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Name: Arguandormu
Mortal Name: Rogan Arris
Nicknames: Elder
Title: Traitor,
Age: 5,324
Gender: Male
Race of Flight: Bronze
Class: <Mage> (Priest is used Ingame)
Current status: Comatose, location unknown as of this day.
Marital Status: Consort is deceased.


Rogan’s personality is rather two sided, his personality almost being like two separate people as of now, due to the Infinite’s corruption and his weak mental state in general, this causes him to have mood swings of complete outrage and chaotic maniacal joy to the calm and collective wyrm most know, having a heart of gold and a need to defend those whom he sees as a close friend, this exhibits in how he nearly died several times for the benefit of others.
=Physical Appearance=

Rogan’s draconic form is large, larger than most wyrms his age, he at one point had impressive physical strength but at this stage his stamina and rapid bone-damage has caused him to grow weaker, and less capable in combat, he retains most of his muscular form, as a giant bronze almost titan-like Dragon, his scales show sign of battle, and his wings are tattered and torn at the ends, he is missing his right eye which is replaced by nothing, occasionally a prosthetic designed by himself, the hair he retains on his draconic form is nearly black, a long flowing beard on his chin, unkempt and rather messy like the rest of his personality.


Seen as a frail old man, this form is well recognized, his short silver hair and beard, along with the scarf wrapped around his throat that rests loosely around his chest, he wears light robes and a breastplate, along with legguards, typically he rotates between a pointed white hat and an eyepatch for headwear, or neither if he doesn’t see a need for it, his intact eye is a rather dark green, he holds an aura of kindness in general, but all is not as it seems to be.


Rogan was born several thousand years ago along with his four brothers and three sisters, they lived in relative peace in the deepest parts of the Caverns of Time, he had remained there for most of his life, and participated in the War of the Shifting Sands, one of the most brutal cases of his flight being slaughtered, having seen the horror of war. He fled north and hid, before taking on a Kaldorei guise and joining the Night Elves as a outside, only a few druids ever knew of his true identity, and agreed to not disclose this information to others, he trained as a healer, until fifty years after the War of the Three Hammers, he took off and went to the Eastern Kingdoms, here he first came into Dalaran, strangely going unnoticed by Krasus, this is where he took on his current mortal guise, and has kept it ever since, only aging it to show how much he’s been through, he met a hermit by the name of Cerulegos<Insert mortal name here> as his brief time as a Dwarf, and had created a very powerful concoction of whiskey with the other, enchanting it with magic to increase its potency, the hermit soon over-drank it and fell asleep, Rogan departed and entered his first real conflict alongside mortal races, The First War, this was when he trained as a soldier, and fought against the Horde. He chose magic over a sword and was a rather well known mage. He continued aiding the mortals for this period of his life before splitting off and taking to the wilds again.
After finally joining onto Heartwing’s band, he was briefly a prisoner of the Black Dragonflight, where the whispers of the Infinite first began, after being released by Asherystrasz and the rest of Heartwing, he hid away in his research until he and Adiastrasza (Without permission mind you,) went to Ulduar once again, only to be stopped halfway and captured by the Dragonmaw’s remnants, Arguandormu was shot down and put out of the fight, and believed to be captured, Adiastrasza, having taken the drakes engaged in combat in hopes of saving him were easily put down and captured once more, he then rushed to the Island and told the Father of Dragons of this, and the rescue mission to Tol Barad was launched, while Rogan requested the aid of the Black Rebellion (A group of black dragons and wyrmcultists believing in the possible freedom of the Black Flight in Deathwing’s destruction, destroyed at the Battle of Tol Barad.) They reluctantly agreed and engaged, only to be slaughtered by Twilight Dragons, and one of the Twilight Lords on the island, after this he finally felt an aggression towards Heartwing, or to one person in particular. Hydrastrasz, Son of Asherystrasz, after careful plotting and signing unexpected deals, he finally died, fully, only to vanish and be brought back as an Infinite under Heliustrasz’ control. He used his gifts for the worse, slowly manipulating Scarostrasz to finish off the Heir of Heartwing. And in the second fight against Ultraxion he sensed the death of Hydrastrasz, revealing himself in the Ruby Dragonshrine to all of Heartwing, showing how he could potentially obliterate them in his current state.
Following this he continued to manipulate from the shadows once more, controlling and fiddling with events in past, present, and Future, he was unstoppable, or so he thought, when his capture came at the hands of Asherystrasz, and twenty Paragons.
"Oh bother." During the Scarred Past when he was killed repeatedly by The Girl.
"Well fuck me sideways." Cursing when he was attacked by a much larger Black Wyrm.
"Oh cock off will you!?" Killing Twilight Drakes.
"Oh cock." Seconds before his capture at the hands of the Emberbrood.
"Tick tock goes the clock, counting down when everything stops." Some time before he snaps, showing first signs of insanity.
Other Information

Relatives: Unknown Mother, Zargadormu (Father), Meradormi (Sister), Arugandormu (Twin-Brother)
Languages: Draconic, Common, Dwarvish, Orcish (Some words.), Titanic deciphering.

Strengths: His power and age, and his wisdom with his titanic gifts, also his unstable nature makes him an unpredictable opponent.
Weaknesses: His age, ironically, along with the harm of his friends, his slow-healing injuries, and his mental state.
Health Conditions, if any: He has a weak heart, and a unstable mind, on the verge of insanity.
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Doromugan as a whole, is an otherworldy, unknown entity, seemingly being both Arguandormu's Infinite self... and not, he can somehow be there when Arguandormu isn't, and be next to him, the confusion this causes does make him elusive, and because he is the bad kind of insane does make him a threat to Heartwing, little else is known about him, not even his true identity.

"Come to Tol Barad and play...~"

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