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Name: Nelisera
Nickname(s): Nelly, Elise
Guise Names: Elissandre Nightwind
Guise Species: Night elf
Title(s): N/A
Dragonflight: Green
Age: ~10,000 (Wyrm)
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Hyjal
Class: Druid (OOC), Healer/Druid (IC)

Occupation: Guardian of Dreams. A standing combatant against the Nightmare while she was able to do so, and while the Nightmare was still a credible threat. She was among those called to the waking world to fight (e.g. the War of the Shifting Sands), but otherwise lived a life in the Dream until now.

Hobbies: Predominantly, Nelisera has slept her days away, gallivanting around the Emerald Dream. When she is roused to the waking world, she partakes in gardening/cultivation, wood-carving and to a certain extent practices Kal’dorei bladework as a matter of queer fascination with it. When she is awakened for long periods of time, she will mingle at length in disguise with Kal’dorei to see “how they are doing”, generally.

Affiliation: The Green Dragonflight and the Druids are the only real affiliations she made.
Loyalty: Ysera and to some extent the Night Elves, whilst also being covenant-bound to Heartwing.
Languages: Draconic (native), Darnassian (fluent), Common (fluent), Furbolg (fluent), Taur’ahe (passable), Orcish (poor).


Personality: Contemplative and expressive. The concept of hurrying can be quite foreign to her, most certainly aspiring to the motto of ‘patience is a virtue’, often likening herself to the slow, deliberate growth of nature. She is, however, a defensive and protective elder – prone to spikes of pride, disappointment, despair and cheer as appropriate even if time has mellowed the severity of these. Nelisera holds loyalty, and honesty, in high esteem. Vast quantities of time spent dreaming have left her with relatively distant memories of violence, which has made her considerably less prone to engaging in it, but doing so with considerable force when she can eventually be roused to anger. She is also not, incidentally, particularly afraid to die.

Friends: As of recently, at least, Nelisera has been too reclusive to make many friends. She more or less lives in her nest of eggs, but very much enjoys the company of most people when the occasion comes along; it is somewhat instinctive to play the gracious, if sleepy, host.

Enemies: While she shares her enemies with Heartwing, she has a few personal grudges - she is not a huge fan of satyrs, for example, and those who would embrace the Nightmare probably aren't going to be her friend.


Draconic Appearance: Nelisera, for the most part, will be somewhat translucent at all times as she tends to favour the dream over reality. Her draconic form itself, befitting her age as a wyrm, is absolutely enormous and her wingspan is considerable; in homage to her aspect, she often wears gemmed jewellery that – in further homage to her aspect and her patron companions the Kal’dorei – is engraved with leafy and moon-like motifs. Despite the enormous form she bears and the strength she’s capable of unleashing, more often than not she will trudge about at a leisurely, sedate pace, never in a hurry. If she is standing up at all.

Mortal Appearance: Nelisera tends to appear as a broadly average Kal’dorei female; that being said, the broadly average Kal’dorei female actually cuts quite an imposing and intimidating visage; while tall and reasonably graceful, she also has the muscular structure of considerable strength, and the as-per-usual enlarged canines can turn the otherwise mild-mannered elven form into something vicious. To alleviate this, she wears flowing, loose robes that cover most of her skin. These are woven at length with leaves, flowers and mildly-coloured cloth and thread when not in combat.

“Hello there, little one.”
“No, no,” yawning, “You didn’t wake me at all.”

† Miormi - Bronze Dragon - Time Keeper
Xaeridormi - Bronze Drake - Time Keeper Aspirant
Nelisera - Emerald Wyrm - Estranged

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