within her lifetime was the Second War. Initially, watching the dealings and wars of mortals intrigued her, even if it did greatly trouble her to see such conflicts breaking out across the world. While these wars and conflicts did trouble the young dragon, she did not at first ever fear that they would personally cause her or the dragonflights harm or damage, but she was horribly wrong in thinking so. When the Dragonmaw Orcs captured the Dragon Queen and a large portion of the red dragonflight as a whole, Eleastrasza was unfortunately caught within the struggle, and was subdued and captured by the orc clan. In the following years, like many of her kin, she would come to be forced to be used as a weapon of war and a mount for battle of the clan. Being the defiant, proud dragon she was and is, she of course did not fully submit to this degrading fate. The first time she was forced to battle by the orcs, in the midst of the conflict, she flung her rider from her back and devoured him whole, turning on the orcs courageously, yet foolishly, for a few moments before being once more subdued.

Her defiance was met with cruel, horrible punishment, as she was tortured alongside the other few who dared to rebel against their captors. She was burned, bled, had her scales torn from her hide, all under the purpose of punishing her and teaching her what her new place was. These punishments and lessons filled the young dragon with anger, and nothing more than the desire to keep trying to fight back, but she knew deep down that now was not the time. So, she gritted her teeth and submitted, desperately awaiting for the day that she and her brothers and sisters would finally be freed.

Her wishes would soon be granted, two years later during the Battle of Grim Batol. For those two years had she begrudgingly served as a slave of war to the orc clan, avoiding the punishment and inevitable death that open rebellion to them would bring her. When the Demon Soul was destroyed and power restored to the Aspects and dragons, Eleastrasza was one of the first to rebel and fight in their liberation. With tooth, claw, and flame, she joined her kin in razing Grim Batol and their foul orc captors until there was nothing more but ashes and fire left in their destructive, retributive wake.

Once their freedom was once more sealed, and the conflict seen through to its end, Eleastrasza wanted nothing more than to do with Grim Batol. Some stayed behind to guard the ruin, but for her, the memories it carried were far too sour to remain. She returned home to the flight, resuming her duties and responsibilities as any normal red dragon, guarding over life once more after taking a small respite to rest.

A mere twelve years later was the Third War - an equally as large, if not larger conflict, but, the dragonflights did not intervene or participate, and neither did Eleastrasza, who remained to perform her duties unhindered.

After the most recent Legion invasion and the troubling state of the dragonflights being mostly split apart, Eleastrasza entered deep into hiding, only appearing at times in her mortal form to survey the surrounding world and get her shares of fresh air and life. She soon began to search for other remaining groups of her kind, knowing that she could not survive forever in hiding without aid and companionship of her own.

She would then soon, through a blue dragon that she had made good friends with during the days of the Nexus War,
be recruited into the organization known as Heartwing. Even if she had not been a member for long, Eleastrasza felt at home and comfortable with this group, and felt as if she could spend a long time within them happily. For a while, she would simply rest and recuperate from all of the time spent hidden within the mortal world, but soon, trouble would arise on their isle.

During the initial conflict caused by the Emerald Nightmare piercing through into the Sanctum of Dreams, Eleastrasza fought bravely against the nightmare spawns and horror that plagued the sanctum before it could be purified, successfully felling a spawn and dealing the killing blow to the horror behind them all with her flame breath. Whenever the group moved on to investigate the smoke in the distance of Northrend, Eleastrasza remained mostly unimportant, as there was nothing she could do to help deal with the fel pool and other such things, until they discovered the battlefield of the felflayers, drakes, and corpse of the guardian dragon of their young. During this encounter, Eleastrasza attempted to pounce upon and immobilize a mystic who was crystallizing a drake, but the mystic turned his eye to her, and froze her in place instead. If not for the swift aid of Zerygos, she likely would've been killed by her error at that moment, but he managed to dismember the vrykul and free her from the magic grasp, but not before accidentally shattering the drake she was frozen so precariously close to. This brought great guilt and grief to the red dragon, who felt completely at fault, as if she had not been caught then she would not need to have been saved, and if she didn't need to be saved, the crystallized drake would not have been shattered.

After the conflict over the drakes had ended, Eleastrasza aided in returning the defiled corpse of the Guardian of the Young to the earth with gentle flame, alongside the many other present red dragons. Following this, after interrogation of the captured mystic and learning of the location they had come from, Eleastrasza followed the rest of Heartwing to a seemingly abandoned camp, where they would witness, with the aid of the bronze dragons, the corruption of several drakes, and then, the aspect Ysera.

Quickly, with the others, she flew to Val'sharah in pursuit of the nightmare corruption, where they would together free many captured druids and defeat many abominations, including corrupted dryads, imps, keepers, and slimes. But, the true foe at the center of this confrontation was a nightmare wyrm, who nearly killed Eleastrasza by slamming her out of the air and down into the ground by her neck, and threatened to break it, before his hand could be severed and she could be saved by other members of Heartwing. In the ensuing battle against the wyrm, Eleastrasza contributed as best she could, with a combination of tooth, claw, and flame wherever she could get it on the abomination. After he was finally slain, she, alongside the other members of Heartwing, returned to Mithres Alymna, where she got a long rest and recovery.

Major Wars and Events Seen and Participated In

- The Second War

- The Battle of Grim Batol

- The Third War

- The Nexus War

- The Cataclysm

Major Wounds Sustained

- A dozen scales ripped from both her left and right side as a form torture by Dragonmaw Orcs.

- Exposed flesh mutilated and burned as a form torture by Dragonmaw Orcs.

- Multiple gunshots, arrows, and arcane blasts from Alliance troops during the Second War.


- Red Dragonflight (Past, present, and likely future, of course.)
- Wyrmrest Accord (Former, as it is disbanded. which she is saddened by.)
- Silvermoon City / Farstrider Rangers (Past, present, and likely future, to keep a mortal disguise to fall back on.)
- Heartwing (Present, a recently joined member. She is optimistic about a future with them.)

Evolving Personal Relationships

< Romantic Love | Platonic Love | Respected >
< Extremely Liked | Very Liked | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Very Disliked | Hated | Enemy >

Aerdran: "One so young should not have to be charged with leadership of so many. He seems mature enough for it, and from what I can tell he has performed excellently in his position, but the point still stands."

Zerygos: "Again has he saved my life, again, and again, have we continued to protect eachother, and again he has further gained my respect. While I may be wary somewhat still of his flight as a whole, I feel that he and I will always remain good friends, and I feel that I can always trust he will have my back, as I will have his."

Eostrasza: "Such an adorable little one. Her sense of adventure and humor, her enthusiasm, her blissful unawareness. It's all infectiously brightening of moods, at least for myself, and I have a good feeling that someday she will grow up to be an excellent dragon who will represent her flight with pride."

Tesrostrasz: "Caring and kind, albeit a bit.. shy, I suppose would be the appropriate word. Regardless, I feel that he will be a good friend and ally to have around."

Elysigosa: "For her young age, she is impressively knowledgable, even being able to hold a solid debate with Zerygos. She also seems to be skillful in many different forms of magic, noticably more proficient than I will likely ever be in that aspect. Perhaps with more years of experience, she will quickly become one of the greater living blue dragons."

Most other members of Heartwing: "While I have not had many opportunities to speak to them, they all have seemed like very much kind people for the time that I have. I look forward to getting to know them all better in the future."

Helius: "I hardly know him, yet I already hate his life with a burning passion. Corrupting, killing, torturing our kind, turning traitor to the Legion; he is unforgivable and unredeemable, and must pay for what he has done."

Evolving Faction / Group Relationships

< Respected >
< Extremely Liked | Very Liked | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Very Disliked | Hated | Enemy >

Heartwing: "A group founded with a very noble cause. It is a shame that their founder no longer lives, and their previous leader is missing, but at least their dreams lived on through it's members. I feel that they will make a good home for myself and all of my kin who find their way here, and through it, we may yet prosper again as a race."

The Burning Legion: "A detestable force of pure destruction and corruption that must be stopped at all costs. If they are not, they will bring an end to us all, mortal and dragonkind alike."

Theme Music

Battle Theme: Sabaton - FIrestorm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDyyFrCHu-o
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