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General Information:

Name: Shendormu
Nickname: Shen
Aliases: Shen-Zu Whitemist
Dragonflight: Bronze
Age: 464
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Tanaris
Class: Chronomancer
Occupation: Philosopher and Scholar
Alignment: Natural Good
Affiliation: Heartwing, The bronze dragonflight, Keepers of Time, The Timewalkers, The Lorewalkers
Loyalties: Heartwing, Bronze Dragonflight[/color]
Status: Alive and well
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Languages: Mogu(fluent), Common(fluent), Draconic(fluent), Titanic(quite well), Darnassian/Thalassian(broken)
Personality: Shendormu is a peaceful, philosophical and contemplative dragon. He is a diplomat by nature, preferring to settle disputes and arguments with words rather than fists. He is a loner, often resorting to a cave to quietly meditate and contemplate on ongoing events and their meanings. He loves to teach, especially younglings. Whether it's history, magic or anything else, it doesn't matter, teaching is a burning passion of his. In addition, he is very patient and observant, and not easily agitated.


Facial Appearance: His face is mostly covered with white fur, aside from the streaks of gray that surround his eyes. He has a scar above his right eyebrow, it's precise and clean, clearly made by a sharp weapon.
Eye Color: Bronze with hints of yellow
Hair Style: His hair is gathered into one thick line in the middle of his head, that is stretched backwards and held by a cloth thread. His beard reaches down all the way to his lower throat, and is held together by 3 red threads.
Armor: High quality leather armor that is colored both blue, brown and bronze. It has a very unique appearance, with hints of Pandaren style. If one were to look at Draconic structures, he could see the similarities. Shendormu's armor is rough looking, yet upon touch it's somewhat soft and flexible. The armor has a general draconic appearance.
Weapons: There's a sword holstered on the right side of his hip, tied to his belt. It possesses the same color pattern as his armor. Sunlight reflects off it, making it slightly shine during the afternoon when the sun is strongest.

Drconic Appearance:
Shendormu is smaller and more agile when compared to dragons from other flights. He is built for quick reaction, reflexes, and speed. Rather then stamina and taking damage.
His body is thin and dexterous, and his scales are almost metalic looking. Somewhat reflecting light, shining and projecting their bronze color when exposed to light.

He can be sometimes mistaken for a large metalic construct, or a statuary. If he were not to move.
He is fastidious, taking very good care of his scales, making sure they are clean and shining at all times.

Shendormu is long and slender, his scales glinting with a metallic sheen. A spiky bone ridge runs down his back and forms a wicked point at the end of his tail. Its forms shimmers from golden yellow to rich orange in the sunlight as it darts through the air.


Other Information:

Grandfather - Yogdormu(Unknown)
Father - Moshdormu(Deceased)
Mother - Raldormi(Alive)
Elder Brother - Galdormu(Alive)
Sister - Shaldormi(Alive)
Sister - Aldormi(Alive)
-Have a positive impact on the world
-Restore the bronze dragonflight to its glory
-Achieve enlightenment through study of himself, compassion and harmony.
Home: Mithres Alymna
Magic: Chronomancy, Sand manipulation, Lightning breath.
Favorite Food: Steamed Panandaren dumplings
Voice Reference: Lorewalker Cho
"Hence, only the present exists. The past and the future are made up illusions."

"Attachment is the source of all suffering."

"Few can withstand the voice of silence, even fewer can embrace it."

Shendormu: Alive
Varethius: Alive

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